99ers and HR 589 Supporters – 424,000 Jobs Lost -Treason from the False Left, Treason from the False Right

New jobless claims came in at 424,000.  This fact was barely reported in the mainstream media.  When they have 240,000 new jobs created over a month to report, it is in your face all day long.  This is why even the most gullible among us now sees the propaganda machine for exactly what it is.

Obama has even become so desperate as to employ agents on the public payroll, working out of the white house, assigned to attack his political enemies on blogs and twitter pages throughout the internet.  I think it works something like this.  If you tell the truth about Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the south side of Chicago back alley treasonous pimp, you are targeted.  One commentator on FOX News described the tactics as “Chicago Style” which is completely appropriate as this is the mafia.

Meanwhile on the false right, they seemed determined to continue their attack on Medicare.  Let’s make it clear.  We have a national bankruptcy riding up our ass as a result of the theft of our $28 trillion.  Those in the one party system are not going to go after their own.  Instead they say we have to do something about Social Security and Medicare now.  The fact is Medicare is not in danger of bankruptcy for another nine years.  And Social Security will be solvent until 2035.

See what you have here is a pack of thieves who have stolen so much that they are running out of things to steal, so they look around and say, “What’s left?”  And there it is, Social Security, black ink; Medicare, black ink.  These programs are not on the verge of bankruptcy.  They are completely solvent.  The international corporate elite want to take control of those monies so they can soak it into their stock market and funnel it overseas, where it will become theirs, tax free.

Oh yeah, and there is another bennie.  If they destroy Social Security there is another bundle of wealth going into their pockets as they will no longer have to pay into our retirements as a compensation for their taking our natural resources to make profit.

They will continue to ship our wealth out of this country and drive down wages and our standard of living in doing so.  That is, unless we stop them.  Right now these disgusting parasites are even trying to divide the elderly against one another, in trying to get all those over 55 to support them, saying “We’re not going to screw you if you help us screw those behind you.”

It’s not working.  This is the most united I have seen our people in my lifetime.  Everyone among the unemployed and poor knows what has been done to them.  And those in the middle class know they are next.  We are going to elect Ron Paul as our president and afterwards we are going to punish these treasonous bastards in such a way that it will be a long time before they try something like this again.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I agree with Mr. Schivley and some of his phrases I have used., like “Take back the country” The was to do this is to encourage masses of people to vote in every election especially the Congressional an d Senatorial, and of clojurse Presidential. More people need to vote and vote DEMOCRATE, These Republicans will eleminate the middle class we’ll have the RICH and the POOR if they gain power in 2012. SWhy is the Democratic Senate putting forth a bill for the unemployed?? And can’t the President issue an executive order to over-ride Congress? If they continue to ignore this major problem, and take away the purchasing power of millions, this economy will get much worse. They say they don’t have the moneyto pay for HR589; what about the billions they gave the rich in tax cuts???This country can no longer afford bi-partisian in-fighting, We have to let them knlow if they want our votes, we will remember those, who let us starve and those.who help us. How can we ALL come together and make ojur voice heard? Individual letters don’t mean anything. Let’s find a way to band together as one group and let them know, they work for us, “we the people”. Don’t ignore us and throw our bill out the window. We need to appeal to the Senate and to the President directly in a big way. How can we do this??Let’s take our country back from the Republicans , who created this mess in the first place .

    1. Terrie, we don’t stand a fucking chance until the mush minds among us pull their heads out of their asses, take the red pill, and break free of the false left-right paradigm. The phony Democans you seem to be endorsing had a supermajority in the House and Senate with Barry in the Oval Office when our unemployment ran out. They could have, without question, passed a Tier 5 unemployment extension and the Republicrats could not have stopped them. What you need to realize is that those pretending to be our government exists among the super-elite. They are for themselves and their super-elite brethren and sisteren who want to see the rest of our middle class destroyed and our people enslaved.
      I am non-partisan, which is to say I hate them both with equal enthusiasm. They cannot be trusted. And as far as trying to change things through the phony, nonexistent left-right paradigm, I, and most everyone who comes to this site, are way past sick and tired of living with the results of the decisions of the stupid.
      Take the red pill.
      I’m telling everybody. Obama’s agents for Democratic stupidity will not be allowed on this site.

  2. Thank you for reporting facts, instead of this crap called news today. Wished there were more like you, we might actually get something done. Being a 99’er I am so sick of our government and the media turning a blind eye on us.

  3. One of the reasons all of these problems have perpetuated is because people have gotten caught up in partisan issues and it allowed them to distract us from the real issues at hand. I also have an equal dislike for both sides of the aisle! You are seriously off track if you think for one second if you vote for a particular party the problems will be solved. We need to focus on each individual and the few that actually have any interest in following the constitution and what our founding fathers stood for.

  4. We have got to find a way to have our representatives focus on what the American people want them to focus on. They keep bringing up B—S—! as it happens to try to distract the public on the issues. THE ISSUES HAVE NEVER CHANGED!!!!! We need jobs! The economy has tanked and on one is doing anything! STOP sending jobs overseas and force industry to bring them back, period.! DO IT! Shut the F—UP about all your other B___S___ and get down to the peoples work. For example: if the economy was truckin along the deficet would go away, so would the BS about medicare and social security. SHUT UP AND CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT FOR JOB GROWTH or resign and get out of the way!.

  5. We also can’t rely on waiting for an election either. The truth is even if we get a good candidate even once they get in office it will take time to clean up this huge mess. And the other issue is we may not get who we want in office. We cannot wait or rely on ifs ands or maybes. We have to start uniting locally and make our voices heard that way. No more phone calls or emails. We have to be more in their face to be heard, that is clear.


  7. Moving average of over 400,000 p/week for the last 4 weeks. Earlier in the year it was widley considered disasterous for consequtive weeks of this number of filings, yet it’s being played down now as the corporate media talking heads take direction from their leaders to play it down so as to protect their jobs. It’s easy for them to do anyway as many of them are already millionares and have an insatiable appetite to be in front of a camera to boost their egos. We have a better sense than any of them do as far as the depth of this crisis. We know because we live it. There is no recovery. All indications are that we have been in a stagflation period, and it’s going to get much worse. 2008 is going to look like a boom compared to what’s coming. The wheels are coming off of this phony economy and anyone who tells you different has a vested interest in believing otherwise. Without a substantial boost to production real soon, we’re heading off the cliff. Not even the fed’s can stop this one. It’s all smoke and mirrors my friends.

    1. You’ve got that right Dave, we know because we live it. I agree this probably is going to get worse, I hope to be proven wrong somehow. I would love to be wrong!

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