3 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 8-1-23

  1. I came across a youtube channel today, where they talked about individual rights pertaining to the new Oliver Anthony song. As I explored what they had to say, I noticed that they have written a new US constitution! Woah! Okay? Maybe, maybe not okay. By the 5:40 mark of this video, which I dare not share here, I was saying to myself, Oh my God! Henry and the Trenchers would be shitting bricks if they saw this nonsense! I know these people seem to mean well, but as Henry so eloquently says so often, “Christ Almighty! and something like, Where the f–k is the BILL OF RIGHTS?! That Bill of Rights is the foundational document that guarantees your rights as long as you enforce it. It’s all there. 10 easy articles! Where the f–k is it?!” This is just me working up a comment for that channel. I want to be sure I nail them hard with it.

    1. by the 8:10 mark, they have already talked about attorneys, judges, etc., and as I am reading how the US Legislative Branch… (WHAT??! You don’t need that when you already HAVE the LAW!) is comprised of a minimum of 200 members, and now, my reaction is, “this is RIDICULOUS!” What they’re doing is setting up a government structure that appears to me, to be based on the one they say their constitution fixed! Still, where is the LAW? Where is the Bill of Rights in this? Where is the Common Law structure established within the mid section of that unalienable, unchangeable, fully ratified document of Dec. 15, 1791? The comments are turned off there, so I can’t call BULLSHIT!

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