0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Stands Tall at GOP Debate

  1. A very good point was brought up in that interview (one of many that is), about how they would have to explain to the families of those who lost loved ones in all these foreign wars and on 9/11. If more people knew the truth about the government and the International Corporate Mafia that runs it, we wouldn’t be waiting for the revolution to start, it would already be happening right now. If Ron Paul is not nominated and elected, the waiting will be over.

  2. I think you must mean if more people had a brain there would have been a revolution now.Well I am here to tell you they don’t have any brains because it is much easier for them to believe lies. If people had brains the revolution would have (and should have) started a long time ago. People I encounter everywhere are uneducated and ill informed. It would be easier to pass an elephant through the eye of a needle than educate and inform their dumb asses. Most don’t even vote!

    1. hey pat your comment is right on im one of the people that dont vote because the whole voting thing is a scam like the two bush elections ive been calling for the revolution now for three years now i dont get this country the goverment keeps f%#king with us and im amazed nothing has happened yet but when it does im going to be right in front of the line this country needs to stand together and fight back congress the banks and wallstreet have f@$ked this country and have gave americans like me no hope

    2. I agree with you as well, Pat. However, along with the uneducated and ill informed, I would add the lilly livered cowards. Unfortunately, I’ve run across many who talk the talk but aren’t willing to walk the walk. Unlike my brothers and sisters here in the trenches, there is no way on God’s green earth that I would trust them to stand up with me or watch my back. As if I already didn’t know, the Easter Project certainly slapped me in the face with that fact.

      1. Thanks for reminding me about the chickenshits. I’ve had many tell me they won’t do anything that might get them in “trouble”. They would rather be bent over sucking canal water than do anything……

        1. Pat, ” trouble ” is all those people are headed for, ’cause they didn’t have the guts to do something about it while they had a chance. Fuck ’em. They made their bed and they can die in it !

  3. Let’s remember the agenda of the N.W.O. Controlled economy through the Fed and their sister central banks.Systematic ownership of the supply of food and resources through commonly owned international corporations.Control of politicians and major media through payoffs made from stolen wealth.Weakening and dilution of military force through endless war overseas.One plan coming to fruition.Sorry,sociopaths,the word is getting out and the game is up.Workers make better fighters than bankers do.

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