99ers, HR 589 Unemployment Extension – We Want More Than the Illusion of Jobs and Prosperity

Well the actors pretending to be our representatives have come forth through their propagandists mouthpieces and declared that, “Gee golly, things are worse than we thought.  Come to find out things have actually been getting worse over the past year rather than getting better.”  They are saying that their estimates were wrong and are now running polls to see if we the people think the situation is getting worse or better.  The whole scenario would be laughable if the implications to millions of us were not so dire.

Let’s look at it like this.  They have now admitted that rather than gaining jobs we have been losing jobs by the millions.  So do you think they would be willing to take it a step further and admit that all those nasty things they have been saying about the long term unemployed have also been wrong and untrue?  You know, like ”There’s plenty of jobs out there,” and “We are lazy and just want to kick back and enjoy the good life, hungry and living in the streets.”

They have admitted that all their calculations were wrong except the one they used to determine that 99 weeks was more than enough time for anyone who wanted a job to find one.  So do you think they are going to take their admissions to a logical conclusion and extend unemployment to the 99ers?  Well if so, think again.

Stuart Varney was again attacking those who have nothing, saying that we are living the good life at the rich man’s expense by getting food stamps.  He talked about people getting these benefits fraudulently because they just don’t want to work.  He said that over the past two years 14 million more scam artists have gotten on food stamps.  Curious, 14 million people made 99ers right at the same time 14 million decided to scam the system.  What are you trying to say here Stuart, you pathetic piece of dung?

And of course Stuart believes there should be investigations and prosecutions.  That’s right, Stuart Varney, you sleazy piss ant.  Spare no expense when going after the poor man over a few hundred dollars worth of food stamps, while ignoring the theft of our $28 trillion of wealth perpetrated by your butt buddy banker friends and colleagues.  Keep it up dirt bag, your time is coming.

There were 429,000 new jobless claims this week, marking ten weeks of over 400,000.  There was two weeks about six months ago when the weekly jobless claims dropped to around 360,000, and bam! the unemployment rate dropped from 10% to 9%.  Now ten weeks of 400,000 plus with scat for any new jobs and the jobless rate has only risen one tenth of one percent.

Obama and every individual socialist and neo-con presidential candidate are glomming onto a single portion of Ron Paul’s agenda to build their campaign on.  Their versions of these individual issues are watered down and milk toast at best.  All of the sudden like, Obama has decided that it might be a good idea to have a substantial number of our troops out of Afghanistan by 2012.  Not all, mind you, but just enough until he can say, “Look I really want to stop the wars.”  No sale, Obama.

Of course you have Rick Perry with his milk toast attack on the TSA that will result in a little less fondling of our children.  Let us not forget that Governor Perry whole heartedly supports the check points in his state, where the police are actually sticking needles in people’s arms to draw their blood to determine their guilt or innocence on the side of the road.

And then you have the Demorats in Congress jumping on the legalize pot bandwagon.  Legalizing marijuana would be a good step, but it is still a half measure when compared with Ron Paul’s plan to re-legalize all personal freedoms.

We have to look at these sleazebags for what they are and that is neo-cons and socialists who want to run on a single one of Ron Paul’s promises, which they will renege on once they are in office.  And if they make it into office the neo-cons will take up business as usual in moving more of our nation’s wealth from the poor, the elderly, and the middle class to the pockets of the filthy rich.  And the socialists will continue their agenda to funnel our wealth through stimulus to the rich corporations so they can move what little of our jobs and industry that we have left to other countries.

We are not going to fall for this bull.  Why choose a single promise from someone you know to be a liar when you can go for the whole package with what might be the only man in government today capable of telling the truth.  We must give them a resounding, “Go to hell, liar.  We want our Republic back complete with our Constitution enforced in full.  We are the American people of the American race.  This is our country and you will follow our dictate, public servants.”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry,

    Thanks for all your articles and wisdom, I’ve enjoyed hearing them for all your insights. I have posted a few times as I am a 99er. Sadly, being unable to find gainful employment due to being over qualified and being out of work too long I will be unable to post or be heard anymore. I will be losing my place and living in my car while I still can hold onto it. I am deeply disheartened with the state of denial by our government that there exists a crisis for what was once middle class Americans. There are many reasons for this which Henry you eloquently discuss. I wonder if you are being heard or simply ignored. Either way, I wish to say thank you for all your research and hard work. Maybe you should consider public service by way of representation. Best of luck to you in school! I will go out again today and basically beg for a chance at doing anything. If any luck, I will write again.

      1. hey john im in the same boat your in been actually homeless for the last 6 weeks it’s horrible im going through the same pains you are in are goverment is a bunch of f–kin scumbags they know believe me there waiting for us to riot and if there is a get together in washington on july 4 henry let me know i will find away there because this cant go on any longer you know they read these stories abought me and john and clark and whoever else is suffering we need to do something now or there going to stomp us for good sorry john got off the subject a little bit keep talking to us it will keep your mind going go to your local library they have computers keep in touch and if this helps try to get on social services get a foodstamp card and see what else they can help you with it’s not easy asking for help trust me but it will keep you alive for the fight we have on our hands keep in touch you got friends on this site goodluck and stay alive

          1. it was your words that kept me from thinking abought the worst. being on here helps me. letting me know im not the only one thanks my friend maybe i’ll see you in washington we’ll have to get a beer

          2. you got that right and maybe a strip club im sure washington has alot of good ones since that’s probably where congress spends are taxpayers money

  2. I think the government is so worried about stupid stuff then what is really going on. My wife committed suicide because she lost her job and could no longer help her family after her unemployment ran out almost a year ago. She spent 12hours a day hunting for a job in her field and never received an interview. It’s not like she was stupid. She had a Bachelor’s degree. She was either over qualified or was out of work to long to get the position. Now me and our two kids are without her and fighting for extended benefits for every American person that has reached their 99 wks. I know how my wife felt before she took her life. I just wish the politicians would realize. She will never see her grandchildren or see her kids graduate from college. My wife was the center of our family. She was the glue that held our family together. She stayed long enough to see our son graduate HS and the next day ended her life.
    If any politicians read this please realize that this isn’t the first person that has taken their life and I’m sure it won’t be the last. These people can’t look their families in the face and say I’m sorry that I worked for a company that moved overseas. Please help these people out before more lives are lost due to your inability to create jobs or help out the needy.

    1. stupid politician, I am so sorry for your loss. It’s a horror like this that keeps a burning hatred in my soul for the evil bastards that did this to your family, and many others ! Paybacks are coming, brother. Hang on.

    2. sorry to hear that that really sucks believe they know they dont give a shit abought anyone but there own group of parisitical liers criminalistic scumbags they should all be hung and tried by the courts for crimes against americans as i said before they have no law no one govering them so it’s a free for all you or me get caught stealig bread from a store and they put you in prison for five years this country is nothing but an atrocity

  3. Common guys the universities are not for everyone these days, it is very costly just accept, only alternative now is something called “High Speed University” where you pay much much less but get degree faster

  4. So sad!!! That is why we need to vote that stupid ass obama and the rest of those nuts out of Washington! NONE OF THEM DESERVES OUR VOTES!!!! Not ONE of them!!! I’m sure as hell not going to vote for any of them!!!!! They are all the damn same. I am a 99er too and having trouble just keeping car insurance to go look for a damn job!!! But, even IF I get a $200,000.00 a year job, these ass holes in Washington Starting with Obama will never get my vote again! NEVER!!!

  5. I have been writing about this for 4 years now – I was in mortgages – WE WERE THE FIRST TO THE PARTY when the Democrats took over in 2007 and NATIONALIZED THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY………….389 companies were shitcanned in about 8 months………no one cared – we were evil, I wrote in 2007 that we would not be able to live near schools………..then the employers told us that we would NOT BE HIRED if we had any mortgage references on our resumes…………………then they went one step further and said that no one wanted to hire anyone who WAS UNEMPLOYED, you needed a job TO GET A JOB………………and 153 weeks out of the last 161 weeks HAVE THROWN 400,000 + ONTO THE JOBLESS ROLLS……………….400,000 EVERY WEEK FOR 3 YEARS AND THE MEDIA CAN’T FIND THE STORY…………..just to save BARRYHUSSEINOBAMA………………..

    can you imagine if Bush was vacationing in a 50,000 a week house in the Hamptons WITH 153 WEEKS OF 400,000 AMERICANS JOBLESS……………………WHOA BOY……………THEY WOULD HAVE CARRIED THOSE ‘KILL BUSH’ SIGNS AND STOOD OUTSIDE THE HOUSE YELLING………….

    but YAWN to save a democrat idiot like Barry — as soon as the 400,000 number is announced on Thursday morning – by midnight the media has MADE THE STORY DISAPPEAR……….

    you know like all those dead soldiers Barry is killing in his ramped up and new wars……..THE MEDIA JUST MAKES THEM DISAPPEAR…..

    I have written that the unemployed are the JEWS OF THIS HOLOCAUST…………..the Hitler media hid those dead Jews like they hide the unemployed. If you asked about it you were lied to just like they lie about the unemployed…………those people didn’t lose their houses because they were stupid – THEY LOST THEIR DAMN JOBS……………..SCREW MY BARRY LOVING MEDIA

    I was one of the FIRST 99ers, benefits ran out over 1.5 years ago and we were made fun of, trashed and thrown onto the ashheap…………….at the same time last July CONGRESS RACED BACK FROM VACATION TO SAVE THE UNION JOBS………………..screw the rest of us……

    THAT 400,000 NUMBER DOES NOT COUNT the people fired right before a company lays off thousands…………….they go through and thin the herd………..you were late twice last month you are fired……………SAVES THEM THOUSANDS ON UNEMPLOYMENT……….

    and that 400,000 number doesn’t count the self-employed………….they just disappear into dust…..

    so the real number is 500,000, 2 million a month for 3 years unemployed……………


    but when your mommy comes to your rescue for 3 years and then leaves because she is out of money- you are still in the same hole ………

    just like our economy and DEAD BANKS WALKING…………..the money is gone and we are just as bad as we were in 2008 BUT WE HAVE LOST 5.4 TRILLION DOLLARS


    strap in, the real game is just beginning, the rest has been a warm-up- 300,000 public sector employees will be jobless in 60 days and about 5,000 wall street guys…………..THIS IS JUST STARTING…………….

    but don’t worry after HIS 10 DAY VACATION BARRY WILL TELL US HIS PLAN………….see why you must elect republicans, THE MEDIA HATES THEIR GUTS, THEY WOULD NEVER LET THIS HORRIBLE DESTRUCTION GO ON FOR 3 YEARS UNREPORTED……………….NEVER……………….and 2 million a month for 36 months is the end of America

    1. Wrong. Did you forget about the eight years of Bush that led up to the financial crash? People like you really piss me off.
      Be advised, the people reading this site have taken the red pill and are no longer trapped in the matrix of the false left-right paradigm. We don’t want the god damnable neo-con national socialists calling themselves Republicans no more than we want the Fabian social soviet communists calling themselves Democrats. The fact they all shit through the same hole and if you cannot see that you are one of the stupid people whose stupid decisions we have been living with for too long.
      Go ahead and vote your Rick Perry in and I’ll see you at the revolution.

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