99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Get Ready for the Consequences of our Failure to Stop Them

The traitors in DC have finished with their works of treason and will now head to their home districts and resorts around the world for some well deserved rest and relaxation.  Never in the history of the world has such treason for reward existed in a society that was armed.  People of the United States give new meaning to the word tolerance and we are going to be punished for our lack of diligence in allowing a soviet coup d’état in our Congress.

The Supreme Soviet of 12 and the Premier Obama are getting ready to show we the people what a totalitarian communistic military dictatorship looks like.  They have already plugged in internet censorship to break our communication and complete control over the mainstream media outlets to silence our voices to the world.

They started with our body politic at the local city council meetings with extended sessions in the back room where ordinances were passed; taking away the citizen’s right to, at a minimum, comment on the subject matter being considered through an open debate and an open vote.  We allowed it because it was just a city council.

Then they infiltrated up to the state level where we have seen our county and state courts taken over by the state sponsored corporations, which are now used in conjunction with local police forces to strong arm the monies we refuse to give to them through higher taxes.

Now the Sovietization has reached the top.  Now the power will build and then come lashing back down at us like a bolt of lightning.  Now they will come for our firearms, with the Congresswoman from Arizona as their poster child.  Gabrielle Giffords made a trip from the rehabilitation center to the Congress to give her affirmation to the communist coup d’état.

Is it just me or does something seem very wrong about this whole situation?  With all due respect; the woman was shot in the head, which begs the question.  Though she may have lived through the attack, is she the same person she was before being shot in the head?  Is she the same person her constituents voted for?  Is she mentally and physically sound and capable of placing a vote in the United States Congress that will affect each and every one of us?

She has not addressed the public so there is no way we can know to what extent a bullet passing through her brain might affect her judgment or her skills at deductive reasoning.  Shouldn’t there be some kind of standard test she should have to pass before resuming her duties as a United States Congresswoman?

We are in wars.  Her decisions can have life and death consequences.  Would you want to fly in a plane being piloted by a person who had been shot in the head seven months ago?  For all we know she might be reduced to the point that she is just doing what she is told and doesn’t know any better.  But oh well, we must be politically correct here, because political correctness is more important than human life.

At any rate, get ready for the gun laws that will be suggested by the Central Committee of 12.  Said suggestion being an offer we cannott refuse without cutting funding to our military which will then be turned against us, or cutting social security which will hurt our old people.

But don’t worry about it right now.  Go back to sleep and while you are napping they will be busily preparing for your demise.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Get Ready for the Consequences of our Failure to Stop Them

  1. The propagandists are complicit as hell with all of this. They just roll with this treason like it’s just another Sponge Bob Square Pants episode. No talk whatsoever on how unconstitutional all of this is. Not one word! Fox, CNN, MSNBC,CBS, ABC all are complicit, with brain dead anchors. I guess the only good news is, that there is a population of 340 million in the United States, and the largest of the bunch Fox News at the most, only has about 600,000 viewers watching during the off hours and about 1.2 million at prime time.

    These News networks are losing viewers like crazy. As you can see below, the ratings suck. So you have to ask yourself, how dumbed down is our public? I don’t even think 65 percent even know what the hell is going on. To busy watching reality TV? Has this all been preplanned by the bastards that are printing Barry’s face on Russian stamps? Again for those of you that maybe don’t know, Russia loves Barry Soetoro, so much so they just gave him a commemorative stamp to celebrate the supposed unitity between Russia and the United States.

    http://english.ruvr.ru/2011/08/02/54099467.html Stamps

    http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/08/02/cable-news-ratings-for-monday-august-1-2011/99447/ News ratings

    1. Judge Napalitano can’t find it within himself to admit what this really is. Fascism. Notice how they soft shoe all of this! Fox just can’t find itself to admit what this really is. No News network will it seems. They are all deceiving the public. They are basically coning the public with their bullshit analogies

    1. Sorry Phil B., but the only stories I see in Google News are those indexed before the attacks.

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