99ers, HR 589 Supporters, Long Term Unemployed – It’s Time to Hurt Back

If there were ever any doubts that the corporate elite hold we the people in complete contempt those doubts should be dispelled.  General Motors is at present pushing for a one dollar per gallon additional gas tax.  The purpose of the tax is to force us to buy their new hybrids.  I guess they might force those in the middle class, but as for the rest of us, we will be reduced to being permanent pedestrians.

This is socialism in its most communistic form.  They have taken our right to take our personal property down the public road and turned it into a privilege.  Now they are going to turn that privilege into a social advantage.

We who have lost our jobs and unemployment benefits face an increasing disadvantage in that we are losing our communication and, if this gas tax passes, we will lose our right to travel, which is going to leave us penned up on government reservations and dependent on others to bring necessities to us, which leaves the door open to punish us through deprivation, like the Palestinians penned up in

These corporate dirt bags that are trying to force their will upon us fly around in private jets with whirlpool baths and waiters that serve them the finest filet mignon prepared by their private chefs, as they travel in obscene leisure wherever they choose at a whim.  These people will not be satisfied until we are forced to avert our eyes and bow before them and their wealth, which they stole from us.

We should converge on Wall Street by the millions, force our way into their buildings, and beat the dog shit out of them.

Another dollar per gallon gas tax?  These are fighting words.  How far will we be pushed before we push back?  If they want a fight, let’s fight them.  We’ll start with our fists and if they want to up the ante, so be it.  We have endured their abuse to the point that no matter what we do, we are justified.

We are united.  We are the American people of the American race.  It is time to start hurting them back.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I’m with you 110%, Henry. I’m fight’ mad, and I’m ready ! God damn the corporate elite. I’m about to be homeless for the second time 4 months. Damn right I’m ready. I’ve got nothing to lose except my self respect if I don’t.

    1. hey what’s up clark i feel the frustration living outside for two weeks hiding from the cops live in greenwich connecticut it’s not easy walking around with a bag sends red flags never been arrested just waiting to have a flashlight in my face cant sleep lost twenty pounds just walking around complete anguish so this is what happens to us now either i take a chance outside or go back to the zoo and that’s not happening contimplated hanging myself from a tree last night ive never been more alone in my life thought abought hanging a sign on myself saying thanks to the goverment add me to the statistics finally got an ebt card that’s great where do cook my food or store it lost all hope clark hope you still keep your mind mine is starting to go

      1. Hey Brian, don’t be talking about leaving us. We need you ! My son and I will be joining you shortly, either in a shelter or on the street. From what you’ve been saying about shelters, the street’s looking more inviting. I’ve done it before, ( the street ) back in the day, but I’m a little rusty. It’ll come back to me, I’m sure. I plan to survive long enough to get payback from the people doing this to us ! Hang in there, Brian, not up there. You do and those motherfuckers win. I plan on winning, brother, and I want you to be there. God Bless you, pardner.

        1. thanks clark but my will and voice are finally going im 42 now spent the night of my birthday on the street called my best friend and told him how bad thing’s are he tell’s me it would be a tragedy if i died but what am i living for to live like an animal im living worst than an illegal alien now familys fucking with me acting like this is my fault social services can do so much im down in the hole no way out im homeless in the richest town in america greenwich ct sorry for my ranting alone in my thoughts covered by mosquito bites life has never sucked this bad wish you well my friend hope you can holdout a little longer than me

          1. Keep ranting, Brian. Stay angry. That’s what I’m doing. It’s makin’ me stronger, ’cause paybacks are a M…..F….. !

  2. henry you are right saw it on conspiracy theories they have the fifty camps all around the country as of the moment and guess who there planning to throw in there you me and everyone out there concentration camps they took a page from hitler and there going to implement martial law soon and they have plenty of coffins for all of us they want all of this to happen there trying to kill us off

  3. It’s getting worse, unbearably worse. Food is up 30%, gas is going through the roof, medicine is ridiculous. Our standard of living is falling and it’s falling fast. I’ve come to realize that I may never find work again! I knew it was going to be tough, but not this tough! Aside from technology our standard of living is falling way below that of our parents. Bitterness and resentment is growing. My sister’s birthday is coming up and she does not want to celebrate. She says “Why should I celebrate the day I was born?” It breaks my heart because we understand each other. We can not afford to visit yet another sister, (she’s doing well) although she lives in South Jersey, because it would cost at least $100.00 to fill to tank. We don’t have it. My sister in South Jersey has lend me money several times, bought two handbags from me, and paid the household’s cable bill three times. Enough! I will always be grateful, and I am keeping account of every time because I intend to pay her back. She has stated that some of it was a gift. She is so sweet, as is her son who has also been just as generous. If I get a job I have alot of paying back to do. Thank goodness for family, for without them I wouldn’t even have the internet. But pride is damaged and I am severely depressed, and I suffer from self-hatred. I want Obama out, he is a two-faced liar. Discover your ancestry on your own time, not ours! I don’t give a damn where you came from, only where you are taking this country. But then again, Obama is an employee for the corporate mafia, so he must obey his boss. We need someone who is not an employee, someone like Ron Paul.

    1. Don’t hate yourself, sister, hate the SOB’s that are doing this to us ! I never thought I’d be saying this, but this hate I have is making me stronger, for the payback that’s going to be dealt to the criminals who are trying to enslave us. I’ve been told that hating is not healthy. My reply was, it’s extremely healthy to hate someone who’s trying to kill you. In fact it’s mandatory for survival. God Bless you. Ron Paul in 2012 !

  4. As we the unemployed all crumble and fall, we have to take in consideration that at this point we have nothing to lose, THEY HAVE TAKEN CONTROL AND BIG BUSINESS AND BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING AND STEALING! As per stats we are millions and I feel we have to be heard with protest, demonstrations and even rallies/sit-ins if that will make our point. This is a very good time to bring back what many of us did in the 60’s. We might be a little bit older, though it made a difference in the end. It’s time for all generations to stand up for what America should stand for, not what the greed squad wants. The greed squad are your typical penny pinching/dollar sucking/
    money robbing Wall Street crooks who have made America a place to rip off every hard working American they could. These crooks think of us as suckers! They literally conned us, screwed us and laughed their way all the way to the bank. These bastards have no heart and unfortunately the American government supports their lousy crooked behavior! Listen up my friends. It’s time we took some action before it’s too late for us all. We are millions! Let’s make that change in our favor!

  5. This is my first time leaving a comment and let me say I feel what us 99r’s are going through. I am not even a 99r. I am a 79r. I live in california and they decided to cut off my last 20 weeks of benefits because the rules of the state is different than federal rules. I lost everything. I have been living in my car for 7 months now and I have to do odd jobs to make money. Unfortunately I don’t have family to help me out. Luckily I do have a few friends who help me from time to time and I am extremely grateful. Also being overweight gives companies another excuse not to hire me. I don’t remember when I had an interview. I can’t even get a job at Taco Bell. They said I have too much experience. I hate the hiring process. Companies make up any excuse not to hire people and also they can be extremely picky at who they want to hire. We all have to face the fact that the world is changing for the worse and if the people don’t stand up to what is going on we will keep going down a spiral which we will never be able to get out of. WE NEED TO UNITE AND FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS AND RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTION AND PUNISH ALL THE PEOPLE WHO IS TRYING TO MAKE THE UNITED STATES A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.

  6. It all started when government deregulated the banks, allowing all of them to engage in derivitive trading (CASINO GAMBLING). Now there are no banks left that loan money to invest in business and care about the regular guy. They actually are taking our deposits and 401k and IRA money and gambling on pork bellies and wether this company or that country will fail. That is where they make 60% of those huge profits, why should they care about you or me? We don’t make them any money. So if they loose a bet (like mortgage CDO’s) they go down the tubes and take our deposities with them, unless of course, our leaders pay them back with our new tax dollars. We are SCREWED, I don’t see any way to stop them from the addiction to risky gambling, even when they loose they win. God, please let me start a bank!

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