100-year-old car salesman still working six days a week

UPI – by Ben Hooper

CASPER, Wyo., March 23 (UPI) — A 100-year-old Wyoming man who made his first automobile sale in 1949 said he has no plans to retire from the car dealership.

Derrell Alexander, who started his career as a salesman when gas was 17 cents per gallon, celebrated his 100th birthday last week at Whites Mountain Chevrolet in Casper, where he still works six days a week.  

Customers said they value Alexander for his honesty.

“Maybe I’ve missed sales because I didn’t lie to him. But that’s OK,” Alexander told KCWY-TV.

He told the Casper Journal work is part of what keeps him in good health.

“As long as I can get out of the house,” Alexander said. “You sit around the house and watch TV or something, and you don’t last long.”

He credited “the man upstairs” with giving him a long and happy life.

Brad Follensbee, the dealership’s general manager, said Alexander is “an inspiration to us all as far as the drive he has.”

“I think it’s almost more of a habit for him, coming to work every day. I think it gives him purpose and drive to get up every morning and get ready and come to work and be here,” Follensbee said.

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