18 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 8, 2017

  1. Where is everybody?

    34 degrees here, lake-effect snow on the way. Heavy chemtrails this afternoon, and partly cloudy.

    1. I was helping build fake houses, for fake people, in a fake country. It was 43 degrees, sunny with fake clouds (chemtrails).
      Gonna be a soaring 25 degrees tomorrow.
      Tuning in to Henry’s report now.

      1. And don’t forget the fake ‘money’ you get for building those fake houses …haha…..it always cracks me up when I give a cashier a 100.00 bill and she holds it up to make sure it is ‘real’ and I say….they’re ALL counterfeit…..then I get the most puzzled look. 🙂

          1. yup…quite entertaining and don’t forget to look at the faces of the people in line behind you…very few get it 🙂

    2. A little late in my reply …5 degrees here…frigging cold……flee….too funny …I love to laugh but a bit painful right now….took a header Saturday on the ice…..just glad no fractured ribs…..and flee, don’t count on ‘them’ to care for those cattle….if they don’t hire hands to work it just ain’t going to happen……

        1. thanks Katie…I’m a tough old bird….did get a bit rough for a bit and had to break down and take a few ibuprofen initially as the arnica Montana wasn’t cutting it haha….

      1. Just to make you feel better.

        I was injured a few days ago too.

        My little wiley dog ran at me full force and pawed me straight square in the nutz and doubled me over on my knees gasping for air.

        I found Jesus again.

        While I was gurgling. ..oh god that hurt.

        I guess he thought there was a gopher in my pants.

  2. I’m giggling.

    If these jews don’t round up these cattle.

    I’m gonna have some huge frozen rib eye steaks.

    Because they’re gonna drop dead and freeze here real quick on my property.

    I call dibs.

    Evidently they don’t know how to ranch.

    In fact I’m gonna make a prediction here.

    When things thaw out next year in spring.

    The ranch hands will be chi knees and Mexican.

    I call them….

    Drum roll plz…


    1. I’m only guessing at the legality here, but I do think that if one of those cows does actually drop dead on your property, he’s your property too. (without even calling dibs)

      Bon apetite`

      I’d make sure one dropped dead. Make it look like an accident.

    2. Damn shame they ain’t pig farmers. Pork roasts and bar mitzvahs are a hoot, I hear. Gets a real rise outta the crowd, even more so than a bris mitzvah AND you can stiff em on the tip after you take a little off the top!

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