99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – The Wolf is at the Door

We here at From the Trenches are recommending that all 99ers buy gold immediately.  Take your money out of stocks and buy gold now.  We 99ers have been laboring through the day biting our fingernails in ever increasing anxiety as the US credit rating has been lowered and stocks are plunging………not!

I wonder just how many realize that there are millions of us out here who cannot get excited about this economic news as the economics that are breathing down our backs are keeping a roof over our heads, paying the utility bills, and getting something to eat with no income or prospect of a job.

Here is a scenario for you.  Give every 99er, who now stands not to collect a nickel from Social Security, every dollar they paid in.  We could then wisely buy gold with that money and by Christmas time, the money we will have made through doing absolutely doing nothing more than putting in a purchase order, would no doubt carry us through another year without us ever having touched our principle.

This whole dog and pony show going on in the stock market equates to nothing more than moving wealth from one place to another.  The corporations in this country have been buying up gold with our stolen money they have stashed overseas.  They then purposely drive down the US stock market and wahla, through depreciation of our currency the price of their gold is driven up and another large portion of our wealth is sucked out of our country and deposited in foreign accounts owned by US corporations, which can only be called US because they have based themselves here in order to procure a monopoly on the theft of our natural resources.

Now that they have created a phony crisis they will offer us a solution.  The soviet of thirteen.  Twelve party members with a premier at the top.  They will now enact their austerity measures under the guise of appeasing some two-bit thugs, whose gang logo is S & P.  This has been and is nothing more than an elaborate con designed to allow the international corporate mafia to secure the futures of our grandchildren and now our great grandchildren as subjugated peasants, whom they will rule with an iron fist.

That is, the ones they will allow to live.  You see there is a glut of slave property on the world market right now and it has reached the point that it is costing the global elite more to maintain their human property than it is worth.  That is why they are extending their iron hand of control into the realms of health care and food production as these are the tools they will need to eliminate the excess.

People, watch what they are doing and listen to what they are saying.  This is the institution of international world government operating under the golden rule, which says the man with the gold makes the rule.

American people of the American race, prepare yourselves, our enemies are at the gates.  It is time to fight for our lives.

Our only salvation lies in the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution and in removing ourselves from the international system that has been specifically designed for the institution of international communism under the control of the corporate elite.

These creatures are vampires.  They are grotesque gluttonous beasts that have grown obese in sucking the life’s blood from the rest of us.  Let us surround them with torches and pitchforks and hold them down and drive a stake through their heart, and once and for all end this reign of terror they have unleashed on the progeny of our forefathers.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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