Wife, daughter and writer of controversial FEMA camp movie ‘Gray State’ dead in ‘murder-suicide’

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The lead writer of a controversial movie was found dead along with his wife and daughter in a Minnesota home Saturday afternoon. Officers went to the house Saturday after a neighbor called to report bodies inside. Three people were found dead and have been identified as screenwriter David Crowley, his wife, Komel, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter.

A statement from Apple Valley police Sunday morning said the case would be considered “an apparent murder-suicide” and the deaths would be investigated as suspicious.  

Next-door neighbor Collin Prochnow said he went to the house on Saturday to ‘gather packages that were sitting on the front steps’ when he looked inside and saw the bodies. Prochnow told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the family had not been seen since Christmas and that a dog was also in the house.

David Crowley had been the lead screenwriter for the movie Gray State which depicts a violent police state in post-crisis America as people reject government policy en masse in frustration over economic collapse and the breakdown of society. A Daily Mail article reported on the murders in the paper’s typical style of detailed gossip but failed to link the deaths to Crowley’s work on the movie, despite exploiting “conspiracy theory” stories for web traffic.

The film covers elements of conspiracy about FEMA camps which refer to the militarized police state response to civil unrest including forced detention camps and the liberal use of deadly force against unarmed people.


The film concept was more than 5 years in the making and after going public on Facebook in 2011, a popular trailer was released in August 2012 and now has nearly 1 million views.

Featured in the trailer are scenes of US military patrolling American streets, cameras in private homes, the introduction of mandatory RFID chips used for identification, tracking and more as well as economic collapse.













Production began with significant filming in March 2013 and seemed to gain momentum after over a year of gathering resources. Around the same time, a second page, Gray State: The Rise was started to provide a news feed of real world news which matched topics in the coming film. Various difficulties stalled production multiple times. An update in June 2014 suggested the project may progress but it is unclear if it materialized.

June 30, 2014
The past month I’ve been meeting with some LA-based producers, crew, and other industry contacts, and together we are building the team that will combine our passions and talents and belief in Gray State to optimize its message and reach of its exposure. This has been a truly exhilarating experience!
My attorney and I are reviewing the option contract this week, and once that sucker is signed this whole Gray State thing is going to finally, irretrievably, and monstrously take off for the stratosphere – and in such a way that the message will be preserved – and perhaps even continue in sequels, TV series, and video games. Seriously. Talk about taking over the main stream.
This has been my life’s work for nearly 4 years, and it is extremely gratifying to be backed by such a raging horde of super-fans. Thanks for your patience guys. See you at the premiere.

Unverified claims from personal friends suggest significant new funding may have been secured. A post on September 2014 provides the most recent insight as Crowley apparently answered questions for confused fans.

Some answers on the film from September 30, 2014 Q & A

“Did Gray State the rise come out? I remember hearing it was coming out early 2014 but cant find it.”

The Rise suffered a catastrophic hard drive loss earlier this year. I am working to get it back together (hopefully for a FREE online release, you guys deserve a little something). I really have to be careful though, because a mishandled doc release could absolutely SINK production on the film or series. I am treading carefully, making sure that everything works out to the best.

It’ll either be a great success story a spectacular, highly visible failure, but either way, I guess we all put in our best shot, right? I guess that could be said about where the country is headed too.

“What exactly is your biggest hold up?”

I’m doing this by myself. I say “we” and “team” a lot, but when it comes to nuts and bolts work, writing, and leveraging the project into securing Hollywood money, it’s just me.

I hope to change this by reinvigorating the process and rebuilding a trustworthy team.

“I always figured a trailer was made out of clips of the movie once it has been completely filmed. how do you get a 2 minute trailer but not have a movie? i was confused and disappointed after watching the trailer and realizing there WAS NO MOVIE yet. er? what now?”

Nope, everything you have seen has been conceptual footage so far. Don’t be bummed, when you see what comes next it’ll be all new unseen.

“Will fan funding hurt your chances w/ other sponsorship? If not, why not open up to fan funding to help you reach your goal?”

We want to run a kickstarter (due to popular demand), but if we do, it’ll be for a very specific purpose, like hiring a behind the scenes crew to document production, run live broadcasts, and give constant updates to the fans. I NEVER wanted the fans to fund this. That’s like making your kids pay for their own Christmas presents.

“Is this a fake production seeking sponsor money? Because the movie has been in the making like 8 years now”

I wish. It would make things a lot easier.

“You guys should try to reach out to Alex Jones. He has funded a lot of documentaries and has connections in Hollywood. Maybe he can help.”


19 thoughts on “Wife, daughter and writer of controversial FEMA camp movie ‘Gray State’ dead in ‘murder-suicide’

  1. Hi #1,

    You just beat me to posting this one!! (hahahaha…)

    Anyway,.. here is the preface I had included with the links I had sent to Henry & Laura for posting with this particualr story:

    My Fellow Americans:

    Another Trade-Mark extermination by the CIA.

    Our prayers go out to Mr. David Crowley, his wife,.. and his 5 year old daughter,.. all murdered on CIA orders.

    This is a CLASSIC, TEXT-BOOK, murder/suicide-example of a CIA extermination being carried out against Americans,.. against Patriots (and their family),…. against someone who would have used the effective medium of movies to expsoe this Despotic/Tyrannical/Criminal/Narco/Banko, Communist/Bolshevik/Zionist-Jew State!!! (Insert as many other derogatory superlatives in that statement as you see fit to do!)

    This is how Chekist/NKVD/KGB murder teams take a foot-hold in a society to exercise it’s terror and murder methods.

    This is the real reason DHS, FEMA and all these other federal “internal” agencies have been created.

    Last month it was Mr. Crowley and his family that was slaughtered.

    Next month,.. it may be yours.

    Is this what you are really waiting for?

    JD – US Marines – The INCORRECTLY called – US Fed Gov’t,… more accurately called, the Enemy-Force-In-Occupation IS here to slaughter you,.. your friends, family, and anyone else that does not,… “submit”. (Even those that, willingly, “submit”,… are eventually exterminated as they are,.. useless)

  2. It was sad to watch how enamored those two appeared to be with Alex Jones. And then Alex talks like he’s going to take them “under his wings”. Now, dammit, him and his family are killed on Christmas. Gee, I wonder what went wrong. I’m sure glad good ole Alex was watching out for them.

  3. WOW! This is crazy. Definitely a text book CIA extermination. I wonder what happened to the footage and script.

    This reminds me an awful lot like the other article that came out the other day about the CIA guy who got killed just before giving his script to Hollywood:

    The Strange Case Of Panama, The CIA, Noriega, The Mysterious Death Of Gary Devore, His Missing Hands, and 200 year old hands sent as Gary’s for autopsy


    If people think the Zionists and the CIA don’t own Hollywood by now, they are gravely mistaken. Even many great actors are finding that out and having their lives ruined for it.

  4. I sure hope someone finds a way to finish what they started. Everything in that film has almost occurred by now. Look at the Ferguson riots and the militia. Even the cameras in the homes and the whole QE thing. This means this is definitely the elites goal and they will do whatever it takes to make sure it happens and so it’s up to We the People to do whatever it takes to stop them.

  5. BIG HINT HERE. DON’T GO TO HOLLY WIERD for anything. Build your ownj and then move into the other venues as a SECONDARY project. Don’t count on the system. Betrayal is the norm for the shiesters and trash from the Fed. Buy more ammo. Liberty1775

    1. I’d at least like the right to decide whether I want to watch it or not. Right now, I’ve heard nothing in that regard and it does appear other interested parties did not want his work getting out. His entire family killed, what, you think mom and dad want to step in or his co-writer? They destroyed a major threat to their control.

  6. Another patriot and his family are slaughtered by the PTB.

    CIA, NSA, FBI, SS, DHS, TSA, EPA, DEA, FDA, et fvcking cetera..when does it end? When do we say enough?

    I guess it will require We the People to lose a loved one before we pick up arms and eradicate the infestation that is DC. Then again if we all wait until then, it will be far too late. The infection is systemic. Eradication of the infection requires nothing less than the same mettle as those who penned the Declaration of Independence.

    We can quibble over our personal differences or we can do what is needed to ensure freedom of our posterity.

    “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.” – – Benjamin Franklin

    Are we waiting for a savior? A leader? Someone willing to sacrifice what we apparently are not? What are we waiting for?????

    I am ready to do as needed. Should I die on my feet, perhaps my grandchildren won’t live on their knees.

  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2915939/Parents-five-year-old-daughter-dead-family-home-following-apparent-murder-suicide.html

    Spent a lot of time with feds and police. Big production value in that film. Big AJ affiliation. Making such odd open displays of personal effects and weaonry on social media. Spotlight the wife, who also likes attention on social media.

    Don’t want to sound uncaring and/or paranoid here, but does anyone else here find ANY of this behavior unbefitting of someone who is prepping for anything other than retirement?

    1. Funny how the DailyMail in that linked article makes no mention nor posts a link to the movie that he was working on. You’d think that would have been important to add in the article and for the readers now, wouldn’t it?

      But showing him with a gun and talking about how he appeared holding a gun in a clip for a video for Bullet Exchange seemed more important. After all, he was “holding a gun” and therefore he must have been crazy in some way, right? Gotta keep that gun control propaganda going.

      Luckily, many commenters on the site are quick to point out and give links to it, thus screwing up their propaganda and efforts to hide it.

  8. What total bs!!!! An absolute hit!!! I’ve been waiting for this movie. Not long ago the author of the big bamboozle was found dead in an apparent murder suicide of him and his kids….he was writing a new book with amazing revelations. These lunatics don’t give a shit about human life!! We need to revive the manufacturing industry with lots of ROPE production!

    1. I love to do macrame. My first project I learned was how to make “loops”.

      What a shame and a travesty to say the least. I really wanted to see this movie. Hopefully it will get “pirated” out.
      . . .

  9. Regarding: “You guys should try to reach out to Alex Jones. He has funded a lot of documentaries and has connections in Hollywood. Maybe he can help.”

    Oh I’m sure he does!!

    I cancelled my distributorship with Dr. Joel Wallach’s Youngevity products once I discovered the Jewish actually take care of their own in business transactions. http://alexjonesexposed.info/alex-jones-and-jewish-sponsors/
    . . .

  10. Funny how if he committed suicide (playing devil’s advocate here) that after killing his wife and kid, he let’s his dog live before shooting himself.

    Yea, who is anyone kidding. It was a clear CIA hit, plain and simple.

    1. Funny you should say that, NC. My former good friend/attorney (goy but wife is a joo) was his brother’s bookkeeper who had perpetrated a Ponzi scheme on his fraternal lodge of satanists. He was about to be outed and my friend was fired, without explanation, before the Ponzi conducting brother was disgraced publicly. Long story short, he borrowed my friends .22 pistol and offed both his kids, wife, himself and his dog. He later found out about the scheme. Matter of fact, his OTHER brother who had mental issues, fatally stabbed himself 3x in the heart 10 years later. All 3 fatal btw as per coroner and attorney who surreptitiously got hold of autopsy.

      Will provide links if interested. My crazy life and those around me…

    2. I read the article regarding the so called murder/suicide in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. A local reporter delved into things with close friends and associates. The guy was really talented, did his own writing, owned his own studio and was not exhibiting any depressive or homicidal/suicidal ideation. The guy had his life dream going very successfully. “Grey State” maybe came too close to the truth and they did “damage control”. We’ll never know, just as what happened to Michael Hastings

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