99ers Pray for Reason and Prepare for War

Millions of Americans are busy completing their Christmas shopping.  We 99ers are not among them.  This will be the first year that I will not be able to afford to buy a single present for my children and grandchildren.  Am I disheartened?  No I am not, I’m mad as hell.

There is $8 billion in pork barrel spending contained in the budget legislation which I assure you will be passed by the lame duck congress.  Some of the items that are more important than American citizens starving to death in the cold are studying peanuts in Georgia, studying arthropod damage in Nevada, an $8 million Institute for the U.S. Senate in the name of Edward M. Kennedy, and roundabouts in Mississippi.

Let’s do a little math.  There are at present 7,351,403 99ers.  Divide that into 8 billion and you get 1,088.  So, if this $8 billion that is being spent on the most frivolous items imaginable would have been sent out to the 99ers as an emergency expenditure in the name of national security that would have been $1,088 per 99er, which would have made for a merry Christmas indeed.

I know there are a lot of people that are going to exclaim, “What national emergency?”  Well just this week, our fearless leader Barry signed his wife’s signature legislation, the school lunch bill.  It was stated by Michele Obama that the matter of child obesity is a national security threat as fat kids are not ready to go into the service right out of school.

So my argument is how can being fat be called a national emergency when starving to death is not?  But I guess it all depends on who is making the assertion.  By the way, do any of you recall seeing the legislator Michele Obama’s name on any ballot in any state in the union?  I do not.

Michele Obama’s pet project cost the taxpayers $4.5 billion.  Divided by 7,351,403 99ers and you get $612 per 99er that could have been spent relieving our suffering.  This was spent instead on putting more green beans on the school children’s plates which the officials in the school say will just end up in the garbage.  I have to wonder if the lobbyists for the green bean growers might not be sending Michele Obama a lavish Christmas present this year.

Home invasions, burglaries and armed robberies are increasing daily across the country.  Wonder why.

On November 18th George Djura Jakubec was charged with eight federal counts of making bombs and storing explosives at his rented home in San Diego, California.  The home was burned down by government officials in the interest of safety.  Mr. Jakubec was described as disgruntled over being long term unemployed.

On November 24th an upscale home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts was set on fire.  The arsonists spray painted the slogan “F*%@ the Rich” on the side of the burned house.  On December 2nd a second residence in the same area was targeted by arsonists as evidenced by incendiary devises found in the house, again the message, “F*%@ the Rich” was spray painted on the house’s wall.

On December 14th in Panama City, Florida, Clay Duke got up in the middle of a school board meeting, walked over to one of the walls and spray painted a large red V with a circle around it, presumably in reference to the book V for Vendetta.  Mr. Duke then stated among other things, “I was born poor in a country where the rich manipulate.”  Simultaneously he pulled a pistol from his pocket and opened fire.  Apparently his wife had lost her job as a teacher over a year ago due to actions taken by the school board.  Though many shots were fired the only loss of life was that of Mr. Duke’s.

I believe we are going to see a lot more instances like this occurring as logic would dictate that, with no relief in sight, the unemployed and poor will continue to grow more desperate.  And there is no way I or anyone else can step forward and say that those making the misery are not among the rich and privileged.

I believe that if those in power continue to ignore this situation they do so at their own peril.  Further if it is indeed the goal of the international corporate mafia and those in our government that serve them to incite further violence through their lack of action, I would have to say they will probably succeed.  Where this whole thing is going to end up, no one can say, but if I had a dollar for every time I have heard the word “Revolution” in the last month I wouldn’t need an unemployment check.  All we can do is pray that reason prevails and prepare for war.


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  1. Henry

    I think your line “being fat be called a national emergency when starving to death is not” should be the 99er battle cry.

    If it doesn’t work to get an extension, I can use it on my tombstone.
    “being fat be called a national emergency when starving to death is not”

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