Ron Paul Wins FOX GOP Debate – Accept It!

Though Ron Paul clearly won the FOX GOP debate in South Carolina, the rhetoric continues from the propagandists who are saying Paul is just trying to accumulate delegates to influence the Republican platform and has no belief that he will be president.  You see the neo-cons believe the Republican Party is their personal private property.  They completely discount 99% of our population, and indeed, this is the stuff bloody revolutions are made of.

Have you ever asked yourself why NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT moved our jobs and industry out of this country?  Well I’m going to tell you why…because we let it happen.  It is the modus operandi of the bully to oppress and push the limit until he gets his face bashed in.  The terrible things that are being done to the American people are only occurring because we are hesitating to stand up and say “No”.

The insurgents in our government have passed treasonous laws that say we are now a people without rights (National Defense Authorization Act and the Expatriation Legislation).  At present this assertion is nothing more than a couple of pieces of paper.  It can only be made reality if we allow it, and we are not going to.

You neo-cons reading this article, I say you are cowards.  I know you like to puff your chests out and pretend you have a pair, but we know in truth you are so scared that you keep 911 on your speed dial.  You are frantically doing every dirty thing you can to try and stop we the people because you know once the veil is lifted, you are going to be reduced to the sniveling pathetic green weenie jellyfish you truly are.

Take note, if you disenfranchise the American people of the American race through election fraud, it is going to be your last treasonous act.  We have had all of you we are going to take.  We are 40 million strong and heavily armed.  Do you really think anything or anyone can save you if we unleash?

If you have an ounce of intelligence among the lot of you, you will start doing everything you can to make sure Ron Paul is not cheated out of the presidency, because if he is cheated out of the presidency you are going to be annihilated rather than just having to face justice for the crimes you have committed.

If this situation comes unglued you are going to be praying to whatever god you pray to that it is those bad old militia folks that get a hold of you, rather than the masses that will be uncontrolled and out for blood.  And even at that, you better ask yourselves, if the militia has you, will they enter into any conflict with the general population in order to save your treasonous arses?

At any rate, think about it long and hard and if you think it cannot happen, I would strongly suggest that you go read some history and see what happens when 1% inflicts tyranny on 99% to the point that rage takes over.

As I have stated previously, the vote is simple…Ron Paul and the Constitution or wanton treason.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The biggest problem that people have with Ron Paul comes from the things that he tells us that go against what we believe. The news channels are still creating the image in the people’s mind that America started their role in the war in the Middle East after the 9/11/01 attacks. They get mad when they play the video of Dr. Paul saying that our foreign policy helped cause the attack. Here’s the truth about how he tried to keep us from being involved in the war that led to the attack.

    For more info on this, check out the timeline on this page.

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