3 thoughts on “1992 Barcelona Olympics Opening Ceremony

  1. Holy Shite!! Can it get more astounding that this?!! I’m no longer easily shocked, but this one shocked me. The killers are ever planning and have been planning for a very long time. They are so dark and ugly. Mankind is so strong and beautiful. We will win!!!!!!!


  2. Wow….that’s as creepy as the London Olympic ceremony and the taking of the orphaned children and the Illuminati triangles everywhere.

  3. Wow, I just wrote this before watching this clip. Sorta like a what you call a ESPN type of thing. Spooky.

    Some Sneeches belong in deeches

    The stars twinkled brightly over Sneechville that night
    Not a plain bellied Sneech could be seen in plain sight
    The star bellied Sneeches had sent them away
    To labor in the gulags all night and all day
    The plain bellied Sneeches just wouldn’t comply
    And take their vaccine, so the Sneeches don’t die
    And in just one day the King Sneech had declared
    Not one plain bellied Sneech would even be spared
    So the Star bellied Sneeches all cheered on with glee
    As they rounded them up, some attempted to flee
    But the Star bellied Sneeches tracked the plain bellied down
    Put them straight on the Sneech train and sent them from town
    They lived happily never after, until they all died
    The ones with no stars were the ones who survived
    They came out from the Gulags and collected the dead
    They buried them deep and they severed the heads
    Some were still moving but they had all died
    And many had tentacles that came from inside
    They built a huge fire and these Sneech they burned
    The ones with the stars who just couldn’t turn
    They’d taken the potion and opened the door
    They walked through the door and were Sneeches no more
    Then the stars again twinkled over Sneechville that night
    Not a star bellied Sneech could be seen in plain sight
    And the streets around Sneechville resounded with glee
    And the plain bellied Sneeches were finally free!

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