2 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 5-13-24

  1. Totally excellent explanation of JURISDICTION regarding courts with or without houses! Of course! How did I miss the obvious fact that when the Bill of Rights was made into LAW on December 15, 1791, it was about the LAW, and not necessarily about the house! Court can be held anywhere the 12 jury members, the witnesses, the judge and the individual with the claim may choose to gather after the Sherrif picks up the 12 jurors and directs them to the place where everyone would be scheduled to meet in order to arrive at a true bill, by which the proceedings outlined in the Bill of Rights would be carried out. It’s all about solving grievances in the jurisdiction of the individual.

  2. Henry, what you mentioned about the sheriff going out to form the jury and just getting “the first 12 people he runs across,” was like a light-bulb going off in my head. I mean we’d be hard-pressed to get more impartial than that.




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