0 thoughts on “Ron Paul talks about 9/11, Bin Laden, Healthcare with CNN (9-14-2011)

  1. Ok…”we stand for freedom and opportunity for everybody around the world”…..Oh really?

    What is this audience applauding on that statement? The profound absurdity of that statement provides a theme for a complete book. How could anyone possibly buy into that concept when such a percentage of our own domestic resources and business enterprise is being shipped out of here leaving the “land of opportunity” staggering in its death wobble?

    It is not amazing that this guy would make such a statement…what is amazing is the audience reaction to it which begs the question of who is in that audience? This is absolute madness.

    Why is the rest of the world so much our concern to the point that the decay of our own economy and consequentially our way of life is secondary?

    1. Still thinking about that eh kids? Well, think long and deeply about it.

      And here’s another question:

      Who decreed that we, the people of the “United” States of America, were to be declared martyrs in the name of this so called “new world order” agenda?

      Is that in our constitution? That we are responsible for the condition of countries that lack the vision, wisdom, self respect, and courage to govern themselves in a manner that produces something other than socialistic tyranny or at worst outright and brutal, genocidal dictatorship?

      And how different are we in this day and age? Are we any less cowardly?

      Just who the hell do we think we are when we can’t even manage to preserve the legacy left us by our wise and nobly courageous founders in an unprecedented effort to quell the endless tides of tyranny that had drowned humanity without pause throughout recorded history and…I wish to add…with consequential achievement of that goal….but sadly… for a very short period of time.

      When did we just give up and accept that we have no choice but to passively cower in fear while we permit greedy, criminally perverted human trash to govern us?

      When did we become such cowardly rabble as to lie down and be slaughtered like lambs by the likes of Louis the 16th, Henry the 8th and Edward the 1st Longshanks…just to name three? It’s not hard to expand THAT list!

      Remember this:

      Ambition is to greed as desire is to perversion. No! That’s NOT a quote of someone else’s words! That’s none other than yours truly! And there’s more where that came from!

      Know this ye who venture here:

      We are being governed by greed obsessed perverts so sick in spirit as to equal the worst vision a sane mind can conjure of evil itself.

      Chew on that boys and girls!

      What the hell are we going to DO about it when those among us with the means to rise against it through proper channels couldn’t care less about anything but preserving their own status?

      Just how the hell can this madness be checked peaceably when those who could do so don’t give a damn?

      Answer that!

      I’m about to give up on the American population let alone the entire human race.

      This “debate” is a wretchedly nauseating display of “shoot the messenger” and I need not name the messenger on this forum. This exponentially growing idiocy is sickening me to the marrow.

      May God help us since we seem not able to help ourselves.

      1. And then again…why Should He? What about us is worthy of God’s help?

        Enjoy The Kardashians and Ninja Warriors…buy your kids another 70 dollar moronic video game and keep paying the networks 200 bucks a month for their worthless and endlessly ever more stinking bullshit!

        1. Great post, Brian, but you ain’t giving up nothing. Either am I, or Henry, or Mark, or Angel, or Rick, or brian s., or Rachel, or Raymond, or Carl, or Pat, and everybody else who is a regular on this site. We’re all in it for the duration, and if the rest of these pussy’s want to take it up the ass from these Nazi’s, we’re not going to. At least not alive. To quote Mr. Shivley, we are the American people of the American race, and we ain’t quitting till we kick their ass, or die trying ! Dear Lord, please protect Ron Paul, and may our evil tormentors burn in Hell for eternity !

          1. Thanks, Clark.
            Sorry, but when I heard that …whatever he is… drop that line about “freedom and opportunity for everybody etc” and heard that idiotic audience response my heart nearly exploded! What is wrong with people who buy into that inane babble? Do they actually believe this little twerp and his cohorts really believe that crap? That these cowardly traitorous corporate puppets actually could give a flying one about anybody but themselves?

            I felt like tearing my hair out…what’s left of it anyway. That individual looks like he was raised on a tennis court and wore diapers till he was sixteen!

            Presidential debate my a**! There is only one “presidential” figure there and we all know who it is!

            I just can’t stand this moronic babble anymore…it’s so freakin’ ridiculous as to just paralyze the mind. I just unloaded…I have long time intelligent friends who just won’t remove their heads from their own arses long enough to get some oxygen to the brain and I just can’t understand why!

            I have worked with dedication and integrity all my life and I know what this country means to me. To see the rape and pillage of our nation by modern day Visigoths and not be able to do anything about it is injuring me spiritually and mentally to an inexpressible degree and has taken me to the point where I have days when I can barely find the will to keep living….and I’ve not had it easy…but THIS?

            It’s just unspeakably infuriating and heartbreaking.

          2. Thanks for the agreement, Angel, I’m still boiling over that obscenely absurd comment and even more about the lack of outrage against it. Maybe that’s why so many remain in the temporary comfort of total denial. I can understand that…I just can’t DO it.

          3. Brian,
            I don’t know if it’s brain-washed, blinders, ear plugs, or a combination of all three. Perhaps it’s the Blue Pill (I don’t mean Viagra). I think brian sargeant put it quite nicely in another post, the “whole thing is FUBAR!”

          4. hey brian liked your article hope were cool i was a little pissed off at what you said to me i know i said some things to you were all in the same horror movie so let bygons be bygons keep up with the articles there enlitening i know some of my writing needs work on im a little medicated on anti depresents to try and curve my depression so some of my shit maybe off the wall thanks again

    1. Was there a spacial offer going on? Couldn’t find it. Then again, most special offers don’t apply to NYC. 🙁 Too many tourists, I guess.
      Love the Bloomin Onion! 🙂

      1. Yeah, just enter your zip code at the link given above, and see if you can get one . They’re giving away 1 million dinners. They gave me one here in Reno, still waiting for the coupon, but the sent me an e-mail saying I qualified.

          1. Mark-Please tell me you, nor any of your loved ones, were at the Reno Air Show. Prayers out to the pilot, spectators, and their families.

          2. Angel,

            No, thank God I or any family were there. If I was I would have been in that area. This was the largest air race crash ever at an event like this. Still not sure how many dead yet. So far 3 dead ( includes pilot), 12 critical. Plane augered in at 450 kts in the middle of 75 people standing there and sitting in lawn chairs partying.

            This guy was friggin 74 years old! I don’t care how experienced, should never have been in the air; in that kind of a high performance airplane anyway. He must have passed out, all he had to do was pull the stick back. I don’t buy the malfunction BS. This plane was highly modified, the wings were like razor blades, zero room for error. Check these shots out, unbelievable.


          3. You’ll notice you can’t see the pilot by the way in the shots. This guy was slumped over, laying on the stick. You can see the elevator in the downward position. Proof he was laying on the stick. Also , plane appeared to be in full power, no way in hell would a plane be in full power this close to the ground, heading straight down with an experienced pilot at the controls.

          4. When we saw it last night, our first thought was that he had a heart attack and was dead long before he hit the ground. With that kind of crash, I don’t see how there could be anything left for them to autopsy. We’ll probably never really know for sure. Glad y’all are OK.

          5. Wow. You’re right.
            The pilots were doing what they loved to do. A better way to go than the horrible death of suffering a slow, painful illness or wasting away. At least no innocents were involved in this one. What happened in Reno is a tragedy.

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