Tourist Moms and Anchor Babies

Four Republican Senators have introduced a bill that would limit citizenship being granted to babies born to illegal aliens in the United States.  The bill will end what is being called “Birth Tourism.”  Apparently 200,000 women come into the U.S. every year on visas for the sole purpose of giving birth in order that their children will have U.S. citizenship and every right and privilege associated therewith.

In California authorities recently shut down a birth clinic wherein at least ten babies of tourist moms became citizens for the low, low price of just $35,000 a pop.  Apparently this theft of our nation has become popular with the Chinese.  300,000 to 400,000 babies of at least one illegal alien parent are born in the U.S. every year.  Can anyone say “Fifth column invasion?”

The new bill is being sold as an avenue for Congress to define the 14th Amendment, which I have a problem with.  If we are ever to get our country back on track we must first come to the truth as to what our real problems are.  The problem with the 14th Amendment is not in its interpretation, but rather with its legality. 

The 14th Amendment was never lawfully ratified and anyone who wants to argue that point needs only to look up the cases that have been filed in opposition to it.  After which it will become clear that not only did our government unlawfully institute the 14 Amendment but also blocked legitimate citizen challenges to its legality.

No one who has read history can believe that our founding fathers would sanction the invasion across our southern borders as a lawful act by any stretch of the imagination.  The illegals are literally being pumped in here for no other purpose than driving down wages and attacking our Constitution at the level of our body politic.

I think our next election will not only decide who will be heading to Washington DC, but also whether we are going to have to endure a bloody revolution at this point in our history.  Either way I believe the American people are going to take their country back.

I would whole heartedly support a presidential ticket with Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura as our last chance for peace within our own borders.

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