99ers don’t be Distracted

Economists are now saying that it will indeed take four to five years for unemployment to be brought under control and that would be under the best of circumstances.  The propagandists have already been talking about eliminating 1 to 2 million jobs in the public sector.  People filing new unemployment claims still stands at 400,000+ a week.

The stimulus monies for green energy are going to China and India.  Caterpillar, and American icon, now only employs 13% of its people from the United States.  At this point a boycott on Chinese goods would rob us of most every necessity, probably including food.

Ben Bernanke is telling us that our economy is slowly improving as he prints billions more dollars that he knows are going to devaluate our currency down to nothing.  This is a recipe for disaster.

The propagandists look like they know something really sinister is afoot, but this time I believe they are nervous of telling us about it.  What could be so bad?

FDIC reports in 2007 3 banks failed, in 2008 25 banks failed, in 2009 140 banks failed, in 2010 157 banks failed, and 2 banks have already failed this year, one in Arizona and one in Florida.  We are talking over 300 banks failing since 2007.  If it were spread out equally that would be six banks per state.

Could this issue with the banks be experiencing a news blackout like the one the 99ers are dealing with?  Could the plan be to eliminate all but a few mega-banks that will control all our business and currency?  Remember, bankers have been running the Whitehouse since 2002.   Though the billion dollar corporations like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were bailed out for their losses in the mortgage crisis, the smaller banks were allowed to go insolvent.

This is no different than raising diesel fuel to $5.00 per gallon to eliminate all the smaller trucking companies.  This is a redistribution of wealth and power from the bottom to the top.  If you look at the enormity of the consolidation of power you have to wonder how they accomplished it so fast.

Every citizen had better realize our enemies are doing something very terrible to us and we are standing there with a stupid look on our face waiting for the next blow to land.  They have hit us so hard from so many angles that we have become punch drunk.  I know many of us are living literally day to day, but we have to stay calm and keep our composure.  Only through well thought out maneuvers can we gain the upper hand in this situation.  We must not be distracted.  We must stay focused and on point, and whatever we do we cannot forget who our enemies are and what atrocities they are capable of.

I hope each and every 99er is getting as many of their fellow citizens registered as Non-Partisan as is possible.  This is our first best hope.  God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Jackson: Send Me Your Resumes
    Friday, 07 January 2011 00:00

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Andrew Wilson
    January 7, 2011 (202) 225-0773

    National Effort to Dramatize Unemployment Problem Begins Today

    Today, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. issued a call for resumes on the floor of the House of Representatives, in order to demonstrate the unemployment problem in the country. Following his remarks, he made the following statement:
    “Today, I began an effort to mobilize the unemployed, the under-employed and the economically desperate. I will be collecting resumes of out-of-work Americans in order to submit them for the Congressional Record as a way of putting a face on the jobs crisis we confront. By sending their resumes to me, the unemployed will be permitting me to use their stories as we fight for jobs and enter their curriculum vitae into the Record.

    “Of course, sending me a resume will not put anybody first in line for a job. It will not be forwarded to anybody who is hiring. But it will put the jobs issue front and center before the government so that we can remind elected officials that we need to go to work everyday for those who aren’t allowed to go to work everyday, but want to,” Jackson concluded.

    Resumes can be emailed to ResumesforAmerica@mail.house.govThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or sent by mail to:

    Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.
    2419 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, DC, 20009

    Jackson’s remarks on the floor of the House, as prepared for delivery, are as follows:

    “Mr. Speaker, as we enter 2011, we find ourselves in the same jobs situation as in 2010.

    “In order to show the huge need for jobs, I’ll be collecting resumes from Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. I’ll submit them for the Congressional Record.

    “Unfortunately, submitting these resumes for the Record will NOT get anybody a job.

    “By collecting these resumes, I hope to dramatize the shameful condition of unemployment and compel action to do something about it. I hope to remind my colleagues every day that we work for those Americans who have been left behind, but who want to work.

    “Today I call on my fellow Americans to send me your resume and your story to resumesforAmerica@mail.house.govThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you are out of work, send me your resume and story so that I can use it to remind our government of the need to act.

    “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that America has issued a bad check, that it has come back marked insufficient funds….But the vault of opportunity of this nation is not bankrupt.

    “Again, Mr. Speaker, sending a resume to me will not put you first in line for any job. But it will put you front and center to remind your government that so many Americans are in need, and that we must create jobs.

    1. Debbie,
      This is a really good idea and I think we should all participate. I will get the news release from Jesse Jackson’s website and post it on the front page.

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