“Who Are The Police At War With?”

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If these gun owners of western New York attending an information meeting in Buffalo on the NY-SAFE gun law are any indication, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has opened a huge can of worms that will have all sorts of unintended consequences. Who would have ever thought there would be talk of armed militias in an overwhelmingly blue state like New York?


7 thoughts on ““Who Are The Police At War With?”

  1. As Buffalo, NY is my hometown, I can honestly say that I am proud of the people of Buffalo for waking up (I thought they never would because they are so liberal and go along with everything the government lays out for them) and having the courage to stand up and lay the smackdown on these policemen and politicians who are speaking for their masters in Albany. Buffalo has finally awakened and it won’t be long before other cities do, if they have not already done so, as well.

  2. Does the general public have access to a “Federal Marshall”?

    I ask this because that’s what I think it will take to march in and arrest the criminal perpetrators within our government(s) across the nation to include Washington, D.C.

    . . .

    1. We need march nowhere.

      The truth will topple the communists who have seized power in much of the USSA. These traitors like Cuomo only need to be identified and pointed out as traitors.

      We will march the traitors to prison or the gallows.

      1. Lou,
        I might be misreading you and if I am I apoligise, but it looks like you are advocating that we don’t need to march, so by extension not much need to do anything – it’ll take care of itself!!) I think that is wrong. Assemblies and Marches will need to be quickly organised and conducted, safely and in a way that the gun grabbers can’t demonize and the media spin to look bad. Ordinary people have to see you as people just like they are, not some “mad milita” (copyright Main Stream Media), circa mid 1990’s. There are stealth methods being used – insurance companies have cancelled auto, and maybe other types of policies for people working in the firearms business, both making and selling. BofA has frozen some smaller manufacturers bank accounts too. This is going to get dirty and maybe fatal. This may well be the start of the Second American Revolution. Beyond doubt is the fact that agencies of the federal govt are in varying states of morphing into fully blown engines of tyranny. The NDAA and Patriot acts are treasonous in their disregard of the Constitution and are supported and implemented by traitors . . .Sorry Lou but it aint gunna fix itself . . .thats troll talk pal !!

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