1/06/2015 — Back to back Earthquakes strike Texas fracking ops — 230+ miles apart

Published on Jan 6, 2015 by dutchsinse

Update 915pm CST January 6 2015:

Texas seismologists now are saying the Dallas Earthquake today could be fracking related.


Texas seismologists now install new monitoring equipment near the Dallas stadium .. where the old frack well is shown in this video above:




Geologists are going to need to re-write several portions of commonly taught texts!

The now disproved teaching, that one earthquake is NOT related to another earthquake elsewhere, is again shown to be an incorrect “theory”.

Today ( January 6, 2015), two 3.5M earthquakes struck along the same latitude in Texas, within less than one hour of each other, nearly 250 miles apart. Both occurring at fracking operations within 1km depth of one another + within 1 hour of each other.

Location of the Snyder Texas 3.5M :

32.916°N 100.849°W depth=4.2km (2.6mi)

Location of the Dallas Texas / Irving TX 3.5M :

32.836°N 96.900°W depth=5.2km (3.2mi)

The commonly taught “belief” that small earthquakes are not related across large distances is now fully disproved. I fully covered this “earthquake pressure transfer” science which we are developing (online researchers are noticing I should say).

See the video I made on the subject just a few days ago (on January 4, 2015) here:


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