3-22-13 False flag?

I don’t even know how to address this. Something very funky is going on and it had been predicted in part by a number of “prophets of doom.”

I find it difficult to believe most of them. But for some reason I can’t quite pin down when I begin connecting dots of verified info in these videos I find that the suggestion of a false flag is very strong. And that TPTB are desperate now. They see the writing on the wall, THE GIG IS UP!   

What do you guy’s think?

From Jan. 26

As of right now (10:22 central time) WW3 has not started as this next video suggested

What was supposed to occur on March 23, 2013? Read Obamacare page 1001, micro chipping.

3 thoughts on “3-22-13 False flag?

  1. I ask what was all the digging and construction on the white house grounds near the house two years ago?

  2. I don’t put much faith in dates, however i don’t discount them eather.Most predictions never come true leaving you to not believe in predictions alltogether.I always keep them in the back of my mind though because some day one of them will come true and at least i can be somewhat prepared for what might happen.As a matter of fact i keep all of them except the most ridiculous in the back of my mind because of the times we live in today.In saying that even the most ridiculous could could be possable today.

  3. I will admit that I was somewhat waiting for something to happen yesterday. There were just too many connecting dots on 3/22/13. Perhaps we made them realize that there were many people watching, and TPTB called-off the event. Perhaps they wanted us to perpetuate the probability that something would happen… and then laughed at us when it didn’t.

    When people continue to cry “wolf” and no wolf appears, the sheeple village will stop heeding the alarms of potentiality, and ignore prospective crying voices. This way when the wolf finally arrives, it will catch many victims off-guard; including the false prophets.

    This certainly doesn’t mean that nothing will eventually happen… it just means that it didn’t happen yesterday.

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