Young people who detransition describe death threats, doxxing, intimidation, and being accused of ‘genocide’ from the ‘cult-like’ transgender community they turn their backs on

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Young people who used drugs or surgery to change their gender but later regretted their procedures and sought to reverse them are warning of worsening abuse from the transgender community they’ve walked away from.

De-transitioners, as they are known, speak of online vitriol, doxxing, harassment and death threats after they made the tough decisions to exit what they describe as inward-looking and even ‘cult-like’ trans groups.

Tensions between trans activists and de-transitioners spiked this month at a meeting of Florida’s medical board, where sex change interventions for children were restricted. Insults were hurled, bomb threats were posted online.

Trans rights activists shouted over their opponents at the hearings, called out ‘bigot’ and ‘shame on all of you’, and vowed to dox board members, by publishing their private phone numbers and other details online.

The stakes are high. Trans activists face discrimination, many see themselves in a life-or-death civil rights struggle. By turning against that lifestyle and decrying puberty blockers for young people, de-transitioners undermine their cause.

Trans people eschew de-transitioners for ‘invalidating their narrative,’ Cat Cattinson, a de-transitioner from northern California, told

‘I’ve seen the level of hate really escalate to the point that any time a new de-transitioner shares their story online, they get dogpiled by thousands of trans activists, bullied, ridiculed, and of course death threats,’ said Cattinson.

‘For every de-transitioner with a public platform, the new trend has been to call us liars and grifters and just try to invalidate everything we say.’

Cattinson, 30, a singer and musician, grew up as female but identified as male from the age of 13. She took testosterone, went by the name of Tony, and made plans for breast-removal surgery.

But the drugs started having negative effects on her heart, and deepened her cherished singing voice. She decided in 2020 to stop the injections and begin her de-transition back to being a woman.

She was among a group of de-transitioners that addressed hearings of Florida’s medical board, which on November 4 voted to forbid the state’s doctors from prescribing puberty blockers and hormones, or perform surgeries, until transgender patients are 18.

Republican politicians in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma have taken steps to restrict such treatments for children, but the decision in Florida was the first time limits were imposed by a US medical board, albeit one aligned to Gov. Ron DeSantis.

A spokesman for the board said they had to draft extra law enforcers and hired a private security firm for the controversial hearings, as various social media users threatened to ‘mail pipe bombs’ to the 14-member panel.

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