99ers Supporters of HR 589 – The Time is Now

Barak Obama is indeed a man of the people.  Sometimes you can actually feel his sincerity when he is speaking of the people.  I believe him when he says it is his deepest wish that the people know justice and freedom and that the people have a right to expect a chance at a future, including prosperity.  The only problem is that when Barry is speaking of the people, he always speaking of the people in another country.

But what should we expect from a non-American citizen of the world that detests the American people because they will not embrace his communist ideals.

Senator Joe Lieberman recently introduced a bill that will give Obama the power to shut down the internet at his whim.  Make no mistake, Barak Insane Obama is a dictator and that is not nearly as scary as the fact that he is a puppet dictator, and those who are pulling his strings are the very one-worlders that want the United States broken and brought to its knees.

To this day the traitor Soetoro has spoken intimately and passionately to the peoples of India, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Egypt, Brazil, El Salvador, and most recently Libya, yet he has yet to utter the word, 99er.  It would be blatantly stupid to assert that he does not know who we are or what we are going through. 

The fact is he and his international brethren know exactly who we are.  But rather than see us as human beings, this Nobel Peace Prize winner sees us as a byproduct of the technological revolution that he would like to expel into space along with the nuclear waste created by the nuclear plants that he supports wholeheartedly.

Think about that.  He has come out and spoken his endorsements for the nuclear power industry while refusing to acknowledge the existence of the 99ers.  We have to wonder what plan is presently in motion to dispose of the problem of the 99ers. 

Though many have killed themselves there are millions of us and more joining our ranks every day.  I will not believe that the international corporate mafia has not formulated a plan for the final solution of the 99er problem.  But I can promise you that that plan cannot be to put us back to work. 

If you think that the international corporate mafia is not capable of genocide you are a damn fool.  And we must remember that international communism is the ultimate goal of the international elite. 

In short, I think they are going to try to kill us because mathematically for us to return to work and regain our prosperity is impossible in their eyes as this would require a redistribution of the wealth they have compiled.  And if you think they are just going to let go of any wealth and power you are beyond ignorant. 

This is coming to a war that will either reestablish humanity upon this earth or see it erased from the human psyche forever.  The American people, red, yellow, black, and white, poor and middle class must come together and assert themselves before it is too late.

Whatever the international elite have planned for us it is going to have to be revealed soon as even the major distractions like nuclear power plants and wars are now being swept away from the people’s consideration in a matter of days and weeks, rather than months and years. 

Those actors sitting in our highest seats of power will be taking an Easter vacation in April.  If we know what is good for us, we had better make it one they will remember.  Start building the crosses and the platforms.  If you really want to get this revolution underway it is going to take radical acts that do not allow them to crush us without losing the moral high ground.

The time is now and only we can change our future.

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    1. What makes you think that the threat of four more years of Obama would faze the Rhino in the slightest? Has he not played the perfect good cop to their bad cop? Or bad cop to their good cop? While the top 2% have gotten everything they want?
      How about we screw both of the phony parties and elect someone like Ron Paul who has vowed to destroy the funny money machine we know as the Federal Reserve? In truth it is the currency that is holding us in bondage and to vote in a Democrat to spite a Republican or a Republican to spite a Democrat could be considered nothing short of a surrender to the false left-right paradigm which equates to taking the blue pill and returning to the ignorant bliss of the Matrix. Only it will not be blissful this time as this depression has even reached into the farthest reaches of the Matrix now.
      We must wipe the table clean of the one party system, one way or the other.

      1. GOOD POINT HENRY!!!! I think it is time to show this failing joke of a government that “WE THE PEOPLE” aren’t going to be taken as suckers anymore…..It IS time to march and protest and show them that this government is a complete joke. Obama has the right to make it all happen too but he was an accident like a child born not on purpose, best part of him ran down the leg! It’s time for ANARCHY….just like the Egyptians did and other countries are doing. The problem is that AMERICANS have no backbone and are more or less sissy’s and do nothing but talk about it……LETS ACT PEOPLE……revolt!

    2. REDNECKER — If you vote Obama back in office you are stupid. Perhaps you should take some time to review some articles on this site, you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Educate yourself!!

  3. As a resident of a homeless shelter in Akron, Oh., I am constantly confounded by attitudes in the shelter. We are being asked to pray for people in Libya, Japan, Egypt, etc., but there is absolutely no mention of our plight. Make no mistake I am grateful to have a bed at night and I don’t begrudge people around the world prayers and financial help, but our prayers along with our countries money and jobs are shipped elswhere. The world is truly upside down where I live and not many seem to notice or care. What the h–l is going on? HELP

  4. Great article and also very scary. I know you speak the truth. I watched the President speech also and heard him talk about democracy for the people of Libya. They have taken democracy away from the American people. If only he had compassion for his own country. Well actually this is not his own country and he is only in office to do more damage. What will they do with the American people? I think they have already started. They have totally destroyed the middle class and reduced the American people to poverty. The government continues to break laws and spit on our constitution. If Walker does not get arrested for breaking the law, then I think they are capable of anything, including resorting to genocide against the American people. This is a national emergency. Please everyone post this link on every website you visit, we have got to move faster because we don’t have much time. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. My prayers are with you all.

  5. Why are things so bad? My answer to this is because the high and mighty corporate world (Wall Street) and others has become so greedy that IT MAKES ME SICK! Is it their right to offer their employees a benefit package and than reduce that package to hardly nothing, though keeping the execshit salary the same and continuing to buy sports cars and lear jets for their own personnel use. This is a true story that was told to me by a employee of a corporation. The head idiot whose about 70 years old reduced many benefits and laid off about 100 employees including my friend and than buys his girlfriend whose about 27 years of age a $150,000 sports car and trades his old lear jet in for a brand new one. This is the crap that’s going on in this country. Is it legal? Yes, though it’s not helping the people of America. These skunks are just taking care of themselves and are forgetting about the real people who make up America. Times have changed and these greedy pieces of crap are making it worse. We are in a time of recession and they just don’t care about making it better. They continue to do for themselves and forget about everyone else. The same goes for the SO CALLED IDIOTS in office. As long as they have their elegant parties and their fancy mansions their happy. This is on taxpayers money! These culprits are taking Americans money and having the time of their lives and forgetting about the good Americans that made this country. It makes me sick everytime I put on PBS and see Obama puppet putting on another shindig. All types of wonderful events and all the family dressed in fancy clothes while the 99ers suffer! This is crap and it has to stop! Fight my fellow 99ers. This is the time to fight! All people have to open their eyes and see that things are not the same! Everything is not hunkdory and the Obama coverup has to stop!
    let’s make this happen and change the country!

  6. Has anyone seen this article yet? Can you believe this latest assault by Republican governors against ” future” unemployed/99ers. It will start with Michigan, but the trend will soon spread like wild fire across the land. For those of you out there who have jobs now, and feel that you are safe, and who too have turned a blinds eye towards the plight of the 99ers. Your turn is coming next. The road being paved for you right now as we speak will be much harsher to travel when the time comes. Our country is on a suicidal mission. Its headed for a crash and burn. All due to the steering of the wheel by those narcissistic/psychotic officials we helped elect to office. If I, and I’m sure many of you, knew what we know now about our government would have never been in support of any of them with their secret diabolical agenda. We the people have to stand up now! We have to fight back with a vengeance against our oppressors. We have to be in it to win it. Because our existence in the now and in the future sorely depends on it.

    Bloomberg Business Week
    THE ASSOCIATED PRESS March 28, 2011, 5:05PM ET
    Michigan Governor Signs Cut in Unemployment Benefits
    Lansing, Mich.

    Michigan has become the first state in the country to lower the number of weeks jobless workers can get state benefits. Gov. Rick Snyder (R) signed a bill Monday that temporarily continues federal benefits for people who are out of work now while cutting state benefits for new filers from 26 to 20 weeks starting next year. Michigan’s 10.4 percent unemployment rate is among the highest in the nation. The governor indicated in several interviews that he was forced to cut the benefits because Republicans in the Legislature added that piece to a bill needed to secure immediate help for those out of work now. In another report, he was quoted as saying he may revisit the cut to 20 weeks “later in the year.”

  7. that is very scary because you know the axe is still flying, especially if your approaching 40. i think alot of what i have read is true from the 99er point of view and the average americans don’t even realize what’s happening. they’re too busy spending 2 hours in front of a mirror everyday piling on makeup to go kiss ass at their job or distracted by things like ‘i’m winning’ and other hollywood bullshit. someone mentioned getting help from some of the entertainers to do a commercial or something…get real they are like the politicians and have a job. they can’t understand that the ‘average’ american middle class and below may not have the smarts, charm, whit, intelligence, worldly beauty, operatic voice, whatever it is they are ‘selling’ to take care of their own. they can donate money to 3rd world countries, disasters in other countries, etc and get to keep more of their money due to tax write offs. do any of you think they give a damn about us? i can understand how these people can say and feel justified in saying that we are lazy whiney losers, even though we know this is not true. it is not our faults that corporations decided to let go of the older workers that where making the most money and now there are just not enough jobs and they can pay younger workers much less. that makes perfect ‘business’ sense to me. but does it make it right? when i was growing up the older you where the more prosperous you became and where looked at as having knowledge and experience and that meant and was worth something. that’s not how it is anymore. maybe it is technology, but it is terrible that this is happening to us and no one seems to care. i voted for obama and i’m starting to regret it. my eyes are seeing him just as others have stated, a puppet. as for banding together, if he can shut down the internet they can gather every ip address and come and take care of each and every one of us as they see fit. i hate to say it but it is going to take some serious disruptiveness for the 99er’s to get any attention. when i read about the stamp and such i was appalled and that they are going on vacation again while american families and children are going hungry is appalling.
    god help us all!!!

    1. Almost a 99er,
      You voted for Obama and you’re starting to regret it? That’s because you’re just almost a 99er. Once you are a complete 99er you will completely regret voting for Obama. LOL
      Sorry I couldn’t help it, it was just too easy to pass up.

  8. almost 99er — I am the one who mentioned trying to get some recognition by having somone famous bring this problem out of the closet. I’m sure they don’t have a clue what is going on with the American people. That being said, you may be 100% correct that I am wasting my time here, but I believe there are still people who care. You never know when you might find that special person who will investigate the 99ers and the unemployment situation and decide to do something to help us. I will continue to search for that special person.

  9. There’s an okay documentary called THE ONE PERCENT, that talks about the gap between the rich and poor. The documentary is okay, nothing spectacular because it provides no real solutions. However there is one part that I think is really sad. The CEO and founder of the company Kinkos, sits on a park bench doing his interview and a homeless man comes up. Here this guy has the opportunity to truly help this man in any way imaginable. From advice, to a possible job, to even giving him a few dollars. Even with the camera on him, all he gives the guy is $1 and then after the guy leaves he says that you usually doesn’t even give that. You can see him in the vid, shuffling through his large bill fold to find a one dollar bill. Check out the first minute below to see it…

    1. I think what makes it hard for us to band together is our cities are no longer communities. I know in my own area I don’t know who is unemployed, at least for the most part. If we were more connected it would be easier to rise up as one.

      As far as finding someone famous to do a commercial, sure there are some that don’t care. I don’t believe there is no one.

      And Pat I hear what you are saying. People just don’t get it even when it’s screaming right in front of their face. I am with you.

    2. thanks for that i watched the whole doc. i found it educating and eye opening. i can’t believe a johnson did that. a major corporation that makes millions off people selling poison like acetaminophen to people who let commercials and tv tell them what to eat, what to drive, how to look, how to live. i can’t believe how much it influences especially in this country. the mouth dropped when i happened to catch the commercial for sedatives for children starting at what 6 i think. that is ridiculous to me to see that advertised and there can not have been adequate research to know the long term effects of such drugs like we are seeing constantly, even with the disclosures that no one reads or pays attention to anyway. healthcare in this country is a joke to me but then i lost my faith in doctors a long time ago. just because someone goes to school for 10 or 12 years does not make them a god. i watched a close relative die from taking experimental drugs and he turned yellow and suffered tremendously. blah blah blah…i’ve got to do some work now. sorry if i touched anyones nerves.

  10. We need to commit to NOT buying those products that make that 2% rich. Whatever they produce we should ban together NOT to buy. We need to start hitting them in the pocket as they have done to us.

    1. i stopped using ALL over the counters (otc’s) 10 or 12 years ago. i don’t know why anyone needs them. it’s simply brainwashing by the TV. just like the food most americans eat again supplied by the rich. hamburgers and hot dogs yum yum american….like apple pie…the big M in the sky. i don’t understand parents letting their children and themselves eat so unhealthy and it’s all advertized on tv what most americans eat. the average person does not even consider what they are putting in their body’s. ‘hey if it’s got a commercial it must be ok and hey the FDA approved it so yeah it’s fine. yum yum give me some more of those chemicals to fry my liver. i’m too busy to make something healthy for my body and i might miss my favorite tv show. what is the percentage of the population in the us that is obese?! oh but they have pills for that. feed your kids big M’s and sodas and get them all hyper and make big fat wallet fatter and then give your kid a sedative to calm him down from all the shit YOU let them shove in their mouths and make the pill guys wallet bigger. it’s a vicious cycle and it will continue i am afraid and just like jamies’ doc says it will get worse, the gap between the rich and poor. but yes not buying their products is a great start that i started about 10- 12 years ago. i don’t even consider myself an american anymore. i have relatives who take 4-5 tylenols a day on top of things like lortab. hey i’m talking folks in their 60/70’s that do everything a doctor tells them to do as the docs take their social security money. dah. i know other folks my age that have to have OTC’s. i don’t get it and they are so expensive. i guess i’ve accepted my pain and just deal with it. they didn’t have all this stuff until big corporations came into play and i know they have created jobs and all that in the past but really at what expense. out of all those rich people jamie and the girl that her grandfather disowned her seem like caring reasonable somewhat in touch with humanity people and for that i respect them. the rest of those people they don’t care about anything but their own. i could not believe bush telling his buddy how his beach house was gonna be rebuilt and he’d be sittin on the porch with him. he should be strung up and castrated like the rest of them, especially that midget trickle down thing…

      i know some of you may see my view as negative and i know that it is but i see no help for us from anyone but ourselves. america has become about ME ME ME and MINE MINE MINE. that is just how it is. americans let oprah and dr oz…harpo productions tell them how to live…rich rich rich. americans go and get loans from chase(ironic) so they can keep up with the jones. debt for the masses and riches for the rich. this boat is sinking…

      and i’m the 18th responder and 3 are mine so these statistics are terrible…

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