250 Million Innocent Civilians Exterminated by Their Own Government in the Past 100 years!

Go 213 mph

NEVER, EVER, EVER, GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! Throughout recorded history Gun Control Legislation has ALWAYS led to eventual Gun Confiscation which has ALWAYS been followed by the MASS MURDER of innocent men, women, and children at the hands of their very own Governments! (This does NOT include soldiers who died in battle.  These deaths were Extermination / Genocide)

You may think this could never happen in your lifetime, and maybe you’re right.  But, it’s our children and grandchildren who are growing up in a totalitarian police state and because most of you remain SILENT, our kids think this is completely normal!

Our LAST remaining right (9 of the 10 are already GONE), is coming under attack!  Are you willing to give up our VERY LAST Constitutional protection?  If so, it’s the beginning of the end for our posterity.  Without exception, history records prove that once tyrants have taken over a government, they wait for most of the “old timers” to die and then begin to slaughter an entire generation!

The time to wake up, look around, and say “hum, our Government doesn’t seem to have the best interests of future generations in mind” isn’t when you are so old you can’t resist.

If OUR Generation keeps ignoring the flashing red lights and we go to our graves without so much as a whimper, our kids will NEVER forgive our incredible negligence.  Watch the movie below and THINK for just a few minutes about the reality of our situation.  And turn off the TV!


17 thoughts on “250 Million Innocent Civilians Exterminated by Their Own Government in the Past 100 years!

    1. Did you miss the riots as well? If you’re still counting on the government to protect you that should have been a big wake up call.

    2. The U.K., Australia, and the U.S.A. are being dealt with simultaneously on this matter, because they can’t really begin a slaughter in any one of those countries without alerting the other two, which would result in more resistance than they can ever hope to handle.

      If Americans lose their guns, then you can expect the extermination of useless eaters to begin shortly thereafter in all three countries.

  1. Give it time. You cant even defend yourself with a damn fork in the UK. They’ll lock you up for defending yourself then they’ll put the perpetrator right back on the street. i.e. Tony Martin, The farmer who spent a longer time in prison, for defending himself, while the 1 of the 2 surviving burglars was able to get back on the streets. It’s going to be interesting when the poverty spreads from the impending austerity and the crime rates beging to explode. I bet the idea of having a gun to defend yourself wont sound too bad then. The clock is ticking.

  2. Neither Australia nor Britain nor most of Europe pose any real threat to the ascendency of the NWO and world government. The USA does pose a threat, with 300 million weapons and a population with a long history of cantankerousness.

    Also keep in mind, the genocide is happening via vaccination, prescription drugging, polluted food supply (gmo corn, tumor causing and likely containing a contraceptive), chemtrails, radioactive poisoning of the environment, and brainwashing and dumbing down the population until they are below survival leveland have no clue how to feed, clothe, shelter or take care of themselves.

    I doubt that Homeland Insecurity ordered hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets for target practice.

  3. Homeland Security was so kind to buy the bullets for us knowing that we peasants couldn’t afford them. Barry you shouldn’t have…

    BTW M_astera HS bought 1.6 billion rounds of 9mm hollow points plus millions of rounds of .223, .556, and .308. I would say the government is getting a bit jumpy these days.

    1. Haha! For some reason I was thinking you said “HS” as in “Henry Shivley”, but I then I realized you meant “Homeland Security”. Man I need to cut back on the New Years drinking. LOL

    2. “It Takes A Worried Man to Sing A Worried Song.”

      We think we know how dirty the government is — the government KNOWS how dirty it is!



  4. Now let me get this straight! Over the last 100 years secular governments have murdered 250,000,000 of their own people?! Holy Crematories Batman where are they going to get all of that natural gas?!

    It took 2000 years for religious institutions to allegedly murder 250,000,000 people! Secular governments are 20 times more lethal then religious institutions???!

    Way to go Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Krushchev, and the boys! You are the winners hands down.

    You religious dudes are too soft. Here’s your chance to shine.

    The murder games have kicked off in the 21st century and the secular guys are bragging that they are going to break their old record by murdering an astounding 4,000,000,000 souls in first 25 years of the 21st century! Holy guillotines, gas chambers and firing squads Robin we’ve been had!

    Come on churches get with it you’re getting creamed. My guess is that the NWO boys have their sights on you church boys since they know they will quickly run out of easy targets…

  5. So let me ask you something. Do you think time has stopped and you can simply declare yourself and your country a success? Or do you feel like you’re being told the new definition of freedom? Is freedom the ability to drop down in the fetal position and cry like a baby because your wife is being raped and your children have been murdered in front of your face and you have to wait for some pig stuffing his face with a doughnut to show up and trace a chalk line around your body? Is freedom being able to speak your mind only if you’re in the special gated area or if you only use words that they allow you to use? So yes, you can say there are less gun deaths in your countrybut there is also less freedom in your country and like us you’re losing more everyday. But at least we have the freedom to protect our families and take a stand to take our country back without being slaughtered like sheep. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then as Chris so plainly said it, “Move along citizen, there is nothing to see here.”. p.s. If you think we’re the enemy, y’aint seen nothin yet.

  6. In the Interest of fact Checkers & Mental Hygeine…

    is the word “government” defined –

    A Global “Jewish” Crime Syndicate ?


    when should the braindeadgoy stop “Jew” worshipping ?


    actually 300 million is a conservative estimate



    where do STOOOPID “Jew” Worshipping idiots go to collect the reward for being Stupid ?

    and are maliciously stupid braindeadgoy “Jew” worshippers really “Innocent”…?


    It’s a real cliff hanger…



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