Protester attacks statue at BBC headquarters by sculptor who sexually abused his own daughters

The Telegraph – by Craig Simpson, India McTaggart

A protester wielding a hammer scaled Broadcasting House to deface a statue sculpted by the rapist Eric Gill, following a lengthy campaign calling for the BBC to remove it.

The sculpture, titled Ariel and Prospero, was unveiled in 1933 after being commissioned by the BBC from Gill, an artist who was later found to have sexually abused his daughters, sister and family dog. Sexual abuse charities have long called for the statue’s removal. 

A protester who chipped away at the statue, above the entrance to the BBC’s London headquarters, was heard telling Metropolitan Police negotiators that the sculpture should have been removed “decades ago”. He was then arrested after a stand-off which lasted more than four hours.

A cherry-picker was used to remove the man from the building’s facade shortly before 9pm. Earlier, he daubed the base of the 10ft statue with the words: “Noose all peados” (sic) and hacked away at the sculpture of the young boy representing The Tempest character Ariel.

Read the rest and see the pics here: The Telegraph

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