6 thoughts on “Without Saying a Word This 6 Minute Short Film Will Make You Speechless

  1. atrocious…people dont care tho because the mass production makes their chicken a little bit cheaper…
    In regards to the video, its much longer than 6 minutes, and could have said the same thing in half the time..

  2. Wow,
    I suddenly really dont want to buy chicken again and think ill get serious with ordering and keeping my own chickens

  3. I can not unsee that…ffs. Now I treasure my small flock of mostly ‘ranging’ birds a lot more. Black copper marans and blue laced, red whyandottes.

  4. Saw the first .07 of the video. I can’t watch the cruelty that is deliberately forced upon innocent animals by the cruelest animal of all . . . the human.
    . . .

  5. Can’t wait to see how they process pigs in gestation crates, calves in 2 foot by 1 foot stalls and cows in stalls slightly bigger…the wonders of factory farming…and you wonder why so many people are already or are becoming vegetarians…and it ain’t much better for tilapia and other farmed fish…

  6. I didn’t watch the video. I’m with Lance the Permie, I can’t “unsee” that. Besides, I already know how they make ground up, breaded chicken assholes and chicken wieners.

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