417,000 New Jobless Claims – Can Ron Paul Lead Us Back from the Brink of Disaster in Time?

417,000 new jobless claims and by early afternoon the issue was already shuffled to the bottom of the deck by the mainstream propagandists yesterday.  Hurricane Irene should give them cover for another week in which 400,000+ more jobs will be eliminated.  And of course they will be continuing to steal our resources hand over fist for another week.  Who would have ever thought that things could get this bad?

Ron Paul continues to be pushed out of the limelight though the American people of the American race are flocking to the cause of the Constitution in hordes.  I seen there is a new GOP Gallup Poll out that has Rick Perry soundly in the lead, with 29% of those polled favoring him.

Well let’s see.  The Gallup Poll has the potential to manipulate commerce and wealth, so do you think it might be corrupted, like everything else in this country?  Do you think the billionaires that want Rick Perry to secure their position for another four years cannot afford to buy and sell Gallup?  I don’t know what I am saying; nobody believes a word of their shit anymore.

Everywhere I go people are walking around half in a daze with a look of disgust on their faces that turns even more sour when anyone brings up the state of our current situation.  I too am disgusted.  It is becoming an effort to monitor the propaganda in order that I can counter it to the best of my ability.  I think everyone is about ready to tune the propaganda out and turn to the task of a bloody war, as we are simply running out of hope.

I’m sure we will soldier on and back Ron Paul for president as it is the only logical thing to do.  But at some point it is all going to break down.

Another two months and we will be into another winter that promises to make the last one seem like a cake walk.  And all those who are supposed to be representing us can do is…..hell I can’t even say it anymore……you know what they are doing.  They are not only making no efforts to stop the bleeding, but are in fact trying to suck out our last breath of life.

Keep it solid and forefront in your mind that what we are experiencing is literally the ticks of our lives passing us by.  They are not just killing us, they are killing us slowly and in a most unmerciful way, as they live their own lives in gluttonous luxury with their only care being that they might not be able to take the last little bit we have to add to their mountains of wealth.

I guess it is coming down to a choice, a slow miserable death without hope or risking a quick death that might result in our Republic back with our Constitution and prosperity.  People this is not living.  If you can think back just three or four years ago, nothing seemed impossible.  Now the most minute things, like a job, are completely out of reach.

If we want our country back we are going to have to take it back and we are going to have to do so as a united force.  Close your minds to all other thoughts, as this reality is all that is left that is truly real.  We are down to fighting for our last right and that is our right to simply live, and like the last of our wealth, our enemies want to take this final right too.  Remember, a coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave die but once.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Ron Paul has great monetary and foreign policy but I dont believe he talks much about Job Creation. While auditing the Fed and Bringing troops home will drastically cut the deficit, will those changes help or hurt the Millions of people still needing to work?

    Just my thoughts, still like Ron Paul just not drooling over him as we all know ideas during campaign does not mean those ideas will come to fruition when politics are involved and you will always have a split congress.

  2. Well said Henry! I really don’t know a single person that denies that the country is in a mess and getting worse with each passing day. I am convinced that if Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination or is not elected President, we will see a revolution! The powers that be are terrified because they see that they simply cannot blind the masses anymore, their illusions, smokescreens, mirrors and lies no longer hide the poverty, famine, and destitution of the people in this country. In the end we will either have our Republic back or there will be millions of us dead because you can only take away so much from people. When you have nothing left to lose, it’s better to die fighting than slowly waste away and perish.

  3. David,
    Ron Paul has addressed the jobs issue’s quite often. He has said that in order to bring jobs back to this country would would have to make it appealing for a company to want to be here. We would have to make the Feds change many of their regulations. Which is true!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to make company’s want to build and do business here. If you regulate them so much that it’s a pain in the ass and costs them tons of extra money to do business here why would they? I’ve traveled all over the world auditing manufacturing plants and it’s easy to see why the jobs are not here! Our Government places a lot of useless regulations on company’s so they can fine the hell out of them and also create more government jobs in the process. Did you know that they dictate as to what kind of light bulb can be used? That’s how stupid some of these regulations are. Do you know why. Because that light bulb company put up the most money for somebodys campaign!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s how stupid this whole thing has become………………. Personally…….. I’m sick of it!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes indeed! Sick of it AND from it. Enough to literally drive a man to despair. I think this is why most are just dumbfounded and dumbstruck…just as planned. I was in Home Depot the other day and they were giving away these damned squiggly bulbs in return for a survey. I declined. The damn things cost a fortune and are useless in most light fixtures. So now we have to throw away lamps and fixtures? Imagine what these stupid things look like in an over mirror light bar! I think I’m going to puke now.

      1. They are also very dangerous! If you drop and break one, the room will be filled with Mercury! Granted, they use a lot less electric than incandescent bulbs, but here’s something most people do not know. If you turn off lights before 15 minutes is up, the bulb loses some of it’s life hours, and that happens each time they are turned on and off without 15 minutes passing. LED bulbs are indeed the future but I certainly would not spend $30+ on a single light bulb. It never ceases to amaze me how we have so much technology that everyone could live at ease and yet there are those obsessed with accumulating wealth and having power over others.

        Captain Picard puts it nicely here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui6g23ygov8

    2. lock-n-load,
      When the corporate rich talk about deregulation, they use the environmental absurdities to press their point. But what they really want is deregulation in the form of laws like Glass-Stegal.
      I recently read a book called “The Superclass” written by one of these rich bastards. They are here in the United States because they write the regulations in the United States. If you see a regulation hurting one company you can bet it was championed by a competitor, if not in the United States then somewhere else in the world.
      This is all a big game of Monopoly and we the people of the United States are not even considered in the equation. What we need to do is throw all of these corporate sons of bitches out of our country, take control of our resources, and let new entrepreneurs start manufacturing them here. Right now these big corporations are shipping our raw resources to India, China, and South Korea to be manufactured by the slave populations there and getting tax incentives for doing so.
      Right here where I live in the northwest, timber exports to China are up 30% and the exports are raw logs. Because these raw logs are being manufactured in China, our own mills are suffering because they are having to pay more for the raw logs as they are competing with China for our raw resources. As the mills here have to pay a living wage, they cannot compete. This is bullshit. Not one of our raw logs should be going to China, nor one board. If they want our timber, they can buy a table from us.
      This is how we are being sold out and deregulating and giving further tax breaks to the sons of bitches that are screwing us is not the answer.

  4. The reasonable may not need die at all.They may also save you from your own rhetoric.Ron Paul consistently warns us we need to inform orselves.I take this to mean we should use this information to act wisely.I feel our most urgent need is to get our military within our sovereign borders under the wisdom and protection of the constitution of the UNITED States of America,and under the authority of a constitutional congress.Then we will be in a far stronger position to audit the fed force the worms out of the rotten wood and truly open a lot of blinded eyes.Every morning I email my state senators and state representative and basically tell them the above .I being nobody’s fool,realize this only helps my own opinion of myself.We need to organize an emailbom to our representatives .Moneybombs have proven very effective for our candidate.Those who chose to participate would have to email every day,insuring that the number could never drop but only increase.This could help to bring this critical subject national attention and greatly expose the ignorant to Mr. Paul’s platform of reason.He is the only one saying he will end the wars.My emails always end with this reminder.History will judge you by the actions you undertake in our beloved nation’s time of dire need.We know our congress is comprised of a bunch of boot licking cowards.They will concede to the will of a sufficient number of consistent and growing notifications.Why don’t we first do our best in every state and congressional district to control whose boots they’re licking?I’ll bet for starters there’s a congressman from Texas’ fourteenth district who will heed our petitions.Let’s not let our rhetoric play into the hands of our enemies who desire violence as an excuse to steal even more of our freedom,making our struggle more difficult.Let,s instead fill the fema camps with their designers.

    1. carl Hammel,
      This is not rhetoric. By God we’ve had all of this shit we are going to take. If you think this cannot go to war, you’d better check your history and see what happened the last time our petitions for redress were ignored. You can only cite the wrongs being committed against you so many times before you have to do something about the problem.
      It is like the bully on the playground. You can explain to him in the clearest English that taking your lunch money is not only immoral, but a crime. If the bully refuses to listen, then you have to punch him in his fucking nose to bring him to the understanding that what he is doing is not only immoral and criminal, but is also something you are not going to take anymore. Then you can get back to eating your lunch and enjoying your day free of the bully.

      1. Henry,
        I had experience on the playground as you describe. My parents (both brainwashed teachers who didn’t know any better) filled me full of that “it takes a bigger man to walk away etc” crap until finally I got sick of trying to reason with these cretins and started beating the crap out them.Well,of course that did prove to be the correct language to use on them and that put an end to me having deal with that moronic idiocy.

        No reasonable approach based on logic is ever going to change their behavior. Rhetoric indeed! Keep it up!

  5. Henry,you should go back to history and realize that Rome couldn’t have possibly been sacked had their legions been at home rather than attempting to sustain empire in foreign lands.I’m not your enemy.If your tired of taking shit quit listening to it.Don’t attempt to set the agenda of your own destruction.

    1. carl Hammel,
      I know the history of Rome and I’ve just about had enough of you talking down to me. Stop sowing your seeds of complicity. We on this site have sent our emails and are finished doing so. You may be afraid of the minions of the international corporate mafia, I am not and I will not be reduced to begging for scraps from my own table.
      “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”—Samuel Adams

  6. Henry,
    I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will lick the hand that feeds me………. because it’s my hand! I’m a 99’er just like must of the folks on this site are. I refuse to except “Government Assistence” even though I qualify for it. I excepted unemployment that I paid into for 30+yrs.
    I hunt for meat, I fish, I grow my on veggies, I make my own wine and beer………… got a still to if I want something a little harder. Ammunition……….. we do that to. It’s a lot of work. But I WILL NOT ever become dependant on the Government. If they try and take what we have left…it won’t be pretty. Can I hear an Amen for “Ruby Ridge”?
    As far as the timber you speak of going over seas…..you’re so right. We have had a saw mill across the river from our home for 30 yrs. They shut down last week. I heated my house with their waste products. This might be a long cold winter!

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