2020 Candidate Rolls Out Plan to Pay $500 Billion in Slavery Reparations

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Marianne Williamson, 2020 Democratic hopeful and self-help author, rolled out her plan to spend up to $500 billion in reparations to descendants of slavery.

Williamson argues, as many policy experts do, that reparations could actually cost trillions of dollars by offering financial backing to those who have never actually experienced slavery themselves. 

By comparison, her plan is a real penny-pincher.

“I have proposed $200 to $500 billion to be disbursed over a period of 20 years,” she announced, failing to offer a glimpse as to what magical money tree she’ll grow in order to get that money.

Williamson added that the money would be distributed based on the suggestions of a panel “made up of 30 to 50 people who themselves are descendants of American slaves.”

40 Acres and a Mule

Speaking of asses, Williamson has suggested that a major portion of her plan to pay $500 billion in reparations would be to repeal the Republican middle-class tax cuts.

During an interview with CNN, the new-age author explained, “You repeal the 2017 tax cut, you put back in the middle-class tax cut,” prior to listing a litany of other pipe dreams.

She went on to suggest the amount was necessary because “anything less than $100 billion dollars is an insult” to black Americans.

In the second 2020 presidential Democratic debate, Williamson explained that reparations were a debt owed to descendants of slavery because, even though slavery was abolished, America continued acting like ‘domestic terrorists’ towards them for years to come.

“We need to recognize, when it comes to the economic gap between blacks and whites in America, it does come from a great injustice that has never been dealt with,” she alleged.

“That great injustice has had to do with the fact that there was 250 years of slavery followed by another hundred years of domestic terrorism.”

Apology Tour

Williamson’s loathing of white people is startling from a woman who insists she’s not a “wacky new-age nutcase.”

“People are so invested in creating this false narrative about me as the ‘crystal lady,’ ‘wacky new-age nutcase.’ If you really think about it, I must be doing something right that they’re so scared,” she claimed.

Or, maybe it’s because you’re actually a wacky new-age nutcase. There’s that too.

Williamson previously made white people in attendance at one of her tour stops join her in a ‘prayer of apology’ to those black members in attendance.

Prayer apparently isn’t enough. It requires cold hard cash to atone for the sins of a nation that nobody alive today ever experienced.

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3 thoughts on “2020 Candidate Rolls Out Plan to Pay $500 Billion in Slavery Reparations

  1. This bitch is seriously tripping on acid. Why doesn’t talk about the trillions stolen from American Nationals?!?

  2. “It’s… payment of a debt that is owed. That is what reparations is.”

    YER MAMA., B#TCH!!!


  3. Better yet, go ask Israel for the money! They actually do have that much money and they would be the most appropriate ones to ask. Most of us are gentiles, not Khazarian. Therefore, why come to us? WE had nothing to do with slavery, nor did our ancestors. Hey, come to think of it, all of the descendants know nothing first hand of slavery. Aren’t”reparations supposed to be given to a direct victim who experienced , else why for the reparations? Answer: so said victim(s) can be compensated directly for their own suffering, not that of the children’s children. It’s meant to be a token acknowledgement of wrongdoing, not that it will mean much nor be an equal compensation. But this? To give “reparations” to the alleged great grandchildren , who by the way, would shame their ancestor because, look here ni&&a, youse’all don’t know NUFFIN ‘b’bout slavery! But you want to be compensated for that which you didn not suffer?? And you demand it from the wrong people! Pathetic

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