99ers and HR 589 Supporters – Slaves Have a Job

It has only taken five days for the neo-cons to take the reality of the deplorable condition of jobs in the United States, and the fact that the problem only continues to grow worse because of the wanton neglect of our so called representatives to address it, and turn it 180 degrees around to become more deregulation of the bastards that destroyed us after we deregulated them, more tax cuts for the same dirt bags, or else they are going to punish us by completely destroying our economy.

And of course the socialists are saying that the problem could have been a lot worse and the only answer is more stimulus for the same rich bastards that did this to us.  I guess they want to send more green energy dollars to China for research and development.

Here is the kicker.  Both false sides agree that it is beginning to look like we are going to have to bail Goldman Sachs, Leman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the rest of the same thieves out again because the ongoing foreclosures, which are of course our fault because we don’t have jobs to pay our bills, are going to cause a “double dip.”

I don’t know about you but I am way past sick of their lies, buzz words, and slogans.  The car wasn’t driven in the ditch, it went off a frickin cliff and Henry Paulson was driving and Timothy Geithner was riding shotgun and they are trying to sell us new brakes on the way to the bottom.

These people are by definition foreigners, each and every one of them.  They comprise groups with wealth that exceeds any country’s economy on this Earth.  They bear no allegiance accept towards themselves and one another.  They are of a separate people.  Our government has become nothing more than a center rung on their corporate ladder.

The United States taxpayer pays for their children to attend Harvard Business School.  After which they enter the company as a gold trader.  They then move up to commodities, then United States Senator, then up to futures trading, then Secretary of the Treasury (the highest post in the United States government), where they may move back and forth from Treasury to CEO.  And if they go all the way, they become Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

This is the reality and it is a rare person that doesn’t know it for a fact.  Every politician running for president in 2012, except for Ron Paul, is a company man or woman.  This is why the company spokes people (the mainstream media) keep telling us over and over and over and over and over again that Ron Paul cannot be president, because the day we elect him, their world ends.  And I can’t wait.

I do not believe in the mistreatment of animals, but these deplorable sons of bitches deserve the most severe punishment we can meet out to them without crossing the line into cruel and unusual.  Tell me; would making them roll a penny around the world with their noses until they dropped dead be cruel and unusual or just deserts?

We will put them on deportation barges and beach them in Somalia where they will be wishing they had instituted our Constitution there with its “No cruel and unusual punishment” clause.  Let’s face it.  They have cause death, pain, and suffering to an extent and on a scale that would make a punishment thought out by Hannibal Lector seems merciful.

If they think we are just going to forget what they have done in our euphoria from regaining our freedom and prosperity they are sorely mistaken.  They are going to reap the whirlwind.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. This is a most excellent piece of writing, particularly this: ” I don’t know about you but I am way past sick of their lies, buzz words, and slogans. The car wasn’t driven in the ditch, it went off a frickin cliff and Henry Paulson was driving and Timothy Geithner was riding shotgun and they are trying to sell us new brakes on the way to the bottom.” – Priceless!!!

  2. This is not the America I knew. These scoundrels continue to take advantage of our bad situation and make it beeter for them! They take our hard luck and than make a profit on it!
    They will continue to do this until we put a stop to it. We know this isn’t the America we use to know. Mnay of these companies and corporations use to take care of their employees with, great pay, benefits and security. These Ceo’s and employer’s were old school who cared about Americans are long gone. The new greed squad has taken over and their taken every penny they could get their hands on! They don’t care about America, they care about how much money they could put in their pockets! It’s a new breed of assholes who have taken over and we the 99ers, the middleclass, the good American is being left for dead.
    We have to fight and take America back! These greedy bastards got us by the balls and continue to rape us! The fight begins today! We are millions! We could overcome this madness!

      1. I agree with you on that one. Both Boehner and Camp have given press releases about the unemployed and job creation over the last 5 days. Where politics need to stay out of it. What a laugh in my book. Both of them are the ones holding the unemployed hostage so they get what they want.
        Don’t get me started on Weiner. He should be charged for his crime just like anybody else. We have teenagers getting labelled as a sex offender for sending pictures of themselves via internet. They can make these laws up for the average American, but they somehow are about these laws.
        Sorry to go off about that. I feel the same about unemployment. Let’s fire them all and make them stand on the unemployment line for 3yrs.

        1. Corey, all these assholes seem untouchable by laws that would get you and me thrown in prison for 5 years. That’s gonna stop after the next election. Don’t be sorry about going off, pardner. That’s one of the reasons Henry created this site. To express our opinions and to let off some steam. I do it all the time. If it wasn’t for this site I’d probably be in jail right now for conduct unbecoming a sane individual. God Bless Henry, and all the 99ers ! Ron Paul in 2012.

  3. This is what I wrote on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/Understandnu4u

    “As of June 07, 2011 the NC Employment Security Commission Office has told many exhaustees that they DO NOT qualify for help. It is truly amazing how others could get help and the 99ers have been struggling even longer and begging for help has been again LEFT BEHIND. What does this truly say about the loyalty of government officials to stand behind their fellow citizens who voted them into office??

    Those who have exhausted and NEVER reached their 99 weeks or who have reached their 99 weeks are struggling and most are either living with others, shelters and in the streets. Why isn’t help available for them?? Why are funds NOW being available to those FEW from April and not those who have been BEGGING for a even longer time-frame to get the help THE INDIVIDUAL­S NEED. I guess the “No One Gets Left Behind Clause” was an understate­ment…thi­s understate­ment was shown in the schools as well as NOW with citizens who loyally voted for government officials.”

    That about sums it all up!

    1. Understandnu4u, Yeah, I called the NC ESC yesterday, hoping that I might qualify for benefits, ( I’m a 99er ) and was basically told to fuck off, nobody cares about the stinking 99ers. Boy, that made my whole day. My 14 year old son and I lost our apt. back in Feb. and luckily had some friends to stay with. Now he’s going to loose his house, due to underemployment, and we’re all going to be homeless in 4 weeks. Dontcha’ just love this Government ! Ron Paul in 2012.

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