Will ISIS Blow up Olympics in Korea?

Despite major defeats in Syria and Iraq, ISIS still remains the greatest threat to security and stability in the world. The terrorists have switched recently to single hostile activities and heinous acts of terror in the EU and throughout Asia.

Social media became quite a good platform for ISIS recruiters to disseminate and spread information on the guidelines for ‘lone wolves’. Brainwashers urge them to organize and commit terrorist attacks in cities, social gathering places during public events and Christian holidays.  

Major sporting events facilities are also a prior target for the jihadists. According to the Sun, ISIS radicals were planning to carry out attacks during the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games. The masterminds posted the step-by-step guide, which includes 17 different attack methods, on social network Telegram. The terrorists awaited the hostile activities to be implemented by the experienced militants as well as common people willing to swear allegiance to ISIS.

According to Mustaqila Press Agency, quite an interesting information has appeared recently on ISIS-supporters discussing via Telegram channels how to organize attacks on Olympic sites in South Korea. For its part, a year ago official Seoul claimed terror threat would rise. On June 19, 2016, the Yonhap news agency with the reference to the national intelligence service of South Korea reported on a series of attacks aimed at various military and government facilities. The intelligence sources said, not only the Koreans would be in danger but also the people of other states.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games venues seem to be the main ISIS targets in the near future. While losing control over territories and energy resources in Syria and Iraq with every passing day, the radicals are trying to increase their credibility by organizing attacks, which could lead to numerous human casualties.

At the same time, the level of 2018 sports events’ attendance is in question. Currently, just only one-third of tickets have been sold. Most likely, the main reasons are the terrorist attacks’ threats and provocations from North Korea.

A number of European countries are considering the security measures at the Olympic Games in PyeongChang. France’s Winter Olympics team will not go to the 2018 Games in South Korea if its security cannot be guaranteed, France’s sports minister, Laura Flessel said on September 21, 2017. The more so, British Olympic leaders have plans in place to evacuate athletes from the 2018 Pyeongchang Games amid terrorist and nuclear threats.

The 2018 Olympic Games would be attended by sports fans from more than 80 countries. Ensuring security of such a number of people will become a serious challenge for the special security services and interior ministry of South Korea. People should realize that the trip to PyeongChang is quite dangerous as for someone it will be a festival of sport, and for the terrorists it would be a festival of violence.

9 thoughts on “Will ISIS Blow up Olympics in Korea?

  1. If this does occur, the criminal occupation “govt.” in the district of Columbia is responsible because they funded ISIS.

  2. Brainwashers urge them to organize and commit terrorist attacks in cities, social gathering places during public events and Christian holidays.

    Notice that not only do they never attack israel over there but also never target their supposed enemy ANYWHERE? And this coming after threats to launch attacks over the Jerusalem decision…here, not in Israel. Or on jewish holidays, neighborhoods, congregations, etc. Just take a moment and notice that. I mean, it’s not like there’s a plan for a “greater christianity” state in the middle east, where Christians are taking land for themselves exclusively and declaring one of Islam’s holy sites their capital. Makes you think, no? I know trenchers see it, why cant the rest of America?

    1. It’s my opinion the rest of America looks no further than their t.v. news, and are at this point quite comfortable doing so.

      If it ain’t on main stream news it just ain’t true.

      1. Yep. I reposted a Paul Craig Roberts article on Craigslist,

        Walking Into Armageddon

        and got a personal email:

        ” You really believe this …stop watching Fox news. .. Comrade and you voted for that pathetic little man. Be stuck with his record moron only thing fake is the way you think .. ”

        …and how “it’s my way of thinking that will destroy this country”….

        After some back and forth – including the Vegas ‘shooting’ (they FLIPPED when I said it’s doubtful Paddock shot ANYONE), and after providing some very strong evidence, etc., HERE IS WHERE WE GOT TO THE BOTTOM OF THINGS:

        “You were right about one thing–I am very uninformed and ignorant when it comes to this type of thing. Unfortunately, reading your e-mails is almost like reading a foreign language; I really know nothing about the things you mentioned. And you are also right in assuming that most of what I do know comes from the television reports and the computer. Taking all this into consideration, I would never say if you are wrong or right because I am not educated enough on this topic.

        And when it comes to politics in general (stories revolving around Donald, Hillary, Obama, etc.), I am also uniformed and ignorant. I didn’t even vote in the last election (I know it’s not right and I don’t want to hear it again)

        In any case, I do thank you for your time and patience in presenting your side of this tragic event.”

        So…. in the beginning, the email was header’d by;

        BULL SH!T

        Now, it turns out, they’re SO STRONGLY OPINIONATED – but know and can only parrot what they saw on TV!?!?!

        Talk about indoctrination! Wow.

        There was – I think – I hope – a strong(er) awakening after Vegas. FEW comments on jewtube vids were of the liars/tin foil hats/conspiracy type. Most were very angry at this BS, and the comments reflected it.

        I sometimes wonder IF we can save this country from itself, the Pentagon, and the politicians. I sometimes see signs of life, but 90% are still like my ‘writer’. As I often post under my Disqus profile, regardless that CNN has been outed in constant lies, it’s on in most homes I have on my client list.

        And like MY ‘writer’, until NOW, never questioned a thing.

        One at a time.

        All we can try to do before the next False Flag.

        Which, as ISIS is ‘defeated by the USA’, has now focused it’s efforts to “form a coalition against Iran”, as Amerika runs out of enemies.

        ~ Occams

        1. Koorz, great back and forth with this person. Hey, at least they came clean about not knowing what’s going on. Hopefully you sent them some way to tune into TWFTT radio broadcast. The info is on the front page of FTTWR.

          Maybe we can make a convert here!

          1. I learned a lesson here. I ‘attacked’ back, and put them on the defensive.

            As things progressed, I realized that my ‘please answer these 12 or 15 questions re La Vegas’ was a much stronger foil to their parroting nonsense, supported by video, and, one of my favorites, was that I’D IMMEDIATELY heard a 7.62 belt-fed weapon that night, and sent her/him a 39 second video clip recording, with computer analysis, spot-on matching the muzzle reports heard.

            And has been confirmed by many commenters who are ex-mil and CARRIED this type of weapon.

            So from now on, I will present a set of facts, with questions, asking for an answer to these. If they respond like an idiot, it’s pointless. If it gets a response like I did, above, then it’s a battle worth engaging.

            I sent two powerful vid links. No response – yet. If I get a response, I will encourage them to visit here, make a profile, AND ASK QUESTIONS.


  3. Will ISIS blow UP Olympics in Korea?

    Yes; if it happens, doubtless the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service will have a big part in it.

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