99ers Start Making Some Waves

It had all the pomp and circumstance of crowning a king as Nancy Pelosi passed the two foot, ten pound gavel to John Boehner, in effect making him Speaker of the House.  All this pomp and circumstance redefines the word “childish” and makes one wonder where these pompous idiots come from.  If you think about it, a soldier in Afghanistan serves his or her country in a tent while being paid about what John Boehner lays on the table for tips in a year.  Why do these people need marble buildings to do the business for people that cannot afford to eat?  Is it because they know they are frauds and phonies and think that the building they are in will actually change who and what they are?

One of the first things Boehner said in his acceptance speech was that he and the rest of Congress were there to protect the freedoms and liberties of the citizens who put them in office.  If this were not a bald faced lie, the first order of business for the 112th Congress would be to repeal the Patriot Act which has stripped the American citizen of his or her 1st through 8th Amendment Rights.  The second order of business would be to order the arrests of 90% of the CEOs that have stolen our wealth and left us on the verge of bankruptcy.

At present the federal government is spending $10 billion per day.  These monies are being borrowed in the names and futures of every American citizen.  The 99ers are in effect having billions of dollars borrowed against their names while they go hungry, freezing in the streets.  This makes every word Boehner spoke the epitome of hypocrisy.

Our Local Corporate Mafia page came onto the site with this article.  Go to it and see how we can start making our enemies sweat.  If one 99er in every state does as I have done, in a very short time the names of the traitors most effecting our lives can be on every 99er’s lips.  Building these dossiers is an activity that every 99er claiming to want to make a change can participate in with little or no fear of retribution.

If you read the dossier on my local corporate gang you will see that those villains contained therein are not only enemies of the 99ers but of every working man and woman in this country.  These dossiers are to be spread far and wide.  There is no reason that they should not be appearing on every 99er site.  And if any site refuses to put them up you can judge their intentions for yourself.

I have changed my party affiliation to non-partisan and caused 37 others to do the same.  I have put up the dossier on my local corporate gang.  Now I guess we will see how many of you have the wherewithal to do the same.  I promise you the only people poorer than me are those living on the streets.  So let’s all put the excuses aside and start making some waves.


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  1. this is a joke until people revolt this is all talk no one here or any of these sites has the heart to do any thing welcome to chinese rulers

  2. I will always add my voice to the plight of the 99ers. I will be a 99er very soon and I worry what will happen to me. I don’t want to lose my home, not be able to help feed my family, help to pay bills. I listen to the Republicans every day and I just shake my head because they have nothing new to say or to offer hope or help to anyone who does not have a ton of money.

    God help us all.

  3. It comes down to – Do you let your fellow americans stay without funds for 14weeks !! It was bad enough at Christmas watching you in Hawaii. Must be nice. I was home eating green beans and hamburger meat. I have Celiac Disease and the diet is costly and more important than dead cows. Please help us 99ers once more. We can’t live this way and I am being evicted on the 24th from my apartment. This is no game with the majority of the 99ers. We have sought work and nobody would think of hiring until 2011. Now hundreds of people apply for one job and we still are getting notices on our door for eviction. Please help us !!

    1. God Bless you, Maria. I’m getting evicted Jan. 31st, so I understand how you feel. Hang in there , sister ! I’ll pray for both of us.

  4. We have GOT to help ourselves. The questions is: How? How do we build something with little to nothing? Only the winner gets the prize. So how do we become winners?

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