7 thoughts on “YEEHAAA! Heat Wave a Comin.

  1. Cool, er warm. Friday 12/16/2016 the high here is -7 and the low -24. T-shirt and shorts for tomorrow’s highs of single digits. It’s coming your way Don and Mark!

  2. Damn, what are you people putting up with? Had like 4 snowfalls here in Utah. So dry here, never seen such a dry summer, everything was burning. At least we don’t get wrecked everyday with the Geoengineering.

    1. “At least we don’t get wrecked everyday with the Geoengineering.”

      Really? The Mormons get a pass on that? (lived in SLC back in the 70’s)

    1. Brain Bucket time.

      Road trip resupply to friends further out, and the snow started earlier than anticipated.
      By the time I got back to Sh!tville and pickup extra stuff for here, it was a effin mess. 200,000 brain dead lumps.

      There are so many Foreign Nationals it’s insane!
      Planing on packing out of here soon…

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