5 thoughts on “5.56x45mm NATO M855 slow motion ballistic gelatin

  1. M855 isn’t the most lethal round, but its steel penetrator makes it the ONLY commonly available military round that will penetrate newer helmets (like the ECH), ballistic shields, and other lightweight armor made from UHMWPE (ballistic polyethylene). Lead core rounds will almost never penetrate this stuff.

    Very fast varmint bullets like .22-250, or (like #1 points out) light 5.56 bullets from a 20″ AR barrel, are better than M855 at punching through steel armor. Speed rules against steel. But that generally requires very close range, and you lose the M855’s effectiveness against those polyethylene helmets and ballistic shields.

    Penetrating helmets and shields is crucial IMO, so I’ll keep M855 in most of my mags. When armor penetration isn’t a priority, the Barnes TSX rounds are especially deadly in 5.56.

    If you want even better all-around armor penetration than M855, you need .30-06 M2 AP or .308 M61 AP. Or make your own AP rifle or shotgun ammo if you have the means.

  2. yea, im not too impressed with the squirrel bullets in ballistics gel. it is a varmint bullet. how it got adopted to be the standard issue spit wad is beyond me..

    this is what ill be using if i have to.. https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13631483_1075816679172980_6274048914387340223_n.jpg?oh=f9f2a7ebd19aa837d1457dfb533a2674&oe=587A334D

    the original Mauser bolt action. the rifle that the 03-A3 and all the other US military bolt action rifles are based on.. accept no copies or imitations..

    this is a M48 i re-barreled to 7.62x51mm and turned into a awesome piece of hardware… i call her Vera..

    got a leatherwood 4-16x44mm milldot scope. 1 piece B-Square rail. custom trigger setup with 3lb pull. 3 stage muzzle break with top porting i made out of a piece of 4140 that gives it the kick of a 9mm carbine (no BS). the barrel is a Kongsberg 27inch hammer forged target barrel used in the Norwegian M59 and M67 target/sniper rifles. free floated barrel full length. extra tight chamber. custom fitted cheek piece that is fitted to my head and facial structure. still got the good ol steel wrap around but plate which is a must.

    this is a group i did with it after i got it put together just to see how she shot.. https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13938381_1086604514760863_5925651650249007596_n.jpg?oh=8dccff287040e861a03e6a73747e39d5&oe=58385EE9

    1. THAT is a beautiful grouping, Mauser 98K!! Hot damn.

      Light blue helmets and those that wear our flag in desecration beware.

      The only way we’ll take it laying down is prone.

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