99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Finally Some Good News for the 99ers

It has been a long time coming but there is finally some good news for the 99ers.  The downsizing of our jobs and the liquidation of our property has created a record number of millionaires in our country; some 3 million.  These people, and the filthy rich they are aspiring to be, are thriving.  Of course they are the only ones who are thriving, but as they own our government, lock, stock, and barrel, they are the only ones who matter.

Now let’s make it clear.  To be considered a millionaire does not mean that you have managed to accumulate a mere million dollars.  To be rated as such you must have a million dollars banked that you can or cannot invest at your leisure.  This amount does not include properties owned, homes, cars, jewelry, or antiques.

These are the people I have been telling you about who make up 20% of the top 10%.  They and the rich elite they aspire to be are the neo-cons.  So we are talking about 4 million people.  These 4 million believe that the resources of this country belong to them exclusively.  And mind you, a majority of them hold dual citizenships and some of them spend less time in this country than they do at their other properties around the world.

It is their position that if the rest of us want to continue existing on their property we will do so in service to them.  They have had enough of our extravagance.  We consume too much gasoline.  Our houses are too warm.  And we eat too well.  Where else in the world do slaves get such fodder?

I guess the fact is they feel looked down upon by the other elitist slave holders around the world.  Look at Mexico.  The elite there do not spoil their peasants with extravagance like shoes, clothes, and medical care.

I mean, if you own a herd of cattle and one old scrawny heifer drops to the ground with a fever, you are not going to spend $200 on a vet bill when that cow isn’t worth a hundred.  Mark my words, this is what we have become, a herd of animals that are consuming resources that are worth more than our lives, and they have other herds around the world that are producing a profit.

So who has the right to tell them they cannot cull their herd in the United States?  Well I will tell you who.  We do.  We are not their property and these cattle pack AR-15s and AK-47s, and are sick of seeing sleazy little dirt bags, who are neither our physical nor our intellectual superiors, lording over us.

On Thursday it was another day of gloom and doom with the outlook for the American people being pretty bleak.  In the two days that have followed, another 90 thousand of our fellow citizens have become unemployed, while the filthy rich, with their backs toward us and peaking over their shoulders, are cramming more enormous amounts of our wealth into their pockets and giggling to themselves because they are still getting away with it.

99ers, poor, and what’s left of the middle class, get it through your heads.  Our wealth is not gone.  It has not ceased to exist.  It has been stolen.  The thieves have it and we know who they are.  We have the power and the right.  All we have to do is kick their asses and take it back, and they know it.  This is why they mist our throats us from Friday to Wednesday with the honey of their lies.  So that when the sour truth is served up on Thursday, all they have to do is get us to swallow one more time and wah-la, they are completely free to steal for another week.  It is time to end it.  Anyone believing things are going to get better, short of taking it back, is deluded in their thinking.

They started out by downsizing our jobs and liquidating our properties in the private sector, while telling those in the public sector, “Come on, help us get them.  We are on your side.”  Now they are going after the public sector and telling us in the private, “Come on, help us get them.  They are the ones who took and continue to take from you.”  All the while attacking the pensions and the retirement accounts of those already in retirement and telling the rest of us, “Help us, they got too much.”  After they get through robbing them, they turn around and say, “Hey retired person, help us steal from those 55 and younger, they are the problem, they are the ones that stole your money.  Let’s get them.”

These neo-con rich elite are the most despicable sort of demons imaginable and the only option they want to give you is the socialists who want to make you a slave on their plantation, which in reality is controlled by the neo-cons.  There is no left and right.  There are just the rich and the rest of us.  They use deceit in trying to make us think they are fighting with one another.  They then try to get us to pick a side and follow them.  In the end we end up fighting with and destroying one another for them.  And while we are killing one another they are kicking back with their arms around each other, sipping martinis at the country club and bragging about how easily they manipulate us.  No more.

I think this summer should be a summer of repatriation when we the American people of the American race reclaim our inheritance and take back our Republic under our Constitution and severely punish these pompous, self righteous, vain, egotistical, arrogant, non-producing, worthless, pathetic, abortions of humanity.  They are a blight.  We must remove them.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

39 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Finally Some Good News for the 99ers

  1. The only good news for the 99ers is that they passed the extension or that we found a job. Nothing else matters!!!!

    1. Greg,
      If you cannot see the good news, take a look inside to see the inadequacies of your own understanding. The problem is you are selfish. Why can’t you look at the situation from the perspective of the filthy rich neo-cons and just feel good for them? In all fairness, sometimes you have to ignore that growling in your stomach when it is diverting your attention from the happiness of others. All these people want is for us to understand and love them, in spite of their excesses.
      I guess the short answer is, I don’t either.

        1. oh man i just pissed myself all this good news and no money for clean wares i have to stop listening to the news or im going to be in the laundrymat alot

    1. Kim,
      All apologies. I know it was mean, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.
      Here’s to hoping for some real good news to bring to you.

  2. Short of sticking a gun to the heads of these guys (which I’m all for) I see no good news coming for awhile. Its been quite clear that there will never be an extension passed 99 weeks. There is no more middle class thanks to these neo-cons. You either have money or your barely getting by and the gap between them is going to grow unless we organizize and do something. When the blacks had their million man march they made it clear and short of a million man march armed with ak’s I don’t see an end to this for a LONG time.

  3. Must be having trouble with the website as the part(s) containing good news are not here. Plenty of bad news though……..

  4. Well Henry, this should persuade some people to read the full article anyway. A headlining slice of wry with an order of some good old fashioned tongue in cheek oughta do it. Personally, I am distraught to learn that there are only some 3 million millionaires in our country. That’s only around 1 % of the population. Keep in mind that these are the people that create jobs. If we want more jobs, we need more millionaires and we must insist that these individuals get the best tax breaks available. We must stand up for these people. They are our only hope. Oh, look, outside my window there’s a pig flying high above thru the morning sky. What a wonderful world.

    1. dave,
      That was 3 million NEW millionaires. Our old millionaires are now billionaires and our old billionaires are now trillionaires. I think you can see where this is going; like our wealth, straight to the top.

      1. henry all this good news i might drop my colon so with all these new millionares there’s a chance i could become a thousandaire no that’s reaching to hi a hundredaire oh man i better find that bag of pennies that i threw in a moving box dont let congressknow i have that or they wont have any more good news im poor bitch damm iv’e lost my mind

        1. somebody get me a doctor im only 42 all this unemployment and being broke and all this great news anyone one out there no a gasterologist hey congress maybe you guys could recommend one of them because all of you are full of shit

  5. If the Bunyips continue to regenerate, the continued mitosis will be acknowledged as permanent .

  6. brian s, if you do have a hundred dollars you better keep your mouth shut about it or our owners will find a way to take it from you.

  7. IT IS VERY SAD …….

    1. Desmon White,
      Yeah I’ve got so much fucking money, I’m burning it in the campfire I’m using to heat the beans I’m going to have for dinner.
      Sorry to shatter your illusion, but there is no good news and there isn’t going to be. If you want someone to blow sunshine up your ass, there is always the mainstream media. I’m afraid all you’re going to get here is the cold hard truth.
      And as for making money off of your click, do you really think anyone doing what I am doing is making a goddamn dime? You are one of those people that is sitting on your lazy ass complaining because someone else hasn’t solved your problem for you yet.
      By the way, you are off of this site. Guess I’ll just have to forego all that money your click provided.

        1. That’s almost as funny as me misspelling the word “are”. Oh well, what did you expect for free!! LOL are to “our”

          1. Mark,
            Your correction was unnecessary as my staff reported the misspelling to me immediately after which I told them to correct it and they did……..That’s why I make the big bucks.
            click click click click

          2. Henry,

            I probably owe you thousands for all of the corrections! LOL.. Just put it on my tab..LOL Man, it feels good to laugh.

          3. Henry,

            We should have a reply of the week section! Start with Desmon Whites LOL…. Really!!

      1. that is the funniest thing iv’e heard in day’s. henry that almost as funny you having good news .desmon you are so im out of words henry awesome reply

  8. click click click click click click click click click henry i want a piece of this clicking action so if i keep clicking your getting richer are you one of those new millionares i want a some of this action put me in for 100 clicks

    1. brian s,
      Sorry to be slow to reply but I was busy getting a massage by my Chinese therapist, while being hand fed grapes by my Indian valet and being fanned by my South Korean fanner person.
      Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go shovel some more of that gold away from my front door from all this damn clicking.
      Hell, Brian, I’d give you some just to haul it away.
      You know what, I was just thinking, this probably pisses them off more than anything else, when we break away from the misery to laugh insanely, even if just for a moment.
      By the way, my Chinese therapist, Indian valet, and South Korean fanner person all have night jobs working at that strip club you were inquiring about.

        1. Clark,
          Yeah, you’d probably like it. I’m the poorest guy here and apparently I’ve got it made..
          click click click click

          1. Too bad you 86’d that guy so soon. I had a real juicy reply for him, too. That’s a big CLICK, good buddy. Ten-four, over and out.

      1. i have to get out of connecticut oregon sounds like the place to be count me in for more clicks all this clicking were all going to be rich .as a favorite tv show i watch dave chappelle a famouse line of his im rich biotch henry goodluck with your enterprising career as the corporate clicker


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