99ers, Henry Addresses the Issue of HR 589/Tier 5 Unemployment Extension

I have been receiving emails a late attacking me for not focusing my attention on HR 589 and/or a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  These 99ers have said everything from that I am an elitist to I do not care because I got an unemployment extension for attending school.  I truly hate to attack 99ers but I have no problem with putting socialists in their place.

These people who want to limit our message to one of begging for what is ours by right are social communists at their roots.  I have said before that the neo-cons make up about 20% of the top 10%.  On the other hand the social communists make up 20% of the bottom 10%.  You have to understand what the plan has been all along and that it is a product of the one party system.

You see the neo-cons attack the American people of the American race by eliminating our jobs and agitating us further by coming after Social Security, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid.  You know, that safety net we paid for for thirty years.  You see we were supposed to have rioted by now and Barry was supposed to have stepped forward and offered us social communism as the alternative to neo-conservative national socialism.

What they did not realize is that the American people for the most part still understand what our country is supposed to be.  As things started falling apart, instead of turning to them we turned to our founding documents to find out what went wrong.  And in doing so we identified them all, both neo-cons and social communists, as the insurgents they are and now we have become determined to eliminate both.

I have made it clear since I began writing articles for the 99ers that I will never accept socialism as a condition to getting an unemployment check.  Any unemployment benefits I have taken or will take in the future are by contractual right.  I bought into an insurance policy, cash on the barrel head.  And insurance companies being insurance companies, want to pay nothing or as little as possible when the benefits of the insurance policy are needed.  And every American knows this is the truth.

If you have ever had a serious car accident you know that it is not as simple as filing a claim and getting paid for your damages.  No, you are going to spend about three years and the slut puppy attorneys are going to take the lion’s share of your settlement in helping the insurance companies screw you.

All you 99ers out there reading this do understand that the unemployment insurance fund was drastically depleted in the ten years leading up to this so called financial crash.  And where did that money go?  Back to the corporations through cuts in their obligations to the premiums.

No 99ers, we have to look at this situation for what it is and in its full scope.

We have one group, well let’s call them the Republibastards, they are made up of big business.  They want to continue to take more of our natural resources while using their propaganda machine to consolidate their power over us to the point of our enslavement under national socialism with corporate elitism at the top taking us into world communism.

Then you have another group of people, let’s call them the Demosonsofbitiches, they want the workers to give up their Constitution, nationalize industry, and become slave worker bees in the collective that the corporate elite will control and lead into world communism.

There is just one problem and that is between both sets of traitors they only make up about 10% of the population and we know who each and every one of them are.  They have used their propaganda machine in an attempt to focus our reality into one week segments.  They plan everything on a week to week basis.

However we the American people of the American race have turned the propaganda machine off and instead of listening to their lies are now hearing the truth that we are speaking to one another.  They have become apart from us and they know it.  That is why everything they are doing appears staged to the point of the absurd.

It has always been the downfall of the tyrant.  When their austerity and terrorism begins to fail, rather than backing off, they increase the level of deprivation.  In trying to squeeze the people this way, we slip through their fingers and destroy them from the outside.  And that is what is happening right now.

The more they try to bury Ron Paul, the more obvious their fear of him becomes.  And we the American people of the American race, being the carnivores we are, smell blood.  We have begun to hurt them and we know we want to hurt them more as they have earned nothing but our contempt.

So all you neo-cons and social communists be aware, we know who you are and by God we are going to punish you for your wanton treason against our Constitution.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The only insurance policy that I have collected on , paid “premiums” for forty-three years and now there isn’t a freakin’ thing left ? give me a break you thieves !

  2. Henry as far as I’m concern you have everything in perceptive and of course it’s a number of issues that are bringing our country that we love to a end. We are surrounded by greed and scoundrels that continue to think only of themselves and try to eliminate and take advantage of the middleclass and whomever else they could screw! You are right on target with everything, please and always continue the fight! Besides that topic we the 99ers have to all get together and fight. I really don’t know the exact number of people who have lost unemployment and are fighting for their life like myself. I really would like to know whose out there! PLEASE EVERYONE TAKE AND STAND AND FIGHT! A MARCH ON WASHINGTON DC WOULD BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO! WE HAVE TO MAKE IT KNOWN!
    We have idiot teachers and people from the New Jersey school districts striking and crying about a few little changes that Governor Christie changed in New JERSEY! These so called spoiled rotten public school teachers who don’t know what they have are just about getting me pissed! THESE PUSSY TEACHERS SHOULD THE HAVE OF A LIFE OF A 99ER FOR ONE DAY! THEY WOULD JUST CRY!!!!!!!!

  3. Henry please include a segment in your next article as to; why you think the GAS prices our coming back down so quickly all of a sudden…… and what is the REAL REASON that makes the prices shoot right back up at a whim or a drop of a hat ????????

  4. Ted,
    I agree we should have a march on Washington. The hard part is that’s exactly what it would be “A March” All the way from Michigan, because I can’t afford the damn gas to get there!

    Maybe that’s part of their plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My opinion; I think that the neo cons that have control at the top have influence over the GAS prices as well and that when they feel the Americans’s anger the release it only by dropping the pinch at the pump. what is your opinion Henry?

  6. I think people are fed up with the fact that HR589 and a Tier 5 have not been passed and your not writing about it in everything you say means you have given up as well. The information I get from what you write is an explanation of the facts as to why the 99ers have not received any help from our government.

    Every day I read your information first! If there’s any new significant developments regarding help for the long-term unemployed I usually find it here. Since we are still being ignored by our president, the senate, congress and the mainstream media, the only thing for you to write about is what’s on your mind which is very informative to me!

    I don’t know what else people expect you to write about our situation other than nothing is being done for the 99ers! We obviously know that! I still want to hear your opinions as to how we got this way, who is responsible and suggestions on how to correct or attempt to correct them.

    Even though the mainstream media doesn’t cover your points of view at least it’s out there. Even I may not always agree with what you say, like Ron Paul for example. Because of how we are being used as pawns or lied to and mistreated by the politicians we elected I personally don’t trust any of them.

    One of my own reasons is the simple fact that they can tell you whatever they want to get elected and if they don’t keep that promise they have until the end of their term (for the president 4 yrs) to continue to bull$hit us. When you get up in years you don’t have the time to give a politician a shot. You need someone you can count on with your vote during the first term. At the rate older 99ers are going this may be our last election!

    Some of us have very simple unanswered questions like, if its so obvious as to what the corporations and the rich have stolen, and continues to steal from America why do people never address this when discussing cutbacks!

    Every time the president, a governor, or a mayor discusses a government cutback they should mention the fact that corporations that not only have paid no taxes but some have also received refunds. Ending tax cuts for the rich (of which most of them are). The politicians never mention the record profits for corporations that are outsourcing jobs to make those profits. Of course this is where politicians get their campaign contributions as well as their next employment opportunity. Which actually sounds like a conflict of interest?

    Also if the outsourcing of the material work is being done by workers earning a slave salary like pennies a day, why aren’t those items being sold in a 99 cent store instead of Wal-Mart? I got this one! Of course the answer is corporate profit!

    Your articles point out obvious facts that the mainstream media won’t. I’m surprised the CIA hasn’t been dispensed to silence you. Either the powers that be are ignoring you or just don’t think they have to hide from the truth!

    Also the information you write will never be reported by people who are so concerned with the deficit because they are safe and secure. Congress has guaranteed pensions; bankers have their bonuses, and even the TV commentators have comfortable salaries that they don’t want to jeopardize! In addition to the mainstream media being corporations themselves!

    Carry on Henry, as I’ve said many times before you’re doing fine by me!

  7. To 99ers and anyone that can help, please read the following!

    I have a suggestion since we can’t get the main stream media news programs to broadcast our critical unemployment situation referred to as 99ers, why don’t we flood the internet with our plight? Our biggest problem is the lack of media attention. Since we don’t have the transportation money to march on anywhere, Washington D C, our State Capitols our City Halls or even our local Unemployment Offices. On a daily basis I suggest we flood the internet with a simple message. If someone can word this better than I, any suggestions are welcome.

    **Please excuse this desperate interruption to your comments. For over a year, millions of Americans called 99ers have gone without any income or jobs, because none are available. We are not being covered by the news stations. We need your support! We need Jobs or help not welfare. For more information please Google “99ers” “Tier V”.**

    **“Wikipedia says” “99ers is a colloquial term for unemployed people in the United States, mostly citizens, who have exhausted all of their unemployment benefits, including all unemployment extensions”.

    We need your help and support because The President, The Senate, Congress and the News Media have ignored suffering Americans with families and no means of support. We are becoming, homeless, destitute, suicidal and plain desperate. We need the help and support of every American to help our cause until jobs become available.**

    Insert this message in every comment area of every story on the internet at least once.
    We should abide by some rules; please don’t repeat it over and over in the same story this would be annoying. Don’t use caps, this is also annoying. No profanity. This is not annoying it’s just rude. If a comment area only holds a few characters then only use the 1st paragraph. Or as much of it as possible!

    This may be just annoying enough to get the mass media attention we need from the main stream media news stations. Consider it a non violent demonstration using the media that’s currently available to us without requiring any money.

    Your comments on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Even the negative ones!

    1. Glen Bax,
      They want all 99’ers to be greatful they got U.E. for that long. In Arizona,
      they cut the people off at 79 weeks. They don’t give a shit, bottom line.
      So how do we get a tier 5 when they are shutting people off at 79 weeks.
      I am sure Az is not the only state doing this.

    2. Perhaps Mr. Paul could put together one sentance about 99ers. Perhaps he thinks this is political suicide. Perhaps he has bigger fish to fry like bringin down the fed and all……………And just where are all these rioters? They can’t pull their heads out of their ass long enough to know what is up.

      1. Pt,

        OK..I get your point. But consider that what he proposes is the only road back to what America was and must be again in order for us to have a chance again in the arena of the free market as competing individuals in a meritocracy. How many UE extensions is a smaller, yet important, issue compared to fixing the mess that was created to put us in this situation.

        If no steps are taken to repair this nation “extensions” are no more than stays of execution! Fix the god damned mess and stick your temporary “stays” up yer keester unless there’s a backup plan!

        That is what this fight is really all about!

          1. Henry,

            What the hell is so freakin’ hard to understand about that? Is this a nation of subhumans mysteriously altered by some as yet unidentified and massive force proliferated through means that have somehow escaped detection?

            Uh…let’s see….nah….couldn’t be!

          2. Brian,
            They are putting it in the water….shh…..and Soylent Green is actually……ahhhhhhh! Oh God no, they’re here!!!

          3. Henry,

            Man! I just continue to be more amazed at how confused this population really is.

            Not that I am not as bewildered, aghast, and even growingly terrified at what we are witnessing as anyone…it’s just that I can’t get what is so complicated about what Mr. Paul is saying….maybe it’s just too late or too soon. There is just too much complacency among the comfortable and too much confusion among those already drowning in the wake….I guess. The patronizing and condescending manner of the news anchors is appalling.Do they think they are not breathing the same air and drinking the same water?

            No sane individual advocates violence until given no other choice and as you have pointed out Americans are a peaceful people and do not riot. Even then many prefer to surrender and die. Things just keep getting worse and I fear what will happen when too many bellies are empty. None of this really had to happen damn it and it doesn’t have to continue!

            God help this republic and faith and courage to all.

  8. whats even more sickening is these politicians collecting ridiculous pensions while still working at the same position. They’ll defend that to the death but wont extend unemployment past 99 weeks? Their collecting two salarys for doing one job and they sit here and tell the people what they should be doing? GTFO.

  9. “Not only our future economic soundness but the very soundness of our democratic institutions depends on the determination of our government to give employment to idle men.”

    1. james,
      With all due respect, Roosevelt’s idea of giving the unemployed something to do was to send them to Europe to die for the queen.

  10. I am a 99er and my benefits exhausted in Nov. 2010. I have not had any income since then. I have sent 1000’s of resumes and signed up with all the temporaty agencies. They are so overwhelmed with applications that they don’t even want you calling them. They say “we’l call you”. The U.S. who is supposed to be constitionally runned by our government and we vote them in they are keeping us held like slaves, just because we need help ASAP to be able to pay for our bills, car/home insurance, real estate taxes and gas for our cars to try to get anywhere. President Obama comes in to see our Jeep site and makes a big deal about it. That was just a political campaign for him. What about the others that are unemployed for over 2 yrs or more. We do not have jobs here. There is 1 to 100 applying for the same position or more. Why do we have to suffer for the government screwing up everyday and giving other countries money and we are sitting not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Today there was 9,000 umemployment claims filed. When are the 99er’s going to get our share of the money we have worked for over 25 years? I want a job, but if I have to compete with 100 other people for the same job, it is not our fault. They keep saying “we are going to create jobs” they are so full of shit. Who is going to create 5 million jobs in one, two, three, etc. We need help now ASAP and our children are suffering. When is the President and Congress/Senate/Rep going to see it that this is real? We are still out here. If you all have any compassion to our country our so called great American Country you need to help the 99er’s. This was not our fault and the government is playing with our lives. We have not had any acknowledgment thru the media, only that the unemployment/foreclosures is not getting any better. What does that say? They just want to sweep us under the rug. Then you have the President and Mrs Obama and kids running around the earth with their little vacations. They all need to put this HR589 on their agenda as a priority until they can figure out however in hell they will get this money for us. It’s not our fault the deficit is up we did not create it. Maybe they should all take it out of their pockets, they have enough money for it. We are no longer the middle class we are the poor and homeless. Why not just print it out, that’s what they did to Wall Street, auto industries, other countries? Pass this legislation we are just going to put it back into the economy, since we need to pay out. The sooner we get it the sooner the we will make a difference. Please help us ASAP!!!!!

  11. it would seem that you are part of the problem, not part of the soultion…cold, heartless, with no insight to the future of your own country..or consideration for the people whom live and work here. the lack of any concience of what you write and the yellow stripe down your back..one can only assume that you are bucking for a position in politics..or it would appear that you have been groomed in that manner..im sure we will see you running for office soon..as you act and behave as the ones who are attempting to destroy what so many have died to build and protect……have a great day..sir…

    1. James,

      Could you kindly indicate to whom you are addressing these comments? It is otherwise impossible to understand your position.


  12. i picked the right person to say it too….the intent is pure…but the path is wrong.. look at it like using a bellows on a dwindling fire…in hopes that the flame will once again..rise…if not the voices will get weaker and smaller..and the fire will go out…. we are blind to the facts as amercians we have allowed ourselves and our country to fall into what is. we have allowed the constitutuion to be over written and modified. and numerous of other things to be changed..in plain sight…because we do not care when things are good…it does not effect us..it will never happen to us…sooooo….no one cares until it effects them…
    why do you think…they havent passed tier 5..and are letting millions..starve..and die…no one hears us..or cares…because they are..not part of the crowd affected…you want tier 5… then stand up and scream…get media…become a voice..loud enough..to be heard…no one cares about something..hidden..like it is….these are just my opinions…nothing more..but..all i see is small groups…complaining..some doing…most not…if you want change…you will have to band.. as one…and be heard…other wise…just be a victim…

    1. James-

      Enlighten me a bit here, who was it you were originally addressing? The one in your first post at 2:00PM?

    2. you are absolutly right james they dont care if we starve or die it’s time to overthrow or all of us are done and even the ones that aren’t being affected soon everyone is going to taste the 3rd world existance if something isn’t done

      1. the rest of what you said you sound like a total a–hole i wish we a guy like henry was in the white house henry run baby run i haven’t voted in twenty years if you run you have my vote i will register

  13. Hey Henry,
    Is James talking to you?
    If so you could erase his comment you know.
    you are not cold nor heartless you are just angry at the way the elite corporate mafia is treating the middle class, AND YOU SHOULD RUN FOR OFFICE!

  14. come on there will never be help for the 99ers. and when you run out of unemployment that to bad know one is going to help you. the days of middle class is over. our so call president obama doesn’t’ care and as for the senate and rep. those s.o.b. can’t wait to screw with us in the ass. but they love to taxes to death. cut our paid and give than self a raise. they take our children and put a gun in there hand to fright for the usa in hope they will die cause there kids sat on the rich ass doing nothing. did you here the speaker of the house want our troops to keep on fighting and not bring then home so they can made more money in the pockets to keep a war going on so I think the peoples should burn this country down and made then run and see how they feel.

  15. James,
    You’re right, I am cold and when the time comes I will be calculating. If you think we are going to get this country back by singing Kum-ba-ya and shouting “change” you are sorely mistaken. I could take any of your insults except when you said I could be a politician. Well you know what? Fuck you too. (Sorry about that Clark and brian s. This is one of those times)

    1. henry is that a shot at me im on your side dude i know my language is rough at times and i may go off a little but believe me im with you and thanks for letting me share my views later

    2. Apology fucking accepted, fellow ” I mad as Hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore ! ” Sorry Henry, Sometimes my anger overrides my manners. I apologize to any of the ladies that frequent this site, whom I might have offended. Now let’s give ‘m Hell, brother’s and sisters

  16. actually…my intent was not to insult anyone, nor did i single out anyone..i just merely posted a comment, and sat back and watched the responses…i got henry being defensive, some agreeing in part and some not, someone wanting to delete my first amendment, because they didnt agree with what i wrote, some confused as to whom i was addressing, chaos. if you found yourself angry, or singled out, or whatever it is you felt by reading what i wrote..it is because of how it made you feel..i have just visited many of these sites..to see..that they are just vent traps..for ppl to visit and blow off steam. then go back to nothing..i dont think that anything will work..except..one thing..ppl in these sites…joining with other sites…and building in numbers…until as one, the unemployed..or concerned citizens of this country for our future. become a large enough voice to pressure our wonderful..uncorrupted..politicans..to vote on the future of america..
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
    — Margaret Mead

    In Giving Rights To Others,
    Which Belong To Them,
    We Give Rights To Ourselves
    And Our Country. JFK

    if i offended anyone i extend my deepest apologizes, that was not my intent, i was just curious if you stood for anything…or behind anyone, if you had a plan..or were going in any direction..or if you just merely were going to vent…and complain…i see so many sites..become this..then the person who rally’s the support. find a job..or somthing to pass it to someone else..just to see them dwindle..into abyss…call them one hit wonders..
    sucess = make a plan. see it through…..once again …if i offended you with my first amendments…you may sensor me…have a great day everyone…..or find a way to make your day great….

    1. james,
      Well aren’t you the intellect and I the lab rat. Too bad we didn’t meet on the street, you could have found out in person how I respond to personal insult.
      As for your contention that this is just a place where people blow off steam, well I suppose that is what the local pub was leading up to our first revolution.
      Any way, I’m happy for you being so self righteous and full of yourself that you find us lowly unemployed as entertaining. I think I would recommend you stay home when lightening finally strikes the shit house. This isn’t a game and I am not amused by you.

      1. Henry,

        Yeah. If this guy is so smart why doesn’t he just do what he seems to understand so clearly how to do?

        Posting insulting comments addressed to no one without the presence of mind to define his intent up front expecting anyone to have a clue where he’s coming from besides a place nobody wants to visit! Wow!

        Must be one of those geniuses that decides the locations of nuclear power plants!

        Good response on your part!

  17. sir. this country was founded by great men, with great minds working together.not a single mind…and their theories..i believe that would be called dictatorship or communism. or socialism..or whatever….i am sorry that you feel the way you do..and that i am full of myself..and that you feel as though i was attacking this or your site..i was just merely trying to determine if this was a bot site…actually i found your articles quite inspiring and meaningful…as for myself..sir..i am in the trenches…i have them were it hurts..in federal court. i am forming an organization united employee equal rights organization. i have written an employee bill of rights..and pushing for change..and because of this ,i have.my house constantly under surveilance…i carry a concealed weapon 24 hours a day, i have had my vehicle intentionally messed with.. my house broke into, information stolen.. my identity stolen..been homeless 2 times..lost everything i own…and much more i can not discuss…so sir if you would like to step outside and see the burns from the lighting..be my guest…

    1. james,
      I am an individual freeman sovereign citizen of the united States of the Americas. I have had my bones broken, my blood spilled, and have spent time as a political prisoner in defending our Constitution as a United States militiaman, fighting for our rights in our courts. What I would like is to buy you for what you are worth and sell you for what you think you are worth.
      I’m always happy to converse with a fellow patriot, I just don’t like the idea of being felt up first.

  18. Well thanks for gouging us for going on 3 yrs or more. We the unemployed 99ers have suffered more since we don’t have any income to even try to get a job. On top ofcourse our car ins. that brings a big factor so your car doesn’t get taken away and then get fined, lose your car. Then there is foreclosure and then there is a domino effect. Wow imagine Obama is all of a sudden release when he is trying to make a political impression. He is just a liar as the rest of the government officials that are sitting in their seats holding us like puppets. We don’t have no say so, while we are losing our homes, children are seeing their families separated or there are some have even gone to extent to suicide. What has this country come to? Then we have Mrs. Obama stating he should run for a second term, dream on you won’t be going around with your fancy dresses and give a smile, when behind that smile Mr. Obama & Mrs. Obama are just taking a ride for free. They want to drill in our Lakes that is alot of bull. We love our Lakes and we have alot vested in them. How dare the government try to say it’ going to bring us oil. Look what happened to the Gulf, a spill like that will be a real catastrophe, more than they can handle. The government and BP still have not still resolve all the issues to get the coastline ever right. I can relate to that I was born in Corpus Christi, Tx and I know the beautiful coastline and traveled there about 4 years ago. It was beautiful. We want help ASAP and pass the HR589 and make it a priority for us, why should we have to beg when we have worked over 30 yrs and tried looking for work. As usual we the 99er’s are still treating us the bottom of the barrel. When is this government that we voted in want to help us? We did nothing wrong, it was not our fault for this disaster. Why should we help other countries and pretty soon I wouldn’t doubt Wall Street and the banks, auto industries wanting another bailout. Ya’ll need to get your s**t together to help us who are millions of people and children. The news have constantly tell us how the economy is and the unemployment status’s are. It seems that the news know more than our government or they just want to keep their tail between their a**s and don’t care about us. Again, we need help now ASAP!! What have we done wrong, what just because we worked 30 yrs or more and paid to unemployment to help us. God Help Us!!

  19. Yea , I’m talking to you. My sister and I live in the southern plains and we went shopping at a big retail store here in the south. The store was soooo hot inside it was unbearable. We ask why was the store so hot? We were told that the corporate headquarters in New Jersey controlled the air temperature. WTF?

  20. I am thankfull for our soldiers fighting over seas and may they be safe to come home to their families. They are the one’s and their famiies to pray on this Fourth of July with all the Americans who have fathers, son’s, daughter’s. We even to recommend our local police, firemen, Emt’s in our state that have tried to keep the streets,fire, patients safe. Our Lucas county(Ohio) have taken a direct hit for their equaity and freedom of choice for the future. Then you have the families who do not have any income because their benefit have exhausted for the 99er’s. What kind of courage are we supposed to have when can’t pay our bills, gas for our car, mortgage, real estate taxes, car/home insurance, personal items. Our famiies and children are being deprived by no fault of their own and the parents, because this country is so wound up in balancing the budget. Hello, we can’t balance a budget when we don’t have it and it is going to be a long time before anybody can gain any credit. When you 14.5 million or more for the people either can’t be counted or they are just homeless. We need help ASAP for HR589 to gain some quality of accomplishments to be able to look for a future. We are limbo now. Again, we have not had any mention by the President or other government constituents in regards to the 99er’s. Can you as Governor, Congress, House Rep, Senate give us back our lives, we did not create this fiasco? We should not be left out when we have worked all our lives, at 30 yrs of mind, in the Medical Field and all the fac./phys. have frozen their hiring. The temp’s will only call you if you fall into their data base, they have so many app’s, it’s like don’t call us, we’ll call you. Oh, you all finally have knocked me to the ground, I have no cash flow, I have no insurance on my car/home, no gas in my car and I am supposed to look for a job. Pretty soon my internet will be shutoff and I will no way to the outside world, excep sit here and wait for the government take over my home that I have paid off for 19 yrs. This government is a disgrace to our democracy and I can’t believe they want to say they are our leaders. None of them have done anything to the poor and have been putting it off since last year. Why are you there? WE NEED HELP NOW FOR THE 99er’s. WE WANT AT LEAST KNOW THAT WE PLAN AHEAD FOR SOMETHING AND OUR CHILDREN DON’T NEED TO SUFFER WITH THE PARENTS WHO ARE SO OVERWHELMED WITH THEIR FUTURE. ALONG WITH OUR GRANDCHILDREN!! ALL WE ASK FOR IS HELP, YOU HAVE HELPED WALL STREET, AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, BANKS, OTHER COUNTRIES WHO DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT US. THEN THEY COME INTO OUR COUNTRY CASH IN AND GET DOUBLE OR TRIPLE IN THEIR COUNTRIES FOR THEIR CASH. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR DEMOCRACY? WELL NOW YOU ALL ARE ON VACATION AGAIN, TILL WE SIT HERE AND WONDER WHAT OUR FUTURE WILL BRING US!! THANKS TO THOSE GOV, OFFICIALS WHO HAVE SPOKEN UP FOR US AND DA*M THE ONES WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT THE POOR!!!!

  21. Tier 5 is a NO BRAINER, the economy get’s 100% of the money back because even if we are unemployed WE STILL HAVE BILLS TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enough said…

  22. It is more than senators oboma either was given an correct unemployment rate numbers or is purposely covering up the millions of 99ers to paint a more rosey picture on national unemployment numbers to keep them below double digets. he can as predident with 1 signiture bypass congress and get checks to the long tern unemployed. he made a fatal political chioce instead of saying when he was elected look we are in a depression like roosevelt and my guys tell me unemployment is actually for example 17% and while I didnt create this mess I will do everything in my power to help americans get help til i can get unemployment rate lower instead he decided to gamble and treat it like a typical recession and hope corperate america would start hiring bad chioce.All he had to do is look at the last depression and realize that it lasted 11yrs yes unemployment rate sunk from 25 to 15% but it only ended because of world war II it could have went on for decades thus meaning middle class would never have been created and our countrys last 60 yrs would be different,if he did this not only would america see he cared they could see his affect on the real unemployment rate and with added tiers above 4 the rate would have dropped I mean the actual rate between 17 and 25%. obama will loose in 2012 for this reason unless beeing black saves him as according to experts it gave him an edge and people always wanted to see him rise in gov political inside people .I had high hopes for obama was happy he got elected but he let me down

    1. DG,
      Not to worry, Old Barry is cooking up his own world war which will begin in Iran, probably this fall. Barry is a con man, always has been, and the globalists have always made their plans fifty years into the future. None of this happened by accident.

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