99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – It’s Not Deprivation, It’s Just Politics

All Americans were glued to their TVs as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke took to the stage for his second press conference.  And what did old Ben have to say?  Well, he said that our debt is now about 100% of our gross domestic product, that wages are not keeping up with inflation, that the recovery is going to be a lot slower than originally thought, and that if we do not take measures to pay down our debt we are going to go bankrupt.

Just who in the hell do we owe that debt to?  Oh, that’s right, Ben Bernanke and his band of two bit thieves that make up the Federal Reserve.  How did we incur that debt?  Borrowing money to bail out the two bit thieves that make up the Federal Reserve.  And who do we owe that money to with interest?  Ben Bernanke and the two bit thieves that make up the Federal Reserve.

My God, there are a couple hundred million of us having our property taken by this pathetic little worm and his cabal.  Why are we allowing it?  All we have to do is say no.  Not only can’t they take it from us, but we can kick their arses and put them on a slow barge to Somalia.  And as my brother in arms, Spike Timmons of Indiana Freedom Talk Radio has suggested, put a rope with a bottle of barbeque sauce attached to it around their necks before they go.

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat says he is going to bring home a whole ten thousand of our troops from Afghanistan.  So this is what he meant when he said on the campaign trail that he would bring our troops home from the Middle East.

And what are the gumshoe ace reporters in the propaganda machine saying about all of this?  Well they are saying, “It’s just politics.”  Well I’m going to define this for you.  “Just politics” means a pack of thieving liars continuing to lie and steal hand over fist.

Every day thousands of 99ers are receiving that final unemployment check and joining the ranks of the uncounted.  I’m going to tell you what our enemies are thinking.  By 2012 enough of us will have exhausted our unemployment and ceased to be counted for them to proudly exclaim that the unemployment rate is now down to 7% and if anyone shouts out, “That’s a goddamn dirty lie.  How can they get away with saying this?”  Well that’s just politics.

I think what we had better do is outlaw politics (lying and stealing) in our government.  As I said earlier, there are a couple of hundred million of us and we are heavily armed.  Like the big fat Australian kid getting slapped around by his puny little classmate that was only half his size, we need to come unglued and body slam these bastards.  We have right on our side.  They are breaking the law.  We are the victims.

The mainstream propagandists are trying to compare us with the Greek people, saying that we caused this mess and do not want to suffer the pain it is going to take to fix it.  This is an outrageous lie on both accounts.  The Greek people are not the problem in their country.  They are simply saying “You are not going to take our wealth to bail out these foreign bankers just because they chose to base themselves in our country while they were committing international derivatives fraud.”

I saw one propagandist saying that though we know who stole our wealth and that it was absolutely criminal, that we can’t prosecute, because it would be too hard to defeat these people in court, because they have billions for their defense.  Not only is this a classic example of the inequality in our country, but it is also bullshit.  If someone is arrested and charged with a drug crime they are automatically assumed guilty and all their assets are seized.  In short they cannot use one ill begotten dollar to pay for their defense.

The people in our so called Justice Department could very easily bring these thieves to justice.  The problem is that in doing so it would be found that they, their bosses, and colleagues are implicated in the crimes.  This is why we have to clear the slate and start anew.

When we take our country back and reinstate our Constitution we must go out into the general public and pick people off the street to sit on grand juries and hand down the indictments.  We must strip every one of them of their wealth from the top to the bottom and then take whatever measures are necessary to make sure they never do anything like this again.

Remember they have stolen trillions and continue to steal with complete immunity while the common man and woman are held to a standard of zero tolerance for a seat belt traffic infraction.  This is the stuff revolutions are made of.  And I don’t know about you but I’ve reached the point that I really don’t care whether the revolution is achieved peacefully through the election of Ron Paul or violently through the use of our liberty teeth.

They think they can treat us like dogs.  They are going to find out that sometimes the dog bites and once blood is drawn they will be at the mercy of the pack.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Well just wanted to let you know I just got a call fro 202-228-1950 regarding my calls to the speaker of the house and the ways and means committee, apparently after digging I have found that this is a number associated with the capitol hill police or something, my calls while less than friendly have not been vulgar or threatening, except to let them know that the American people are not far from riots like syria and libyia and egypt if something is not done soon, I have also mentioned that we the American people demand action before the july 4th holiday or the new American revolution would begin, apparently I have struck a nerve and now fear for my safety, just wanted there to be a record of this call in a reputable place in case I mysteriously vanish…I am in good health and watch my back while walking and traveling, I am a New Yorker so we learn street smarts early on, especially where I grew up, so there you have it, more evidence of just how far the powers that be will go to intimidate the average citizen, all for letting it be known we are angry and at our breaking point, I do not regret any call I have made or any email I have sent on our behalf, just want to give the heads up to everyone out there that they are watching and waiting to do it to you too. so if I disappear under mysterious circumstances well…this is the proof that I have been rounded up to be silenced…

    1. Then I am going to the same prison cell you are. Haaa.

      My emails of late are not friendly either and I too make no apologies to our piece of crap polititicans. In the past 2 yrs I have gotten maybe a handful of responses and of course they all use the same forms.

      As the unemployment numbers increase and more become 99ers/homeless I hope more will start taking to the streets. Whether, the politicians like it or not ppl are at wits end and it is time to take control and call out the bums.

    2. hey to a cry unheard im with you you sound like a great person i know the feeling i bash the goverment every chance i get they truly suck they commit atrocity’s every day to us they play in the devil’s playground and were there toy’s and the talk abought you disappearing or being rounded up is a reality they have that plan for all of us martial law and 50 prison camps around the country and before george bush left office he ordered thousands of plastic coffins wonder who they are for ‘us’ i hope the revolution gets started i will be in the front line maybe standing next to you oh by the way look up fema utube that saids it all wish you well stay alive

  2. No matter what, unfortunately we don’t have any control over anything that goes on in our government. We have the right to vote, though everyone who runs for political office is usually a crook and greedy scoundrel. The people in office all do what they do and pretty much leave the people , the middleclass, the 99ers, etc….out of mind and out of sight. We are nothing to this greedy generation of Wall Street degenerates and politicians from Hell. In the very far past,
    America stood for the people of America. The politicians stood for the people and stood for what’s right for America. Now these politicians stand for themselves and the dollar bill. We as Americans use to believe in helping each other and believed ‘In God We Trust’ as per dollar bill.
    Now the dollar bill should read ‘In Greed We Trust’. Our ancestors must be turning in their graves at the disgrace that these so called greedy bastards have created. Remember America use to be all about America and the American people. We all worked hard! We all fought for our country! We all always respected what this country stood for. Now it’s not about ‘For The People’ It’s about how much money these crooks could put in their pockets! It’s all about how much money they could steal from you and me! Remember everyone of these scoundrels are being paid by the American people. The government or even Wall Street doesn’t have a penny unless the people give it to them. In reference to that fat Judge in yesterdays story…This guys living off a fat patient!!!!again off of th people!!!!!!! You and I don’t want to pay for his patient!
    Time to fight!! To change America!!!!! These bastards now have gone too far!!!!!!
    Unite 99ers….join the fight against the scum that ruined this country!!!!!!

  3. Now that’s what I call a post! Everything that needed to be said, has been said. Thank god! We honestly need to take action! No more talking, we need to organize! Be aware of this movement, for fucks sake, make this a priority in your life, Americans. We need to stop this bullshit these thieves in our government are doing to us. We need to band together and become a louder voice than any other political party. We should make a list of all the things that need to be changed, vote on it and make it our mission statement. Get every single lying, cheating an two face political douche out of office. We need to prepare, community leaders, blue/white collar workers, students and anybody not already turned to the dark side of politics, and prepare to take the positions of all these senators, congress and political thieves alike. Prepare, Act, Conquer!

    1. believe me when i say this they take are social security away the streets are going to explode and if they think eygpt yemen or syria were bad this will topple any riot this world has ever saw and there will be alot of bloodshed and to think iv’e paid into it since 1985 and there going to take it away there going to have to kill me i will take a bullet for my fellow countrymen there doing it to me and all of you they keep pushing buttons every day to see how far they can go i know if im as angry as i am there’s someone even more angrier let the revolution begin oh and by the way everyone thinks ron paul going to fix this crap look what every one thought obama think abought they all tell you what you want to hear and as soon as there in it’s politics as usuaul

    2. M. Gutierrez,
      Here is our mission statement:

      1. End CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT.
      2. End the Federal Reserve.
      3. Throw all illegals from other countries out.
      4. Seal our borders.
      5. Tax the monies American corporations have sitting in foreign banks.
      6. Put a 90% tax on all monies leaving the United States destined for foreign investments.
      7. Stop all exports of our natural resources except in the form of manufactured goods; tables not boards.
      8. Put a 70% tariff on all imports.
      9. Retrieve the $28 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia through fraud.
      10. Use those retrieved monies to establish a fund to make interest free loans to American entrepreneurs, regardless of their credit score.

      If our so called representatives would do all these things, we would be a prosperous country again.

  4. On The News Today,
    Republicans demand cuts to medicare and absolutely no tax increase for the wealthy. I THINK MY HEAD MAY EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!! What F’in planet are they on-they are oblivious to what the average Joe is going through. Excuse me I have to throw up.

  5. Now we are making some progress, let’s take that list and make it happen. Let’s keep the mission statement growing, we got global, we need nationwide and local lists. Let’s put the fear in our current electives, and let them know they have no job in our government! Prepare, Act, Conquer!

  6. I would like to know how we are supposed to do anything when we have NO MONEY to go protest in Washington to be heard. Washington has deaf ears and doesnt care. No one is going to help us. HR 589 is dead and we better get that in our heads.If your not wealthy, a lobbist, or in some ones pocket you dont matter. I know its sad to say but thats the way it is. 2012 is a long way off and i dont think some of us can wait that long. ive tried everything i know to get Washington to listen (Phone calls,e-mail,letters ) and it has done nothing. I read this site all the time ( we need a revolution, lets go to Washington, contact your REP. and so on but nothing is changing. If some has a real idea on how to stop this nightmare, Im all for it. If its a march on Washington ill find someway to get there.Just tell me where and when. IM OUT OF IDEAS.

  7. Hawkeye, we don’t need no stinking money! Not being a voice? Here’s the no money needed idea, one of many.
    1. We could all organize and shut down cities by sitting down on downtown city blocks, 50 unemployed per city block, from 9-5. To show this government how our numbers look like. Do this for a whole week. Since we have no “hope” this will be easy for us to accomplish.
    2. Start banding together to teach ourselves the ropes of real democracy! Learning current laws, following current events, and coming up with the ideas that would fix them, not opinions.
    3. We need a voice and face for this movement, someone that would make this their life goal and fight for the American people and voice their ideas, opinions and cause.
    4. Shut down our spending habits! (no money needed) send a message to these companies sending jobs overseas, you are about to go into the red for quarters on end. (please post a list of these sellouts)

    This is just the tip of the iceberg that will sink this titanic of a government. If we can accomplish these short goals, especially number 1, we can start a movement that would change this country for the better, we honestly need to stop and reboot this country. We need a year or two to think about us an not about the world, we have been the “police” of this planet for a long time now, and we need to take our vacation, bring back our troops now! Not in lots of 10k, all of them, wipe our presents from the world and let them fend for themselves for a while. Fix this broken thing we call liberty, freedom and the “American” way. Prepare, Act, Conquer!

  8. I’m tired of Republicans and Democrats, they are both on the same team. Tier-5 Unemployment Extension should have been passed a long time ago. It makes me sick to the stomach when they talk about wars and Bush Tax Cuts. Republicans are cutting stuff that helps the American Middle-Class and the poor. Democrats are hiding up under the table. 2012 is around the corner, it’s time to vote these lying people out of office. Republicans want the poor to suffer, that’s why they are blocking bills and pointing fingers. They always says they support Unemployment Benefits if they are paid for, but you can pay for Bush Tax cuts and wars. They are hiding money that was for unemployment benefits I think it is 29 billion dollars. That will pay for the benefits. The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer. America are tired of the old games.

  9. The true answer is voting, politicians, and government is a farce. It is a ploy to make you believe you actually have a stake in the outcome. It is a psychologically designed system to keep you believing that America is great and you should stand a post. HA HA. First off, I do not believe ANYTHING the government says. This country was bought and paid for decades ago, the corporate swine control it all, every bit. To fool yourselves in thinking you actually have a voice is futile. If you cannot contribute millions to a candidate, then you HAVE NO say!! Period. Why did the French Revolution take place? Simple. The nobility of France were feeding their DOGS better than the poor. And so the poor killed everyone of those noble bastards!! It is time my friends, it is time!! Lets take it back!!!!

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