16.1% Poverty in the US – The Cause and Effect

The mainstream propagandists are saying the poverty rate has risen to 16.1%, which like every other number put out by the government, cannot be true as the calculation does not stand up to logic.  Statistics show that 15% of the population is getting food stamps and it is a fact that there are millions in this country who qualify for food stamps and refuse to get them.

When we are told that the unemployment rate is at 9.2% but the real number is actually 15% in the same breath, and then we look for ourselves and find that the true number is 28%, how can we think any number coming out of the corporate owned government can be relied upon?

To measure poverty all one really has to do is sit in a car in a Wal-Mart parking lot, in fact this is a good way to gage what is going on verbatim in our country.  You will see some people pull in in brand new cars and as they are walking into the store you can hear the foreign languages they are speaking.  And then you will see the young people who have been conditioned to believe that wearing dirty clothes with holes in them is some kind of fashion statement.  These idiots actually buy clothes off the rack that a normal person would throw away.

Then there are those who have lost their status in the middle class.  Their cars look worn, their clothes look worn, and their faces look worn, however they keep their selves clean as the elitists have not yet robbed them of their dignity.  And then finally you see the homeless people who are never addressed as part of the consideration.  They have had everything taken.

When reporting the new poverty numbers on FOX Business, Robert Rector of Heritage Foundation, described living poor in the US as a good life style, as many who are considered impoverished actually still have luxuries like microwaves and cell phones.  And of course Charles Payne chimed right in trying to portray the poor in this country as spoiled at the expense of the rich.  Tell you what Charles and Robert, the day is coming when you are going to get to face some of those poor Americans whom you believe should be content in their poverty, and we will see how they treat with you.

These elitist bastards actually think that they hold an exclusive on the right to prosper.  When they talk about the unemployed they do so with the attitude that the unemployed just do not want anything better, otherwise they would start up a business and get to working.  I mean what is the problem, all we have to do is rent a building, buy equipment, licensing, and insurance, and wahla, we are employed.  I guess they cannot understand why we don’t just use $100,000 of that food stamp money we are buying drugs with to get this economy going again.

These bastards need to be taken down in the hardest way.

If you grew up in the public schools you were taught that Nazi Germany was an evil place, occupied by evil people, being led by an evil monster.  In studying pre-Hitler Germany, I now understand what could drive a people to hate an oppressor to the point that they would accept a man like Adolf Hitler, if for no other reason than to take revenge.

The death camps would have to be considered unacceptable to anyone calling themselves a civilized human being.  I believe the question that should be asked is, what would it take to drive an otherwise civilized people to want to exterminate a fraction of their population.

Is that what we are seeing here today?  If we continue to be robbed and abused, will we not begin to build a hate that can only be satisfied through a horrible retribution?

I tell you the minions of the international corporate mafia, once the thirst for blood becomes a reality, who do you think is being lined up to quench that thirst?  The international elitist who can be in any country they choose, any hour of any day of the week, or will it be you who are benefitting from their treachery to the demise of your neighbor?

All my life growing up one of the mainstays I was taught was that we can never allow a holocaust to occur again.  From what I see around me, I do not see how it can be stopped.  Does anyone out there think that real people with real pride are just going to stand by and watch the ones they love be abused and not want to exact revenge?

There is a revolution afoot and I hope it hurries up and gets underway as the atrocities associated with the cleanest of war are appalling to any sane person.  But if the level of hate is allowed to rise to the extreme, all reason will be erased by insanity.  And in the end are those driven insane more to blame than those that drove them insane?

The international corporate mafia cares for no one outside their group.  In fact if we all killed one another, they would have achieved their ultimate goal.

Right now we have Ron Paul talking reason, but if he is denied through fraud and duplicity the next person to rise to power with the full backing of the people may very well be another Adolf Hitler.  And if that happens who is to blame, those who will put him into power or those who made him necessary?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I remember being taught in Catholic grade school about all the ills of communism. I remember being told that is the reason we fight and die in wars. And voila! that is exactly what we have here……propoganda being spread by our own government owned by the corporate mafia.

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