5 thoughts on “Imagine no more. This is my life now.

  1. X has always been the symbol of crossing something out, eliminating, erasing. Is this to tell us we (humans) are being cancelled?

    Or maybe it’s here like the X used in movie-ratings, letting us know we are now being pushed more forcibly into an age of perversion.

    One takes eXception to such encroachment, one being unwilling to be either erased or perverted.

    Xpect a fight.


      1. Thanks DL, and I just thought of X-mas: Erasing love.

        And Christmas is also family and friends, arch enemies of communism.


  2. I have a very easy solution, and if your really good at holding still , it wont take that much work

    I would do it for you , but my skills come at a very high price , that I don’t think they could afford..so man up and do it yourself

    1. The precision of what you write brings to mind the title of a film from almost 60 yrs ago:




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