5 thoughts on “Zager And Evans – In The Year 2525

  1. Okay, going to put this out here, for better or worse….’Cause actually could give a shit at this point in time time what anybody else thinks.
    Will admit was a strange wee child. Can say that looking back. I mean hell who had a guide they meditated with for 6-8 hrs a day at age 5 or 6? None of my friends……we flew…..I knew things…..at the time, didn’t even know was meditating…….I was sitting on a rock on a hill……..
    I could see and knew things, when heard this song knew of possibilities.
    Could see alternatives, why we are all here now at this time.
    Believe most of us “here” know things, how we come about them on our path, WE ARE HERE! WE KNOW!

    We have our different gifts to use. Use them!

  2. Where did these two jokers come from? One looks zagerish (khazarian) and one looks Evans.Hispanic? Weird futuristic song. Never heard from these two ever again. Were they “one-hit wonders”? Or was this dystopic duo predictive programming? Video keeps panning to a large metallic sculpture that reflects NWO sculptures world-wide. Always hated this song with a passion! Anyone feel the same way? Has anyone done any research on this dystopic song? Lots going on here making fun of the sheeple, IMO.

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