9/11 Deception – The Gift

Published on Dec 25, 2016 by James Easton

Covering several sore thumbs in the 911 conspiracy, including upclose video of tower two being exploded (visible flashes) a compound segment of dozens explaining the explosions they experienced, a segment on how the firemen of today keep a dark secret. Introduction includes a long segment of Willie Rodriguez the Janitor in tower 1 – his whole story. A part of the movie PsyOpera The Key demonstration of compositing (How the created the plane illusion using simple tools in video editing software). Joe Biden screaming to the world about a NEW WORLD ORDER and some dismal images of the product of US wars of aggression comparing the USA’s Obama and Bush to GERMANY’s Hitler. Extensive dialogue on several important issues regarding the media, and how the elites divide us. Created by James Easton WAKEUP PRODUCTIONS, December 25th 2016

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