WW3 – CIA Plants Seeds To Invade Saudi Arabia

Before It’s News – by Alexander Higgins

As the end game is in sight for Uncle Sam’s post-911 war plans the CIA begins planting seeds of propaganda to for the next phase in America’s global conquest – the occupation of Saudi Arabia.

Realizing Saudi Arabia will not voluntarily maintain its current relationship supporting the petrodollar monopoly as we move closer everyday to the Peak oil, the shadow government is positioning itself to sack Saudi Arabia in an attempt to perpetuate the relationship by force.  

For those not familiar with the petrodollar monopoly the following video is a much watch as it does a good job of explaining it, although there are a few details in the this author takes exception to.

In the early days following 9/11 General Wesley Clark revealed the United States had plans to invade several nations first – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran.

As General Clark explains those plans were given to him within days after 9/11 which is a damning indictment they had been drawn up long before 9/11 since the plans must have taken years to put together.

Soon after Americans were brainwashed into believing Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, in large part due to the Anthrax false flag that started the Iraq War.

Fast-forward to today and the United States is still spreading the same lies about WMDs in Syria to justify an invasion with the latest incident being chemical weapons that originated from the CIA bases in Turkey and the west totally ignoring the UN report blaming the CIA-backed terrorists.

Clearly the end game is in sight for those post 9/11 war plans.  Indeed Iraq and Libya have now been sacked. Somalia and Sudan, along with Yemen, have been beaten into near submission by an onslaught of drone bombings that are barely even mentioned by the media.

Lebanon has been entirely infiltrated by the CIA who is using the nation, alongside with Turkey, as a staging point to direct clandestine operations against Syria as Israel launches attacks from air

Those bombings by the Israeli air force are only being conducted because the west has recently given them a green light so Iran can be drawn into the conflict.

Indeed we are looking at an imminent checkmate in the original war plans and now we must begin look ahead to anticipate where World War III will move lear to its next phase.

Those following the news will note in the years immediately following 9/11 the government controlled corporate media was implicitly prohibited from tying the Saudi regime to the terrorists attacks that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people despite.

But as we draw closer to the next phase of World War III, those rules have now changed as both the corporate media and the alternative media is being manipulated by the CIA in spreading seeds of propaganda against Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, as the corporate media spreads the CIA’s propaganda the CIA is busy using front organizations such as Freedom House as a spearhead of the assault on Saudi Arabia.

These seeds will soon grow into an all-out call by the masses for the United States to take military action against the Kindgom of Saudia Arabia.

This clearly indicates that just over the horizon on the top of the United States has military objectives is an invasion of Saudi Arabia which will also accomplish the task of taking control of Saudi’s satellite states, most notably Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

The reason is clear:


Putting that in perspective

Here’s the current production of oil controlled by the US and its close Allies.

Global Rank Country Bbl oil /day % Total Global Oil
3 United States 9023000 10.74%
6 Canada 3592000 3.90%
9 Mexico 2934000 3.56%
19 United Kingdom 1099000 1.78%
Close Allies Total 16842000 20.2%

Here’s the the oil supply of nations already sacked, nearly sacked or soon wil be sacked by the United States.

Global Rank Country Bbl/day % Total Global Oil
2 Saudi Arabia 9300000 11.28%
4 Iran 4231000 4.77%
7 Iraq 3400000 3.75%
8 United Arab Emirates 3087000 3.32%
18 Qatar 1631000 1.44%
25 Oman 890500 0.95%
29 Libya 502400 0.59%
31 Syria 400400 0.48%
35 Yemen 288400 0.34%
50 Sudan 111700 0.13%
63 Bahrain 48560 0.06%
Sacked Total 23890960 27.1%

An summarizing that here’s the combined control of Global Oil the US shadown government will control.

Group bbl/day % Global Total
Close Allies 16842000 20.2%
Sacked 23890960 27.1%
Combined 23890960 47.3%

Such a massive control of the Global oil supply puts any nation at a severe disadvantage to be able to fend off the global military conquest as World War III escalates into an all out global conflict.

To see how these seeds are being planted, we need only take into account that just a few years ago nothing negative was in the corporate media about Saudi Arabia.

Soon we saw more indepedent outlets begin running stories about the nation being a repressive regime that does not respect human rights.

At the same time, the media also began expanding on the narrative of the Al Qaeda being just a small element of a much larger network of global Jihadists waging war in the the name of Saudi Arabia’s Salafist interpretation of Islam.

As time goes on the more and more stories will be aimed at Saudi Arabia to garner support for war against the nation.

Take some of CNN’s top news headlines yesterday.

Saudi prince: Blocking social media is a ‘losing war’

Saudi activists say kingdom trying to silence them

Amanpour: Can Twitter really change Saudi Arabia?

Read more: Saudi activists say kingdom trying to silence them

Saudis sanction sports for some girls

What it’s like to be a Mideast comic

These stories continue to regurgitate the same ideas which will conform the opinion of the massess into an anti-Saudi indoctrination:

* Saudi authorities have detained and intimidated hundreds of online political activists and online commentators, blocked and filtered sensitive political, religious or pornographic content from entering the Saudi Internet, and even recruited supporters online to campaign against calls for protests, the report said.

* Women in Saudi Arabia also cannot marry, leave the country, go to school or open bank accounts without permission from a male guardian, usually the father or husband. Much of public life is segregated by gender.

* Rights groups have criticized Saudi Arabia, a conservative kingdom, for its efforts to stifle online dissent.

Freedom House, a U.S.-based free speech advocacy group, highlighted the limits imposed on free expression by Saudi Arabia in its report last year on Internet freedoms around the world, “Freedom on the Net 2012.”

The kingdom was one of a number of countries in which “authorities imposed further restrictions following the political uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, in which social media played a key role,” it said.

Saudi authorities have detained and intimidated hundreds of online political activists and online commentators, blocked and filtered sensitive political, religious or pornographic content from entering the Saudi Internet, and even recruited supporters online to campaign against calls for protests, the report said.

Sanja Kelly, project director of Freedom on the Net, told CNN there had been an increasing number of arrests of Saudi Internet users who’ve posted critical remarks online, including on Twitter, since the report came out last September.

According to tracking by Freedom House, 51% of Saudi Internet users are active on Twitter, which is one of the highest ratios in the world.

“The Saudi authorities have been struggling for the past several years with decisions on how to deal with the growing and increasingly critical discussions online,” Kelly said.

“In recent months there have been increasing proposals by the authorities to either limit access to social media or to increase surveillance and decrease privacy for users.”

One proposal under discussion has been the introduction of a rule requiring each Saudi Twitter user to register using government ID, she said. It has not been implemented but has attracted a lot of attention because of the popularity of Twitter in the kingdom.

Clearly as we have seen in the past, this type of media coverage is the canary in the gold mine which indicates we will see a breakdown in diplomatic relations followed by an increase in rhetoric from Washington DC and the governments propaganda machine.

As time goes by, normally over the course of several years, the media portrays the situation as worse and worse eventually planting the idea the target nation and the United States are on brink of a war everyday.

During this time clandestine operations on the ground are used to ferment an environment of revolution.

After enough time passes  an excuse is used, be it an actual event or a manufactured one, that draws the United States into a military conflict.

Keep your eye on Saudi Arabia and watch this unfold before your very eyes as time goes by.


3 thoughts on “WW3 – CIA Plants Seeds To Invade Saudi Arabia

  1. Sadly, because their plans went a little awry over Iraq and Afghanistan, I seriously think the US has missed its window of opportunity to succeed here and that any attempt now to invade or sack yet another middle eastern nation will leave the US seriously depleted and unable nor capable of anything but a fighting retreat.

    If you consider that Iraq/Afghanistan took a healthy US economy and put it through the mincer, that only a fool would start more wars, the US should learn from the Suez crisis and realise that its time has been and gone, if it does not take on board how the UK dropped its imperial actions then the US’s military commitments will drag America into the abyss and likely see the Union dissolve and even devolve into state warfare as power vacuums and lack of federal control will see some of the more hawkish states look at their weaker neighbours in the same way Obama eyes Iran’s oil.

    I heard and would like to know the current figure since sequestration of the tax revenue imbalance that is currently in play, under Bush it was something like for every dollar received in tax revenue, the US government was spending 150 dollars out, by the end of the Bush presidency it was close to 500 dollars for every dollar gained in taxation and with the continuation surely this figure must be even more dire. The bottom line here is that you cannot ever run a nation at a huge deficit that the US has, when it had control of most of the worlds oil, it could balance its books fairly well but America doesn’t control the oil and China is snapping up huge chunks of the available stocks for itself.

    It has gone in a decade from not a matter of “if” but “when” the US economy finally teeters and collapses, perhaps if Paul had been elected and he was allowed to have closed down the vast US military system that spans the globe, the US may have survived but now the US is in the pre-collapse point that the Soviets were in, where they could not stop spending most of its available money on arms or supporting a disintegrating workforce, the Russians emerged from the collapse in a very good way but will America survive as well?

    That will have to be seen.

  2. Well, in October, 2011, I said this was going to happen, and nobody believed me. In October, 2011, I also said, that the first quarter of 2012 would start an avalanche of uprisings (started by the west) was going to happen. I am not going to tell you where I got my info from, but I can prove it without a doubt.
    Can anyone here tell me where I got my info?
    And those who speak in regards to the U.S. going broke and cant keep up financially or thru manufacturing do not have a clue of what is happening in this world. There is no U.S. anymore, its NATO and they have plenty of money, manufacturing etc.
    Also, those in charge of the U.S. doesnt care about the dollar or manufacturing in the U.S. They have plenty of soldiers in other countries that will kill for food and a place to sleep, broken promises and other third world countries what will build weapons etc.
    I still have a few questions tho…will they bring down Iran before or after Saudi Arabia? And, what will be the wests involvement in the transition out of the dollar via BRIIICS. (no I did not mis-spell, there are more “I’s now and you could even add an F for France). The west is not afraid of BRIICS, they are part of it. It is a family business, but those who have had a family business, know that it can go haywire and fighting starts. We are living in some interesting times.
    I have another one for ya too, but this is just a guess with no proof except my gut feeling. TPTB will abandon Israel. The time is coming closer where israel is not needed by the globalists. They birthed israel for a strategic location to take over the middle east, and to use biblical BS to convince the U.S.(especially the churches) to go along. I believe in the Bible, and I believe in Christ, I just dont misinterpret the Bible for my own gain the way the luciferian globalists do. And any church that has a 501c3, is already in the devils playground. But I think the time is drawing closer where israel is not needed anymore.

  3. Apparently the petro dollar isn’t quite so attractive to the saudis any longer.

    That tends to happen when you dance with the devil.

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