99ers HR589 Supporters – 8.9% Unemployment Rate Fraudulent Number

The unemployment rate dropped to 8.9% for February.  Lie.  Apparently we are not even getting our fraudulent unemployment number by the same fraudulent system we have been using for years, as that system is no longer fraudulent enough to hide the truth. 

The fraudulent system we were using counted the number of those receiving unemployment benefits, which failed to count the 99ers and all other long term unemployed.  And of course, as more people became 99ers they are removed from the equation. 

This was a fraudulent system but as we have been losing jobs as fast as or faster than new 99ers are being made, this lying ass government could not get the unemployment number to come down.  And as the number has to come down in order to perpetuate the lie of 7% unemployment by the 2012 election, the fraudulent scum bags have developed an even more fraudulent system for calculating their fraudulent unemployment number.

They now do a house to house survey involving about a thousand homes of unemployed people, or so they say.  How easy is it for them, simply by checking social security numbers to find the few who have gone back to work, and then add those households to the survey in a proportion that guarantees them any number they want?

Gallup Poll puts the unemployment rate of February at 10.3% and underemployment at 19.9%.  And these numbers are lies as they too are calculated by survey.  You have to remember that 99ers and all other long term unemployed, about 20 million of us, have been removed from the equation.

Remember back when you used to work?  What would have happened to you if you used some kind of bizarre fuzzy math to derive a fraudulent number that you used on your tax return?  I’ll tell you what would happen; your ass would go to jail. 

These unconscionable bastards that make up this unconstitutional illegitimate government are with malice and forethought creating and using numbers, that they know to be fraudulent, that are affecting the lives of 20 million citizens. 

But is there any mechanism in place to investigate and prosecute them for the felony of fraud?  Hell no, they are not held to the same standards as we are.  They create their own laws and immunities.  And if they go so far that their actions create a moral outrage and calls for prosecution, well they just conduct a few multimillion dollar investigations and if anyone gets indicted, they just have their puppet president pardon or commute the sentence of his criminal brethren and sisteren. 

All of this, while we as citizens are held to a standard of zero tolerance in reference to something as minute as the seat belt law.  The fact is these scum bags are making up their own laws as they go along.  Maybe it’s time we started doing the same.  We’ll call it the law of survival wherein if we are to survive they must be destroyed.

A commenter suggested the other day that we start writing 99er on our foreheads or hands with a marker before we go out in public.  I think we had better start doing it. 

I also think we had better start making calls and sending emails to every one of our so called representatives demanding the prosecution of the government officials putting out these fraudulent numbers.

I don’t know what can be done in reference to legal action against the Department of Labor but I’m going to try to find out.  The fact is there is probably nothing that can be done as the corporations now own our courts, lock stock and barrel.

I made a call to the Department of Labor wherein I was greeted as a customer, indicating that the responsibilities of that portion of our government have been contracted out to private corporations.  We all know that corporations are bound by no law.  So in reality it is the corporations who are putting these fraudulent numbers forth.

When the uprising in this country finally occurs we must make sure that every one of them, from the meter maid to the president, is punished for the treason they have committed against we the people, our Constitution, and Republic.

If these new lies and who created them do not make more 99ers mad enough to get in the fight, I don’t know what will.

Oh yeah, as a sub note, I have to believe that none of the millions of 99ers living in tent cities and on the streets were included in this house to house phone survey. 

And by the way, hey Ed Schultz, Mr. 99er advocate, are you going to be calling this fraud out on your next broadcast and demand prosecutions for those being contracted by the labor department to create the fraudulent numbers, or will you just play this fraud off as politics as these fraudulent unemployment numbers are beneficial to your spit swapping communist lover Barry Soetoro?

And what about you, Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott, are you going to hold a press conference to challenge these fraudulent numbers as a violation of the law or are you going to continue to stay under the radar, only popping up every six months to claim your advocacy for the 99ers in an attempt to get your socialist asses reelected?

99ers I tell you if nothing else, we must vote every single incumbent, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Constitutional Party, Green Party out of office in 2012, if nothing else, just for revenge.

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  1. I keep saying it doesnt matter who we vote for. It is already set in stone who comes in and who goes out. When you vote dem and your vote is kicked over to repub in a electronic vote and if you dont notice then guess what? So why do we even bother to vote? IT JUST DOESNT MATTER?

  2. Again we are a society that only believes what we here on the 5:00 news. The lies they dish out are for only the government and wall street gains. Low numbers of unemployed, high numbers in stock market. The problem is when the truth finally comes out, there will be trouble for all.

    We the people who was once the very people who made a great contribution to this America is now being eliminated in so many ways. We the 99ers and the unemployed are being swept under the sheets from everyone. I recently took a survey in various areas and spoke to various ages of people. My question to them was ‘Do you know what a 99er is?’ The majority of people did not know the answer unless they were a 99er and apart of the internet crowd. There even were some people who were 99ers and didn’t know that term. The point I’m getting at is we have to educate America with protest and demonstrations similar to the one on Wall Street. We have to be known, make a scene and become a part of history so this crisis never happens again. We the 99ers are like ghosts drifting through endless days, though no one hears, cares or sees us. Unfortunately our society doesn’t do anything about anything until it’s too late. Also we’re a society that only believes what we hear on the 5:00 news. So let’s make the news!
    We have a crisis here and now. This crisis is now brewing to be a tragedy if we the 99ers don’t do anything about it. Yes, in many ways the government is eliminating us. They have forgotten about us and in other words just want us to die and go away. We can not let this happen. Continue to educate and fight for the right to be here.
    We will not be forgotten!

  3. This article is so true. How can we organize to make the government/and crooked companies accountable for lies about the actual unemployment figures. I live in New York State. And on the UI website for New York State the number they give for the % of unemployed in New York State is a total lie. It doesn’t as you say count the people who have dropped off the system completely and are still unemployed. It lowers the number based on seasonal employment that lasts as little as 3 months a year. Who can live on only 3 months per year of minimum wage employment ???? Anyone in this country. I think not,not if they have to buy gas at almost $4.00 per gallon to get to a job or go to an interview. Pay babysitter possibly, buy food . While there are government employees making $200,000.00 per year for doing nothing, thousands of them. And the real question when you look at this situation is how can anyone wonder why the country is tanking. Simple abuse and mis use of taxpayer funds by the people running the country, while they don’t care and are creating genocide for the middle class and thier ability to even have an averagely normal life.

    These people running our country are all bastards /or bitches [ being gender specific], they have thiers and don’t care about the people at the bottom of the rung.



  4. Maybe we should all put sighn s in are front yard saying 99er and the date you were unemployed maybe this will get the attention of the media driving around when they go street to street seeing 99er sighs in every neighbor hood. We have to do something to wake people up and yes we do need to start protesting in every capital across this nation.They think they have won and we can not let this happen. We must do what it takes to get a check or a job !!!!!!!!!!!! We all would like the job but I don t see it!!!!

    1. If we put signs out how long unemployed we would be shamed by the people going by or rotten eggs thrown.

  5. Henry,
    Your site and articles from you, Mark, Rick and the others, give me constant hope, and validation that there are many of us out here who want to make change, and I know how frustrated you are that not much is happening. I have been an advocate of not only your site, but so many others trying to effect change (Michael Thornton-Rochester Unempl; Jobless United-DonaLee; Change.org;Moveon.org. etc, etc…)I have written to everyone suggested to speak out, signed every petition relevant, and done what we were prompted to do, to speak our minds. And you know where that has gotten us. I watch and read everything I can, Zeitgeist included (the first ones over a year ago), check out all websites related to Fed Reserve, conspiracy theories, George Soros, and on and on and….So now I have this knowledge and much information, and converse with anyone who is interested, and still wonder how that information will be of some of constructive value to us, as the group.

    If we don’t find a huge voice, it seems like we won’t ever be heard. I have had the idea, and wanted to ask your opinion -since you are such a great writer and have so much information- and ask, could you create a clear, concise fact sheet for all of us to use to send to everyone we can think of, who could enhance our voice to get us in the light. I see this sheet as simple statements: a first heading could be ‘Real’ Jobless numbers, underneath listing the more factual jobless numbers (unemployed, underemployed), next line could be why mllions are not counted, etc. then cite a reference as to where the correct, truthful info can be found. Next heading could relate to one liners about Poverty (unemployed; chronic poverty, homeless..) I’m sure you see what I am asking, and I know you have the numbers to relay. The sheet has to be clear, one liners, if feasible, and state a reference where the true information can be found.

    I don’t think at this point any of us are above sending the facts to everyone from Matt Damon to journalists to tv personalities..everyone. Getting the facts through assistants, secretaries, handlers might be a lot easier, if we kept personal info out, as I have a feeling most of us tend to do. Make it a glaring, stark reality piece.

    I haven’t been commenting to sites lately, but I would like to comment about the articles you all write, and how informative they are, yet the ‘comments’ (except from your true followers) are so indicative of the mentality consuming us. Sadly, it seems many just want to rant or write incoherently about themselves, stating nothing even related to the incredible article you spent much effort writing ( and, hopefully they read). I can only imagine how disheartened you writers must feel, when you read the inane comments that are written.

    One last thought, can we really hope for change in voting, when we will have nothing but another ‘crop’ of lying, stealing, treasonous asses to choose from? I believe the true problem we will continue to have is a direct effect from the High Court allowing campaign contributions from who -knows- where, to corrupt and seduce our ‘leaders’ into forcing us into oblivion for their own gain. Clarence Thomas is a joke, and probably indicative of the corrupt court we have in place. If we can rid the trash there, in turn create a level playing field for aspiring candidates, we may have a chance at electing supporters of humanity, our planet, our future.

    1. Ready,
      The fact is even in the mainstream media they will report three different sets of conflicting numbers within five minutes. That is because the numbers are so jumbled from so many different sources it is impossible to tell what the truth is.
      However when I listen to alternative media the same number keeps coming up and that is 20 million unemployed. Another number that keeps coming up is $23.7 trillion stolen by the bankers. We currently have a $14.5 trillion debt and a $1.4 trillion budget deficit. Do the math.
      If the Ponzi scheme had not been allowed, not only would we not be in a depression, but we would indeed be about $7 trillion in the black. If it had not been for the theft we would all still be working our jobs, living comfortably, and looking forward to our retirement.
      I took a lot of time writing the article that will be posted tomorrow. If you want to see how simple the problem is and indeed how simple the solution is take the time to read it.
      Personally it’s getting harder to see any way out of this mess short of a shooting war, which is really a shame because if all of we the people could just quit looking out for our own self interests and come together we could settle this thing in one day without firing a shot.

  6. Well done, ready. It’s good to see you commenting here. I’m looking forward to reading Henry’s reply and more thoughts from you.

  7. There’s no Hope is there?! they will not help us will they ! I am so scared and frustrated!!
    enough please this is enough ……………
    Lord Jesus why?

    1. I am scared too. I become a 99er in 3 weeks. Bye bye house. Been barely holding on for two years with help from the food bank.

  8. Does anyone really believe the unemployment rate is 8.9%? I really thought the Obama administration was going to be a more truthful presidency. There are not enough jobs to satisfy the workers demand. Simple supply and demand would seem to dictate an extension is more than warranted but we hear nothing from our leaders to that effect. Maybe a job paying a living wage will trickle down someday!

  9. I think a great way to get the true number of unemployed 99ers would be to create a web site where we 99ers could visit and post their names. I’m certain somebody has the know how to do such a thing, setting the site up to automatically tally all those who register and allow us to visit to see how the numbers are adding up. We could get the word out the same way those in the Middle East have, by using Facebook and other social networks. I understand that even this would not include those who have suffered the most and have no homes, much less internet, but it would be a way for us to show in numbers that we exist and are unified.

    1. Sounds like a good idea! Only I don’t know how to create web site. My plight hit home when this has never happened before but a church came to my door to tell us a truck would be at their church for donating food bank items. As I closed the door I cried because I am one of those using the food bank. I feel so bad. Normally I would be giving.

      1. Please add me and my wife to your represented states. We became 99ers the beginning of 2011 and are almost broke. No work in sight. Our government sucks. From Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.

      2. You have to get your website to appear higher up on the web search pages. It does not even show up on MSN’s bing search. Get some more key words on your site. You should be able to get 2,000,000,000 people signing up not just 200. Thanks again for the effort.

        1. Mike,
          We are a very controversial site. We have worked our way into Google and if you have any suggestions as to how we can get the site seen in more places please let me know and we will sure give it a try.

      3. FYI. Idaho just tried to pass a bill to end all federal extensiond cause it was deterring us lazy bums from going out and taking one of the many jobs they say are out there. it didn’t pass though. Yet. Assholes. Also. Can you make these security questions a bit easier. How are we unemployed supposed to know what 15+15 is. We aren’t even qualified to work at McDonalds.

  10. Is this article real? Individual States can add additional unemployment extensions if they choose to?


    By Harry Esteve
    McClatchy News Service
    Posted: 2:00 AM March 03, 2011

    Oregon’s economy may be on the rebound, but not fast enough for the tens of thousands out of work and running out of unemployment benefits, say two state senators who are working on an extension.

    “Our unemployment rate is down, and that is good news,” said Senate Majority Leader Diane Rosenbaum. “That still leaves 218,000 Oregonians who are out of work.”

    OR Lawmakers look to extend unemployment benefits. Two proposed bills could add up to 26 weeks for those out of work. Rosenbaum, a Portland Democrat, has teamed up with Dallas Republican Sen. Brian Boquist to sponsor two bills that, between them, would extend unemployment benefits for between 20 and 26 weeks. The bills are on a fast track and would be signed by Gov. John Kitzhaber if they reach his desk.

    The first, Senate Bill 637, taps into a federal emergency fund that would give Oregon $225 million for workers who have been out of work since 2009 and have exhausted all other benefits. About 50,000 residents would be eligible for those benefits, Rosenbaum said, at no cost to the state treasury.

    On top of that, Senate Bill 638 would tack on another six weeks of benefits to those out of work since 2008, for a combined extension of about six months. That gives a bit more breathing room for the economy to continue its recovery and people to pin down a job, Rosenbaum said.

    Both bills are up for a hearing today. The bill has bipartisan support, and Rosenbaum says she’s hopeful it can zip through the Legislature in time to kick in by April 16. That’s when tens of thousands of unemployed Oregonians are expected to run out of benefits.

    Rosenbaum said the extensions are necessary to stave off what could become a dire situation for thousands unable to find work since the recession struck. Without the extension of benefits, as many as 35,000 people a week would begin to exhaust benefits by April, according to state labor statistics.

    Oregon’s share of the cost is projected to be $30 million from its unemployment fund. The amount is big enough to add a six-week buffer, but not so big to cause a hike in unemployment insurance rates, Rosenbaum said. “It’s a balance between what we can afford to do and providing some help,” she said.

    The latest state jobs report, released Tuesday, shows growth and gives out-of-work Oregonians reason for hope, Rosenbaum said.

    “But at the same time, you talk to people who have just lost their job, or your read about the Blue Heron paper mill,” she said, referring to the Oregon City company that suddenly shut down last week. “Things are improving, but it’s still definitely hard times for a lot of Oregon workers.”

    She said the bipartisan nature of the bill gives her hope that it will have smooth sailing through the Legislature. And Kitzhaber, who suggested soon after he was elected that benefit extensions might become necessary, already is on board.

    “The governor believes it’s a good idea,” said Kitzhaber spokeswoman Christine Miles. “He likes what he sees and is looking forward to getting it on his desk.”

    1. Mizori-DC,
      Yes, states can grant unemployment extensions. The fact is we are being screwed by our so called representatives from the bottom to the top. And our state representatives are just as guilty as our ferderal representatives in that the only thing important to them is the kickback they are getting from the corporations for selling us out.

    2. It has to do with the “Emergency Extensions” up to 99 weeks that was renewed in Dec. Nine states have yet to approve the additional weeks for their state. It does not apply to the 99ers.

      1. Correction- Unless you live in a state that cut you off before 99 weeks, then it could help you.

      2. Angel, I believe you are incorrect on that. The nine states are Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming. Also, the article mentions it would benefit workers that have been out of work since 2008 and 2009, which would be well over the 99 weeks. Maybe it’s me, am I reading it wrong??

        1. I truly wish I was. Not all “99ers” received 99 weeks. Our brothers and sisters in Oregon & Misouri became 99ers after 79 weeks. The bill being argued (and filibustered in Misouri) would extend Federal benefits up to 99 weeks. In that sense, it would help the “99ers” in those states, as they are actually “79ers.” I looked up Oregon bills 637 & 638. There is nothing that would extend beyond 99 weeks. Also, every article I’ve read has stated that the extension would be between 79-99 weeks. Sure wish I had better news on that one and I really hope they do approve it for the “79ers” sake.

  11. I made phone calls and was told that senate bill 637 and senate bill 638 for Oregon. Would in fact help the 99ers that have run out of benefits. The Gov. said he was ready to sign the bills and they would go into effect by April 11th. I do not know how they work out back payments or if you just have to start claiming again. It is about time they do something for the people in Oregon..All states can add extensions start contacting people. I write to my reps everyday and send e-mails to Kitzhaber daily..So people keep contacting your reps..It does work…

    1. Thanks for confirming that, Marilyn. The way I read it, it does include the 99ers. I’m so happy for all you Oregon 99ers! I’ve emailed my governor and Massachusetts reps previously, but I guess it’s time to step it up…….it sounds like that may be the way to go!

      1. Tom Fuller, Spokesman for Oregon’s Unemployment Department, has clearly stated 637 will not add anything beyond 99 weeks…638 will add 6 weeks, if passed….

        637simply “extends” Oregon’s HEB that ran out of money early-mid last year..HEB had a $$ cap…first come, first served…so…637 is simply locking and loading more $$ in HEB for the folks that have since run out (79 weeks) and will run out of benefits since HEB ran out of $$ last year….call them..true 99ers…

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  13. According to the following list below all States were not afforded 99 weeks of benefits (I assume this calculation of weeks had to due with the current unemployment rate in that particular State at the time). Assuming those States with a 79 max weeks of benefits also received the next 20 weeks of extensions in 2010? then that would have brought their total amount to 99 weeks…therefore Oregon’s State Bill’s 637 & 638 if approved would be adding an additional 20-26 weeks of benefits beyond the 99 max = 119-125 weeks of total benefits. If this is correct. Then go Oregon! How did you pull that one off? The unemployed/99ers in other States need to get on board with the methods you used to bring this about. In the article above it praises the bipartisanship between a Democrat & Republican who have come together to make this a reality. I and maybe most of us were lead to believe that the two parties were always at a stand-off when it came to this issue. Maybe the rest of us need to re-think and re-group our efforts. It seems like we may have been barking up the wrong tree all along.

    Unemployment Benefits By State
    This table provides a complete list of unemployment benefits and duration for all 50 states. The table provides the maximum dollar amount per week provided by each state and also the maximum number of weeks benefits are provided.

    State Max weekly payment Max # of weeks
    Alabama $255 59
    Alaska $370-442 79
    Arizona $240 72
    Arkansas $431 72
    California $450 79
    Colorado $431-475 72
    Connecticut $519-594 72
    Delaware $330 59
    Florida $275 79
    Georgia $330 79
    Hawaii $545 59
    Idaho $363 72
    Illinois $385-534 72
    Indiana $390 79
    Iowa $361-443 46
    Kansas $423 59
    Kentucky $415 79
    Louisiana $284 46
    Maine $344-516 72
    Maryland $380 59
    Massachusetts $628-942 72
    Michigan $362 79
    Minnesota $351-566 79
    Mississippi $230 59
    Missouri $320 79
    Montana $407 72
    Nebraska $308 46
    Nevada $393 79
    New Hampshire $427 59
    New Jersey $584 79
    New Mexico $359-459 46
    New York $405 72
    North Carolina $494 79
    North Dakota $406 46
    Ohio $370-503 79
    Oklahoma $409 46
    Oregon $482 79
    Pennsylvania $558-566 72
    Rhode Island $528-660 79
    South Carolina $326 72
    South Dakota $298 46
    Tennessee $275 59
    Texas $392 59
    Utah $444 46
    Vermont $425 72
    Virginia $378 72
    Washington $541 79
    Washington, D.C. $359 79
    West Virginia $424 59
    Wisconsin $363 79
    Wyoming $415 46
    Average $410 67.33
    Note: this data was collected in June 2009. State unemployment agencies can change the benefits. Please refer to State agency website if you are looking for most up to date information. This data was provided as an analysis to compare the benefits. Source for the data was a report from Wall Street Journal publications.

  14. I have been emailing and following our 99er unions for 8 months. I have signed every petition and sent emails to any politician with an email. They know exactly what is going on and they just dont care. Rhonda Taylor has gone to Washington to try to get someone to listen and once again it falls on deaf ears. I cant help but to think that our Government is pushing us to the edge for a reason. In Florida they have a homeless children crisis because of the economy. They dont say its because we the 99ers are without a lifeline for a year or better for some of us. We have lost homes, cars,insurance. I asked when will it stop? It hasnt and will continue to commit suicide and starve the children. I find it very disturbing that this is allowed to go on. How do you get back and forth to a job if you have no life line to any income? I have been without benefits for 8 months. Im so close to a breakdown myself. I cant take it any more. I, as well as others have provided my Government with best of everything via the taxes i used to pay. I,we, have gotten nothing in return except to be told how lazy we are. To all you new 99ers, welcome to the land of the no return. Welcome and hope maybe you can do what a lot of us havnt been able to. Not even in the faces of our so called Government. When you take it all the way to Washington and you still arnt heard we have a very large problem. Good Luck!

  15. http://www.leg.state.or.us/11reg/measures/sb0600.html

    Here is the link to Oregon House bills 637 and 638. The way I interpret them is: This allows currently collecting unemployed people who have exhausted or about to exhaust their federal extended benefits will still receive EB and HEB. Which if you have been umemployed since Jan of 2008, you would have already exhausted the benefits they are talking about. These bills just extend the same lifeline to the more recently unemployed.

  16. Can’t speak to the vaildity of this thread-posting from an article on The Statesman Journal web site but….apparently from Tom Fuller…

    8:59 AM on March 4, 2011

    Just wanted to add a little clarification to Peter’s fine story:

    Senate Bill 637 does not add any new weeks of benefits but allows those who would have not received benefits under HEB to get them. If someone has already received all 20 weeks of HEB, there are no new benefits in this bill.

    Senate Bill 638 does add six weeks of new benefits, so if an individual has exhausted all 99 weeks of potential benefits, they would get six more weeks if this bill becomes law.

    There is no need to contact the Department. If an individual is eligible for more benefits, they will be moved into that program automatically, as long as you continue to claim on the online claims system or on the telephone claims system. If any other action is needed, the Department will notify you by mail.

    Tom Fuller, Communications Manager, Oregon Employment Department.

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