99ers Attack Mainstream Media in Every Venue

The stock market continues to rise as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  The international corporate mafia is seeing maximum profits on the $4 billion they invested in the 2010 elections.  Never in the history of this nation has the purchase of political power been so blatantly obvious.  The advocates of the elite are at present holding up a bill that would provide health care and cash benefits to those who were once deemed 911 Heroes.

Many are asking the question how those in the Senate can possibly justify ignoring the plight of the first responders.  Well, they began by using their massive propaganda machine to instill into the American psyche that it is okay to ignore the suffering of 7 million 99ers who lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

Now they are using that same propaganda machine to instill the idea that those who worked at ground zero were in occupations that involved working in the same conditions in many other venues, therefore why should they get special treatment?  And you know what?  Within a few days you will be hearing the sheep out in the general public mimicking this slogan.

Next, when they go after the old and disabled they will have already desensitized the population to the point that it is a logical next step to say that the old and disabled should receive no different treatment than the eighteen year old fresh out of high school.  They will call Social Security and Medicare a form of reverse age discrimination.  And they will get away with it, as more every day, the average American citizen is burying their head in the ground and saying, “Okay, okay, just don’t take anything from me.”  What the cowardly public cannot face is the fact that the ultra elite will not stop until they have it all.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which allows gays to serve openly in the military, is signed into law by President Soetoro.  And how many gays will this law directly affect?  A whopping 66,000; so much support and political power behind this cause that affects 66,000 people while 7 million 99ers and their needs have been erased from reality.  Gays in the military has been an important issue for the Fabian social communistic movement.  Not in its substance, but in creating a reality wherein a tyrannical government can force hundreds of millions to accept a situation that they find appalling.  This is no more than asserting government dominance over the population.

51 year old Wendy Naidas of Conover, North Carolina forced her way into the lobby of WSOC-TV station in Charlotte North Carolina Tuesday evening.  She apparently held a gun to her own head and said had statements she wanted to make.  What those statements were remains a mystery as the mainstream media would only report that she was having financial problems.  The building was evacuated and after about an hour Ms. Naidas was taken into custody.  She has been taken to a hospital for mental evaluation after which she will be charged and incarcerated.  It was found that the gun had no ammunition in it.

I for one would be very interested to know what the message was that Ms. Naidas wanted to get out.  The fact is a complete news blackout in reference to the 99er issue has been ordered from the top.  The mainstream propagandists are the enemy that the 99ers are standing face to face with at present.

How sweet it would be to have sufficient numbers and communication to organize a group of 500 individuals to be seemingly walking down the street with no connection to one another and then, on a signal all 500 storm one of the mainstream media’s headquarters and take it over with pure force.  No one would have to get hurt and to not report the incident would cause so much damage to their credibility that they would be forced to not only report it but do so in depth.  I do not at present see the numbers, organization, or communication to achieve such a feat, but that will come with time.

Those who want to cause an effect at present have to be thinking a little smaller.  If there is a news event, press release, town hall meeting, or political speech, join in.  Make a sign.  Let them think you represent one side or the other.  And then, in the middle of the event, throw down your sign and start screaming, “Stop the media blackout on the 99ers!” and “You are a corporate whore!” until they drag you away.  If you can get five or ten people you should be able to raise quite a ruckus.

99ers who want to act now must realize that our enemies’ most vulnerable front line troops are the mainstream propagandists.  Therefore the only logical step is to attack the mainstream propagandists in every venue.

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  1. Henry — Concerning Wendy Naidas and the fact that we have not heard the reason for her doing this, would leave one to believe that it had something to do with an unemployment situation and I bet it does. Either she lost her job there or just wanted to make sure she would be heard by doing this at WSOT-TV. Whatever, they are not commenting. Also, I am impressed by your ideas about coming together in numbers, doing something and being heard. If we EVER get enough people. I see we have picked up a few more people. I hope one day to look and see 5,000.

  2. North Shore Career Center
    181 Union Street
    Lynn, MA

    I was interviewed by my local newspaper when Congress was debating tax cut/UI extension. When I told the reporter I was a 99er, she looked at me and said she never heard the term & didn’t seem interested in learning who we are.

  3. THE RICH and their cronies (POLITICIANS) don’t care about you !
    I have written several times to my State and federal representatives/senators, governor and all the major media outlets to ask them , anybody if they could set up a secure web site so all the 99ers that have exhausted their benefits could register as to show this country, our government the truth as to the actual numbers of unemployed. I have only received form letters from my federal representatives, nothing from state government and nothing from the news outlets.. not even the Ed show on MSNBC…Go figure.
    I’m not a computer guy I don’t know how to go about setting up a website to collect all of these names..
    The Bureau of labour statistic mentions a 6% fudge factor in their calculations of the unemployment rate.. the media and politicians stick with the low ball figures to make themselves look good. And it makes me sick to continually push their lies.
    We have to show our country the truth. Can anyone here know of away to form a system such as we need.. “Oh” and I’ve already suggested this to all the 99er websites I could find Still no answer back since August 2010.
    Thanks for the good work here. I’ll check to see if any one has ideas.

    1. Patrick- I’d put that idea in the “Think Tank.” That way it won’t get lost in all the comments.

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