With 1 bullet, a police officer is shot in the face and a suspect is shot dead during a struggle: Officials

ABC News

With one bullet, a Georgia police officer was shot in the face and a suspect was shot dead during a confrontation Thursday morning, according to investigators.

It began when employees of a dentist’s office called 911 around 8 a.m. Thursday to report a disturbance, Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Natalie Ammons told reporters.

Henry County Police officer Michael Smith arrived and spoke with the suspect, Dimaggio McNelly, but “at some point the subject became combative,” Ammons said.  

Smith deployed his Taser multiple times, but it wasn’t effective, she said.

A struggle broke out when McNelly lunged at the officer, Ammons said, and one shot was fired.

With that one shot, both Smith and McNelly were struck, but it’s not clear whose finger was on the trigger, Ammons said.

McNelly was killed, Ammons said, while Smith was shot in the face and hospitalized.

Smith, who has been with the department for seven years, is in critical condition, Ammons said.

The dentist office’s staff did not know McNelly, 53, or why he was at the business, she said.


4 thoughts on “With 1 bullet, a police officer is shot in the face and a suspect is shot dead during a struggle: Officials

  1. Wow, that was one busy ass bullet, must have traveled through the cops face and into the other guy, ugly… or vice versa, in any event the cop pulled his ratchet like an idiot, should have called for back up.

    These goddamned cops are trigger happy as hell, the odds of you getting killed now are sky high, proving that when a cop is called out, somebody is probably going to die.

  2. I’m trying to close my eyes and see how a bullet travel from head to a body are body back to someone head dam that some mess up stuff there

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