$68 Billion to IMF for Foreign Bank Bailout – As for the 99%, Let Them Eat Cake

It has been 307 days since the 112th Congress convened.  Not only has not one job been created, but we have seen net job losses that can only be considered staggering.  Many want to portray the 112th Congress as dysfunctional, but I think this should be qualified.  When working on the issues of the 99%, the Congress is definitely completely dysfunctional.  However when taking up the legislation of the 1%, the one party system works like a well oiled machine.

Legislation for unemployment extensions cannot even make it out of the Ways and Means Committee.  However legislation for a new trade agreement to send more of our jobs and industry to Panama, Columbia, and South Korea is shot through Congress and made law within the space of two days.

A Tier 5 Unemployment Extension, which could literally mean life or death this winter for many US citizens, would cost $60 billion – an astronomical amount, completely out of the question, it would bankrupt the country, we dare not even consider it.

However Obama just went to France where he agreed that 68 billion US taxpayer dollars would go to the IMF to be used to help bailout the foreign bankers in Europe as it is a necessity as these banks cannot be allowed to fail.  And I’m sure this legislation will find no opposition in the Congress.

You see it works like this.  If you take tax money and give it to an unemployed American, it is socialism and an unjust transfer of wealth.  However if you take that very same money and give it to a foreigner who owns a bank in Greece or Italy, that is free market capitalism and in no way represents a transfer of wealth.

The neo-cons say they have signed a pledge to not raise taxes and that they intend to stand by that pledge.  Representative Michael Grimm (R-NY), speaking on FOX News Live Saturday was confronted with the question, “If a flat tax is initiated that would cause a tax burden to be put on those who are not being taxed because they make too liitle, would you support it?” Grimm said that 51%, meaning those living under the poverty level, pay no tax and that as those people should have been paying taxes all along, he definitely supports slapping a tax on the working poor.  He said he would vote yes on a flat tax.

This dirty filthy little bought-and-paid-for scum bag is advocating for putting taxes on those living under the poverty level to lower taxes for the top 1% and this is the reality of the situation.  And of course this shift in tax burden in no way represents a redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich in any way.  This is a representation of unmitigated gall.  This is a Wall Street elitist, spitting champaign off of a balcony on Wall Street into the faces of the 99%.

I tell you people out there, shut down the ports and let’s force this issue.

The twelve person communist committee is getting ready to enact austerity measures on the 99% in order to give the big banks another $4 trillion, which will come from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps, while at the same time they will pass the eleven bills to expand the foreign worker visa programs, intensifying the attack on our middle class high tech jobs.  These neo-cons and social communists represent an insurgency.  And mark my words; there is nothing they are not capable of in furthering their goals.

Winter is upon us, millions are hungry and cold in our streets and the one party system is working diligently to complete our destruction, even preparing to invade Iran if that is what is necessary to silence the voices of dissent coming from the masses.

We must elect Ron Paul as our next president.  But unless we start fighting to stop this blatant assault on the American people of the American race, it is going to be too late by 2012 for many of us.

Occupy the ports.  Occupy the ports.  Occupy the ports.  Stop the flow of our natural resources.  If it is to be a fight, then let’s do it now, as the sooner we begin, the sooner our suffering will stop, and the sooner the misery makers will be made to answer for the crimes they have committed against we the people, our Constitution, and our Republic.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Bush Senior is still calling the shots. Obama is just a puppet. It’s rumored that Bush Sr. is entering the dark reality of big time dementia, hence the reason why you never see him on television. Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy are sweating bullets as the old guard is falling apart at the seams. Obama, Geithner, Bush Jr. and the Clintons have all stolen so much money, it would make your head twist off. Let’s not forget that the New World Order can only achieve it’s goals if the global financial markets go into a complete collapse.

    Will this current $68 billion actually reach it’s intended destinations? I doubt it. It will be buried with the other stolen $30 trillion that Bush Sr. and his minions have stashed tax free in off shore accounts. You can bet that the Bushes bags have been packed for a while now, ready to fly off to their Paraguay paradise fortress. Problem is, they have many enemies. The above mentioned have all secret accounts holding their bribe money in the $billions stashed. The rest lays in the hands of people who are considered trillionaires, sounds crazy, but true. Bush Senior was the mafia cappo. Will these mafia cons be able to spend their loot? Only if this New World Order conman “3 card monte” circus act can be pulled off. George Soros is licking his chops, as he was another one of the main global facilitators, probably one of the most dangerous humans on the planet.

    America has been railroaded big time by the largest global con game in the history of the universe. $15 trillion in US national debt? Laughable! Not in a billion years would that ever be able to be paid off. Game on people! The only way out is to forgive the $15 trillion and return the stolen $30 trillion to the Americans. Can this be achieved without war? Each country must return to their own currencies and eliminate all global central banks.

    The rats are running from the rising flood of reality, their little con game has been busted. Only time will tell when justice will be served.

  2. I really do not understand why the United States of America cannot take care of its own citizens before worrying about the citizens of other countries. I am sorry, but I do not buy into this whole “global economy” mindset. We do not live in the Star Trek universe where all people on Earth are as one, so unless anyone likes the idea of the New World Order or any kind of totalitarian one-world government, I don’t see why things like CAFTA, NAFTA, GATT and now these other new free trade agreements are proclaimed as anything good.

    1. It is either the product of diagnosable insanity or a consciously engineered destruction of the free world the goal being world domination…in my opinion it is obviously both. The events taking place absolutely dumbfound me and no amount of analysis can produce any other explanation….at least not in my simple little brain.

      Preposterous as it is. No wonder so many refuse to even look at it.

      Anybody got anything else?

  3. The continuing saga of the extraction which will be touted as to save the EU is to save the USA and further to save the global economy from ruin. Rubbish. It’s all about funding the losses that the banksters have encured from risky business going bad and the serfs are picking up the tab. China’s elite must be loving this one. Whatever the outcome in the EU (and at this point it’s not looking pretty) China wins without getting in…for the time being that is. Afterall, they do rank as #1 in bargining power and stand to gain the most out of this whole debacle. Euro assets, political alignments, trade…so on. Gee, what a surprise. Extraction is the game, and it has little if anything to do with providing stability or lifelines for the citizens of the USA. There is no profit in it. In their eyes, we have become a nuisance and our demands are unreasonable. Time to buck up and suck it in they tell us….when all the while the elitists are stealing right in front of our noses and giving us the finger as they pass by leaving us to scurry over the crumbs they leave behind.
    We must realize that there is a full blown attempt being initiated to divide and conquer the people’s will, and we must resist this at all costs and see it for what it is if we are to prevail.

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