99ers, Part of the FBI Witch Hunt

Our so called representatives have been parroting the phrase “We get the message” in reference to the devastating defeat of incumbents in the 2010 Congressional election.  They have also said many times that they understand that our main concern today is jobs and our failing economy.  So what are they doing to remedy the situation?

Well, last week the Obama administration announced that they would be attempting to enact the Internet ID Program.  They are trying to sell the deal to the American people under the guise that it will provide for more secure online transactions, and will of course allow the government to more effectively protect us from those bad old internet terrorists lurking around every cyber corner.

The act is draconian on its face and in the end we will find ourselves swiping our thumbprint on a scanner connected to our pc as a necessity to get on online, which will result in every action we take on the net being tracked, traced, and recorded.  And of course we will have to pay for the finger print scanner that allows them to do it.

So how else is the government working to get us jobs and fix the economy?

Well, TSA is installing television screens in malls and large department stores across the country.  The screens will broadcast messages telling us how to identify our fellow citizens as terrorists and report them to homeland security.  Apparently there are many ways to identify a terrorist; averting one’s eyes, buying guns and ammunition, and speaking out on controversial political issues are just a few.

It is becoming more apparent every day that our so called representatives have no intention of taking any actions designed to fix our economy and create jobs.  The overwhelming evidence seems to indicate that they are working frantically to put the final pieces into place for a total police state.

The power elitists know that there are only two eventualities in this situation.  Either they must surrender back to the people the resources they have stolen in order that we have some way to survive, or they have to put troops on the streets to disarm us, round us up, and take us away to the FEMA camps for disposal.

They are even enacting new programs to retaliate against those of us in the alternative media that are not afraid to call them out for what they are.  Though it has not been reported on in the mainstream the F.B.I. has been seeking out so called “Conservative bloggers” that put forth the assertion that the government has become tyrannical and is being run by a pack of corporate thieves.  These individuals are being interviewed and asked if they intend to kill anybody.  This is a witch hunt.

This would seem ridiculous on its face as only a fool or a psycho would tell the F.B.I. that they intended violence.  The true reason for these acts of harassment is to attempt to instill a sense fear in the body of our citizenry that will cause us to cease calling for Constitutional restrictions on our government and investigations into the Federal Reserve.

Thus far the new draconian measures are being met with the contempt they deserve and indeed we all must tell these petty wanna-be dictators that we will not be intimidated.  I personally have no intent on softening my stance.  There is nothing I write on this site that I will not shout at the top of my lungs out in the middle of the street.

The mafia thugs making up our government are attempting to be as an anaconda squeezing us tighter each time we relax our stance.  I don’t know about you but I think that if they are going to be an anaconda, I will be a porcupine.  We must not back off an inch; in fact we need to be getting even more in their face with every day we continue to suffer.  They must know that they have pushed us beyond fear.

If you take the meekest animal on this earth and corner it in a cage, all the time jabbing at it with a sharp stick, eventually as a last option it will charge and try to bite you.  Of course those in our government would then say that the animal is unreasonable, violent, and out of control, while still jabbing at it with a stick.

Have no doubt, the ideal situation in the eyes of the interational corporate mafia is for the 99ers to give up and get onto the cattle cars willingly.  This is an important time.  How we conduct ourselves over this year will decide our fate.  We cannot back down.  We must stand our ground or resign ourselves to total destruction.

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  1. Great article and so very true. I am glad there are people out there who you can count on to not back down. I don’t really think that most people are aware of the critical situation we are in. Sometimes when I start talking about it around friends (with jobs) they actually look at me like I have lost my mind and tell me I have become obsessed with all of this. Well yes I have along with millions of others. As far as I am concerned they are being stupid to think that this is not going to affect them at some point. I have had my final warning with facebook. It seems we no longer have freedom of speech and everything I post on facebook is considered to be targeted at all 99er members. There are 2 other sites that have blocked me from posting. I can still read the article but just not respond. So it has already started for me. I have not been actively posting the last few weeks, unfortunately it was during the time my husband was so sick. They probably thought they shut me up so I have a lot to do to get back in the swing of things. We could do so much right now if we could only unite.

  2. Henry, no cattle cars and FEMA camps for me. I’m going down fighting. And Barbara, I know what you mean about talking to employed friends or acquaintances, about what’s really going down in this country. They look at me like I’m from another planet ! The complacency in this instant gratification society is unbelievable. Well, I’m sorry to say, but they’re in for a rude awakening. I guess it takes losing your job, then your UI benefits, then the roof over your head ( which is happening to me and my 14 yr old boy in two weeks ) to make a believer out of you. As Henry pointed out, this coming year is the kicker. The shit is gonna hit the fan. Either we hang together or we will HANG separately. God Bless you all.

      1. Barbara, Have you checked out the new Hometown Corporate Mafia page? It seems to date that I am the only one who has compiled a dossier. Check it out and let me know what you think.

        1. Henry — I think I am scared to death. I never really thought about it in terms of collecting information but they do know everything about us. I am going to need your help and direction on this. I don’t understand exactly how I can help. You know I thought it was odd when they started checking out our credit score when we applied for jobs. The company I worked for sent around an email that if we disclosed our medical history we would get a day off with pay. Only two of us refused. I found out later that what they did was against the law.

          1. Barbara, If you want to find out who your local traitors are I suggest first look to see who your local environmental polluters are. Check and see what big companies have a 501(c)3 nonprofit that administers unemployment, HUD, and welfare. Also look to your local college and hospital boards. These dirt bags love to exercise their power through front organizations. And last but not least, look into your local temp agencies and see who controls them beyond the first layer. Usually one corporation or CEO’s name will come up more than once. Then just simply enter the name of that corporation or CEO into a search engine with the key words corruption, fraud, crime.
            Hope this helps you, but really you and the rest of the regulars on this site should not have to do all the work. I assure you there are people in your area who read the articles and comments on this site but are too afraid to even place a comment. It is their turn to get off their asses and do something.

  3. God, this is frightening! This has all the attributes of Orwell’s “1984”, Hitler’s Third Reich, Musolini’s fascism – all rolled into one. This is America???? Not any more.

    Re: talking to employed people, when I called to make my monthly withdrawal from my quickly-dwindling IRA in order to pay my bills, the woman I talked to said she was happy for me because of the unemployment extension. I explained to her that that extension contained NOTHING for 99ers. She was shocked. She said she thought it was for ALL unemployed people. Then she was angry at the government, saying that it wasn’t fair that 99ers had been left out of the equation. I try to get the word out to people about what is really going on, because our pathetic “news” media sure doesn’t.

  4. Just clicked on this site. Tell me more. My good friend and myself have been looking at these things for about 2 years now and everything is falling in place. My son thinks dad is
    a loney. They just don’t get it. The cattle cars ARE BEING GATHERED up(sorry for caps)
    I hope that is just a figure of speach but somehow I really dont think it is. I have tryed to
    tell people about fema camps and they look at me really funny. I haven’t heard about
    the tv in malls, I will sure have a heads up. Thanks for the site, and anyone that would like tpo contact me pleas do. Keep your powder dry boys the red coats are a coming !

    1. Welcome r.t. — It would help a lot if you copied our web address and posted it on every site you visit. The only thing we need is a first name, state and the address of your unemployment office. Our numbers are growing but we are not strong enough yet. We can do this.

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