99ers and Tier 5: Mainstream Media Enemies and Oppressors

Arkansas’ Ex-Governor Mike Huckabee, commenting on Fox News, addressed the issue of the long term unemployed.  He put forth the same rhetoric designed at demonizing the 99ers that has become a mainstay of the mainstream propagandists.  They always say the word 99er before stating that the existence of unemployment deters the unemployed from looking for work, confusing the issue in indicating that the 99ers will not find work because they are receiving unemployment.  This is a propagandist con man trick.  Every time one of these scum bags tries to use it we must immediately counter with the undeniable fact that 99ers are receiving no unemployment.

The Senate passed the repealing of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell legislation while still refusing to acknowledge the 99ers.  This, in spite of the fact that the long term unemployed represent a far greater number of our population than do gays serving in the military.  The difference being that gays in the military are employed hence they have wealth which can be used to buy political power.

The Dream Act which would grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, failed in the Senate.  The measure was brought to a vote in spite of the fact that it was widely known and reported that it was destined to fail.  So why did Senator Harry Reid force a vote on the issue?  Well I’ll tell you why.  It was so that the illegal aliens and their supporters could identify their opposition and go to work either changing their position or voting them out and replacing them with those who support them.  After the vote Harry Reid declared that he would not cease bringing the legislation up again and again, until it was passed.

We 99ers represent a minimum of 15 million potential votes.  So why are there no politicians championing our cause and courting that vote?  Well it is because we do not just want an unemployment check, we also want our living wage jobs back.  And this is in direct opposition to the international corporate mafia’s plan to drop the standard of living in the United States, and force a majority of our population to be reduced to a standard that equates with the corporate slavery in India, South Korea, and China.

You see the Republicrats and Demopublicans have gotten together behind closed doors and agreed to ignore the long term unemployed.  This coupled with the basic news blackout, except for those like Huckabee who attempt to demonize us just for existing, is accomplishing making us a multi-million person impotent voting bloc.  You see if they are all screwing us equally the best we can do is punish them equally which then nullifies the effect of our numbers.

This tactic is now being implemented on the growing number of citizens who are having their homes repossessed.  We all know that the banks screwed up the mortgages, which is making it difficult to procure the foreclosures.  The fact that the banks are going ahead with the foreclosures, legal or not, is beginning to draw protesters into the streets.

So how do they attack these people?  The same way they are attacking the 99ers.  They take a few instances where unemployed, who are still receiving benefits and have nothing to do with the 99ers, are turning down work because it does not pay as much as the unemployment, and say these are the 99ers.  For the other folks, they take a handful of people who took out loans they could not afford, and say these are the people who are protesting the fraud.  In both cases the handfuls have nothing to do with the true victims.

This is the sleaziest form of propaganda that exists and the dirt bags in the corporate controlled media are knowingly implementing these strategies with malice and forethought.  In short they are causing grievous harm to innocent people and the fact is these million dollar dirt bags enjoy their work.  They think themselves crafty and like to laugh at those they deceive.  The bottom line is the mainstream media must be considered by us 99ers as ardent enemies and oppressors.

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  1. Henry — Excellent article. I could not believe it when I heard there was a vote on the DADT. I feel our government is laughing at us. I mean, or they for real. Our country is in disaster mode and they are completely ignoring us by discussing things that could easily be put off until the first of the year when the Republican assholes are sworn in. There is not another issue that should get attention right now. We SHOULD have been part of the unemployment extension. There is no excuse, none at all.

  2. Also, I post comments everyday and encourage everyone to join our website so we can organize active civil disobedience. I also list our website address. My comment is featured on several websites today. If you are interested please go to — “Unemployment extension 2010, after 99 weeks 99ers are expected to go off and die.” I sure hope we still have freedom of speech, if not I may be in trouble.

  3. I just was dazzled this morning after watching the news. This city (Medford Oregon) is being so gracious as to lift the ban on letting the homeless sleep in the streets,for the holidays!! Merry Christmas to the homeless, keep your cardboard box for a week or two, then its back to being ticketed for being homeless, tell me this if your hungry, homeless, and have no money, how in the hell are you supposed to pay a fine? are these people making these laws off their rockers?they are slowly worming there way clear of all poor people, taking your unemployment is only the first step leading to you and your family’s freezing in the streets, it is a privilege to sleep in the streets (like a christmas gift from the goverment) but watch out the holidays are almost over , enjoy it while you can soon you will have to keep moving. what are these people supposed to do? where are they expected to go? The rich don’t want to look at them, when they are outside of their warm homes,out for a fun stroll, so guess what its bye bye poor person. what next a big dump truck comes along and loads them up for disposal!!!!!

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