Windows XP Market Share Climbs Again as Customers Dig Their Heels In

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Just about everyone I know with XP won’t budge, despite my warnings.

Maybe Microsoft has plans to try to convert millions of XP users over to Windows 8 with the rumored Windows 8.1 with Bing, which will supposedly be free.

Still, tens of millions of people will probably refuse to deal with the situation. I wouldn’t use Windows 8.x if someone paid me to use it. But I wouldn’t use XP on the Internet after that cut off date either. No way.  

Via: Inquirer:

THE POPULAR Microsoft operating system that refuses to die, Windows XP, has seen a rise in popularity for the second month running.

Windows XP, which reaches end of life in a little more than four weeks, has continued its bizarre renaissance, according to this month’s Net Applications figures.

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7 thoughts on “Windows XP Market Share Climbs Again as Customers Dig Their Heels In

  1. .
    Interesting article…. but here is what “I” see…..

    Look at the picture of the “original” desktop for XP,
    then look at your own desk top picture….

    In the article picture you see ‘real clouds’ in the sky…

    On my current desk top there are no real clouds, just “chem trails”.

    This is how (and why) people, over time, forget what real clouds look like…
    and will come to think that chem trails are natural.

  2. I once felt that I needed to maintain my XP desktop, verses loading Windows-8 software on my desktop or a buying a new CPU with Windows-8 pre-loaded.

    With XP, I found fewer and fewer web sites that were compatible with lower versions of Internet Explorer (version 7), and malware issues were becoming more abundant. I considered using Linux but felt that it had its own issues to contend with and, you would need to be either IT Certified to troubleshoot this operating system or, have the Linux Help Desk on speed dial.

    So, after much consternation, I bit the bullet and purchased Windows-7 software, which can be installed with a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. Since Windows-7 requires more RAM to operate smoothly, I upgraded my memory from 1-Gig of Ram to 2-Gig. After receiving approximately 200+ updates from Windows, I also upgraded to Internet Explorer 11, which has spell check built into it (this is good because I lost my 2003 WORD program when I overwrote XP).

    The software and memory upgrades from XP to Windows-7 cost me about $120, and several hours of tweaking the settings. My desktop is a Gateway E-Machine T5212, which is almost 5-years old. Since most desktops do not last much more than 5-years, it would be a monetary gamble whichever way I went.

    I did not want Windows-8 because it positively sucks. This operating system is designed to work with either touch-screen (pad or tablet) or standard desktop interfaces — in which this operating system isn’t very good for either interface. Macintosh attempted to develop this universal operating system technology, and gave-up… Microsoft obviously never learned this lesson until after they released Windows-8.

    Windows-8 is now being compared to its past operating system failures, such as Windows Millennium. I decided to upgrade to Windows-7 in hopes of my desktop surviving until after 2015. This is when Microsoft will be releasing Windows-9, which will have an user interface similar to Windows-7. This would seem to be reverse evolution but absolutely necessary if Microsoft wishes to stay in business. In my opinion, Windows XP is good; however, Windows-98 was the best.

  3. I have my own registered copy of Windows XP. I never buy a computer off the shelf. I go to Smart Guys and put in my order. Motherboard, graphic card, AMD processor, sound card, 4 gig ram, etc. I have high power supply and have had tremendous success with Mozilla Firefox using Startpage. You should see the size of my processor fan it is huge and looks like a old fashioned jukebox, when the copper tubing on the top that forms the arch is upright. I will not change for anything. If it is not broken do not fix it.

    My puter sings opera and it is a gamer for sure.

      1. .I dont know how much you know of computers but my first was a dinosaur:

        8 megahertz
        2 ram
        20 MB hard drive
        Dos 2.1
        no sound
        no menu
        no graphics other than geometric shapes
        (anyone remember Monuments of Mars?
        1200 baud modem.

        This was state of the art and learned fast.

  4. With WinXP, everything is generally set in private by default. With Win8, everything is set in public by default. So which is the better system? It’s a no brainer. Win8 is nothing more than a social networking operating system. End of story. And that is why everyone hates it and that is why it has failed. It is the exact opposite of information security. It is information insecurity.

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