13 thoughts on “Why was Muammar Gaddafi killed?

  1. Muammar Gaddafi was killed because he issued the gold-backed Dinar instead of allowing a Rothschild central bank into his country.

    He also lifted his coat and farted in Tony Blair’s face.

      1. I guess this will be an across the board, summary judgement on all for the acts of a few. Hell, that sounds like the government, with just a hint of defeatism. I guess we might as well just throw our hands up in surrender and accept God’s punishment, right?
        You know I don’t like this shit.

        1. Henry, are you going by the discription of the show, or did you listen to it? I am listening to it again because I kept falling a sleep.

          I am not sure where you are getting the defeatist theme from, though the things coming to America, and the world are going to be horrible does not make it impossible to defeat. If you are more specific I would love to give my opinion. I personally only think of victory, even if I should die it would still be victory in my mind because I did my part in doing the right thing.

          1. I am not a Christian, though I was raised in the church. In fact I grew up right next door to it and was indeed a “Royal Ranger” in God’s army, complete with a uniform, hat, and medals. As I have said before I lost my faith a long time ago. However I do try to live my life in accordance with the Sermon on the Mound. I get satisfaction in helping others. I do not covet. When I see someone who has worked hard make a gain, I am happy for them.
            You said in your comment, “America has been weighed on God’s balance and found lacking. Therefore, who among us should not expect that judgment will fall upon America?”
            It would seem the punishment has already begun, the only problem being the wrong people are being punished. I guess, in short, I would have to say I have suffered though I have committed no offense.
            Is it your position that God would punish the raped because they were caught by surprise and failed to stop the rapist?
            The war that lies ahead will heap pain and suffering upon the multitude of innocents. Tell me, is this how God punishes evil? I guess I never cared for the story of Job, hence the hell he was put through via a bet God made with the devil with the assurance that God already knew the end result as He knows all and sees all, right?
            Anyway, that is the best I can explain it and I know you are as ardent a patriot as I am, but what will be depends absolutely to a degree as to how many of us sit on our hands and lets it happen. Not to be judgmental, but if you want to see God’s hand, look at the end of your own arm. Just how would God smite his own enemies? Did he throw the rock or did David?

        2. Henry, Steve Quayle is an outstanding patriot. He’s the only other one I listen to (when he’s on Hagmann & Hagmann) besides your show. Yes, he’s a strong Christian, BUT he’s also a very strong advocate of gun ownership, the 2nd Ammendment, and prepping. I would have no more problem fighting side by side with him in the coming revolution than I would with you. He’s what I consider (along with myself) to be the militant type of Christian, NOT the turn the other cheek type. That’s why I listen to him.

          But admitedly, I’m more or less what’s considered to be a good example of a bad Christian. I’m still working on it.

  2. Thanks, Smilardog. I just got online, I’m running late because I stopped by Turners. Tuesday is when the get their shipments in, and I just scored the last five boxes (the limit anyway) they had of .22 LR. They’re getting scarce even here, so I’m stocking up every opportunity. This stuff will be as good as gold come time to barter.

    I’ll listen to Steve while I’m posting. Thanks again.

      1. Exactly! I don’t even need .22’s myself, but I know they’re getting scarce, so I’m buying it anyway. Money in the bank – MY bank that is!

        I’m listening to Steve Quayle right now.

    1. I did a bunch of concrete work for the Turner Family at one of their homes in Bullhead City, AZ about 20 years ago. Really nice people.

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