Why are Virginia police going door to door to “inform” businesses about open carry of firearms?

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Over the last month, Alexandria County Police have been going door to door visiting businesses to “inform” them about Virginia gun laws and handing out fliers [see flier here: https://vcdl.org/sites/default/files/Alexandria_Flyer.jpg].  The question is why?  Did the highly affluent Virginia suburb of Washington, DC suddenly become confused and demand police spend limited time and resources to clarify state laws or did people suddenly start flagrantly violating the law en masse?  The truth is the police were targeting the area not because of illegal activity, but because of constitutionally protected legal activity.  Yes, you heard that right.  Alexandria felt that citizens legally going about their business were such an affront to the “good order” of Alexandria that they needed to go door to door to warn businesses about these people that dared to openly carry a firearm. 

I do not know if the pressure on Alexandria’s police department came from within or from the outside, but clearly, anti-gun activists have successfully influenced the department to the point that it now is carrying out policing campaigns against legal activities.  In a normal, healthy society, the police generally spend their time focusing on investigating and stopping illegal activities; however, in this perverse, backwards, Orwellian world we call Alexandria, the police prefer to ignore criminal activity so that they can focus their energies on social agendas sponsored by special interests.  In the blogs below, individuals point out that the information on the fliers was not even correct, which I don’t dispute; however, I would prefer to focus on the bigger issue of the dangers of police being used as tools of social justice.

We are a nation of laws.  When law enforcement becomes an activity motivated, not by vetted jurisprudence and sound judgment, but by the influences of fickle and ever charging social and political whims, we engender a dangerous precedent.  The fact of the matter is that whether or not a small band of anti-gun lobbyists do not like that the Commonwealth of Virginia has a history of legal open carry dating back before the United States existed; they should never have been permitted to engage in a flagrant abuse of police (tax payer) resources.

The anti-gun agenda to demonize open carry is nothing more than harassment of legal and lawful activities.  The use of the Alexandria Police in a thinly veiled attempt to create the perception that open carry is dangerous and somehow associated with illegal activity is in of itself a crime worthy of police investigation.  Open carry has almost no precedent in correlating to crime and in fact, overwhelmingly is linked to the prevention of crime.  The police do not need to go door to door to “inform” business owners that it is lawful to still carry cash any more than it is necessary for the police to go door to door and explain that people can carry firearms legally.  Further, the statement at the end of the flier asking businesses to call the police if they see anything suspicious demonstrates the implicit double speak in the message.  On one hand the police are saying this is legal, but on the other, by telling people to call the police, they clearly imply that somehow open carry must be linked with illicit activity.  This last statement is really the key propaganda point of the entire flier psyop and is intended to create a subtle, yet powerful subconscious association between open carry and criminal activity.

I recommend to all of my readers, especially, those residing in Northern Virginia, that they call and protest to Alexandria’s mayor and city council [see here:http://request.alexandriava.gov/CCC/#tab=Departments&group=MayorandCityCouncil] or call the mayor’s office direct at 703.746.4500  Alexandria Mayor William D. Euille.  We must demand a public investigation into why police resources were retasked for such outlandish and wasteful activities when that time and money could have been better spent on a thousand different legitimate policing activities.  Further, they should demand special interest motivated activities targeting lawful activities by the police be immediately ceased.  If you don’t have time to pick up the phone a call or click on the link above and send a short email directly to the council members, you can count yourself complicit in allowing radicals to hijack your local police.  Mark my words, Alexandria wasn’t the first and won’t be the last department used against you.  Stop it while you still can.

By Guiles Hendrik

January 4, 2015



If you don’t think anti-gun special interests are at work within police departments read this: http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2014/11/19/dc-criminalizes-constitutional-rights-city-issuing-1000-rewards-for-neighbors-to-rat-on-neighbors-with-guns/




2 thoughts on “Why are Virginia police going door to door to “inform” businesses about open carry of firearms?

  1. I usually carry openly in my business and encourage clients to do the same. I do hope they don’t try this where I am at as they will be requested to show a permit for solicitation and/or a verbal order to cease and desist from trespass.

    Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? GTFO

  2. I generally give 10% to anyone carrying. Some of my best customers ask If they need to show or can I take their word. So I just do a random “ok this time” or “got to see it this time”. Usually a lump in the shape works.

    If they came in Id laugh my ass off. “uhmmmmm Good day gentleman(lady)”

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