Women-hating CNN says we shouldn’t call breastfeeding ‘natural’ because it might encourage other ‘natural’ behaviors in moms (what, like childbirth?)

Natural News – by Mike Adams

Big Pharma-funded CNN has declared its own special war on women by assaulting any categorization of breastfeeding as “natural.”

It’s harmful to call breastfeeding “natural,” says CNN in this astonishing demonstration of medical illiteracy, because it might encourage women to engage in other “natural” behaviors. CNN, which is funded by pharmaceutical interests, harkens back to the days when infant formula manufacturers told women that breastfeeding was a barbaric practice and should be replaced with factory-made infant formula. (Look up the history of Nestle…)  

Now, CNN wants to make sure women aren’t encouraged to pursue anything that might be called “natural,” starting with breastfeeding (but not stopping there). No doubt we’ll soon see CNN’s war on women expanded to attacking menstruation and vaginal childbirth, too, with news reports attacking the vagina as an “outmoded birth canal” that should be avoided through C-section birth procedures carried out by “modern” doctors who are smarter than Mother Nature.

CNN’s greatest fear, of course, is that women might begin to see vaccine injections as a type of “artificial immunity” — which they are, of course — and begin to reject them. Thus, the network believes that the best way to ensure vaccine compliance among women is to start berating breastfeeding and assaulting anything a women does that might be considered more “natural” than being injected with a cocktail of dead viruses blended with mercury and aluminum.

No doubt CNN would also be terrified of women teaching their children home gardening skills or methods for making medicines out of herbs. Such “natural” things can never be tolerated in a society dominated by pharmaceutical interests and state-mandated media propaganda dished out by the pharma-corrupted CDC. (See the astonishing “vaccine racket” infographic here.)

CNN, in other words, has gone “full retard” on the issue of women’s health. This is the same network that claims anyone who opposes partial-birth abortions is attacking women’s health; yet somehow breastfeeding is bad at CNN, where nourishing a child with mother’s milk is somehow considered a bizarre, barbaric act.

Maybe that’s why CNN reporters are whiny little crybullies. Nobody ever breastfed them! … and they were raised on nutrient-depleted infant formula and brain-damaging vaccines!


3 thoughts on “Women-hating CNN says we shouldn’t call breastfeeding ‘natural’ because it might encourage other ‘natural’ behaviors in moms (what, like childbirth?)

  1. Not only is breastfeeding entirely natural (as shown by mammals throughout the animal kingdom), it has important benefits for the child’s brain and immunological development.

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